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Cocoyo Trek

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 15 day(s)
Group Size: 5 - 15 people
Destination(s): Bolivia  
Specialty Categories: Hiking & Trekking  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1425 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1425 US Dollar (USD)

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Flight to La Paz

Day 2: Arrive at La Paz, Airport El Alto (4100m altitude!); here we will wait for You. The Capital La Paz has turned out not to be a good start for the tour, we will come back there at the end of our trip. By vehicle we drive along the huge glacier covered northern Cordillera Réal to the small Colonial town of Sorata, 2700m above sea level. Towards the end of the trip the road drops down from 4300m to 2700m into a lovely green valley. Great landscape, excellent views deep down into Valleys and high up to wild glaciers. Sorata is the ideal place to start with a reasonable acclimatisation (note that You still are going to sleep at almost 3000m altitude level the first night!).

Day 3: Today we make a first physical fitness check. Following a steep slope we walk up to a Peak at 4300m; first we walk through thick vegetation tunnels and a Quena Forest, then over grassland with Andine flowers and some lakes until we reach the high region with poor vegetation. 1600m altitude difference; we come back the same day and sleep at an altitude of 2700m again (go up high+sleep low= optimum of acclimatisation effect). At he end of the day we have experienced several climate zones from green bushland to Andean scenery. This tour means quite a challenge and serves to find out about physical limits and a check of the personal equipment.

Day 4: Early in the Morning we drive up to the Altiplano- high plane (the biggest in the world). Complete change of scenery. Later we drive along the great Lake Titicaca. Great views. We arrive at the famous pilgrim town of Copacabana. Here several interesting touristic attractions, good touristic food etc.

Day 5: By motor boat we leave to the famous Sun Island. We make a scenic hike from the northern harbor to the southern harbor, 3 hours. The Island is everything else than flat, therefore we can enjoy an impressive scenery: the deep blue Lake Titicaca, in the background white sublime 6000m peaks, and the colors of the Altiplano. We get back to Copacabana by the afternoon boat.

Day 6: Over a sideway we drive back to Sorata. Here we prepare for the big trek.

Day 7: End of the acclimatisation program. Today we start the trek well acclimatised. After the Mules have been packed with our stuff we go up to the mountain farmers village of Quirambaya, 3300m; All our equipment will be carried by cargo animals and we walk with a light day pack during the whole trip. Until the end of the trekk we will sleep in tents. Arrived at Quirambaya we can experience the simple life of a typical Aymara - mountain farmers village.

Day 8: Our way leads high up to a hidden Andine pasture. We see Lamas, horses and sheep and set up our tents at an altitude of 4400m. High above the clouds we benefit from the acclimatisation preparations without health problems.

Day 9: Over a steep path we step up to the Pass Huila Khota, 4900m. A great panoramic view, the majestic summits Ilampu (6368m), Pico Sur (6060m) and Pico Norte (6040m). All those Peaks are very close. We are descending a small path down into a beautiful Valley. Campground in front of an outstanding mountain scenery with wild ice capped mountains and huge cascades.

Day 10: Early in the morning we separate from our mules and their drivers. They have to make a detour because our shortcut is to difficult for Mules. Between the walls of a Canyon we go steep up. Then we pass a rock labyrinth, it is not easy but we can do it. Over the so called "door", a hidden path between steep insurmountable rock faces we arrive at a high Andine Pasture. Beautiful, strange scenery, wildlife (all kind of birds, Viscachias (a kind of big Chinchilla), probably one of the really huge Condors), high Mountains, wild glaciers. A unique place. Over hidden paths and wild landscape to the Laguna Subirana, 4400m, our Camp ground. Here we meet our mule drivers. A long, tiring and challenging day filled with numerous impressive experiences ends.

*Optional: This day is already very demanding, but if there is enough power left we can possibly reach Laguna Subirana via a longer route which leads to 3 clear lakes high above everything

Day 11: If we get up early we can watch the spectacular rising of the sun above the clouds of Amazonian valleys from high above. Laguna Subirana is a real stunning place (it is well understandable that this mystic place is holy for the Aymaras). After breakfast we walk downhill until we reach the gold diggers village of Cocoyo, 3500m; We camp at the vast pastures surrounding the Village. The locals are miners and substantial farmers in one and they lead a stunning basic life far away from any luxury.

Day 12: We say goodbye to our mule drivers who have to go all the way back. With a 4WD Vehicle we drive over 2 high mountain passes back to Sorata. A comparable adventurous road won t be found in the western world and is an experience for its own. We spend the night in Sorata.

Day 13: Early in the morning we drive to La Paz. Here we can dive into the bustle of the highest Capital in the world. After a time in the wilderness we will enjoy the extreme contrasts (and some luxury as well).

Day 14: Town Program as required.

Day 15: Goodbye, go home.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Free transports
- Meals.

Notes: For 20$/per person Bolivia offers pretty good guest houses and hotels. There are hotels available which cost up to 300$/per night.