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Stonehenge to Cornwall
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Stonehenge to Cornwall

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 10 day(s)
Group Size: 12 - 22 people
Destination(s): England  
Specialty Categories: Pilgrimage/Spirituality   Archeology/History  
Season: June
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1495 Pound Sterling (GBP)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1695 Pound Sterling (GBP)

Very few places hold such an air of mystery and magic as Cornwall. It is the land where, legend tells us, the all-powerful Merlin wove a magical spell for Uther Pendragon one misty night at Tintagel. Nine months later the future King Arthur was born to Igraine, the Duchess of Cornwall. Walk in the footsteps of history with us and visit his birthplace, Tintagel Castle, set on the rocky clifftop overlooking the ocean, and Merlin’s Cave the resonant chamber carved out of the solid rock on the beach below. We go to seek The Lady of the Lake at Dozmary Pool and to ask for the gift of our own Excalibur.

It is the otherworldly land at the far western tip of England where giants held sway and we are drawn by the mysterious sounding names- Nanjizal Bay, Men-an-tol and Boscawen-Un. The attraction to these stone age power centres is not just because they have retained their Celtic names, but also because mighty Earth energy currents still coarse through them. These energies empower our ceremonies as we connect to the spirit of the land. Soaring birdsong and the delightful fragrance of wild flowers will accompany our steps as we tread half-forgotten country paths that lead to secret holy wells, lone standing stones, cromlechs, fogous and hidden stone circles. We will also go to the famous pirate town of Penzance and have dinner in an old atmospheric smugglers pub, visit the quaint fishing village of Mousehole and explore the dramatic island sanctuary of St. Michael’s Mount.

We are very privileged to have Hamish & Ba Miller spend time with our group. Hamish is the internationally renowned dowser who tracked the St. Michael leyline and first discovered the male/female energy currents associated with it. His findings are recorded in the ground-breaking book The Sun & the Serpent (available from us.) Hamish and his partner Ba will share their deep wisdom of the Earth, teach us how to dowse for potent energies and welcome our group to a summer solstice ceremony at the stone circle on their land.

Further upcountry, in ancient Wessex, step into medieval times and explore the famous Salisbury Cathedral with its awe-inspiring architecture; the tallest spire of any English cathedral and the sublime cloisters. Many people have dreamed of entering the hallowed ground of Stonehenge and touching those mighty megaliths yet few ever get to do so, we invite you to become one of those privileged few during our private early morning visit. We celebrate with a simple yet profound ceremony and honour this temple site as countless generations have done for nearly five thousand years. It is an experience that no-one forgets.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: You will be collected from Heathrow airport and driven in our comfortable minibus to our hotel in Salisbury for one night. You will have the chance to rest up or explore the city. We will also return to Salisbury at the end of the tour. Orientation meeting & dinner at hotel.

Day 2: We start the day with an early morning visit to Stonehenge. We have arranged for the group to have private special access into the stones of the world's most famous sacred site. Touch the huge megaliths which have stood in magnificent isolation on the windswept Salisbury Plain for thousands of years, feel the pulse of powerful earth energy currents coursing beneath your feet, imagine the ceremonies which have been performed by robed priests over aeons of time or just sit in quiet meditation. This is a rare opportunity to truly experience a site revered by countless generations.

Back to the hotel for breakfast then we leave for Cornwall. On route to Tintagel we will pick up a picnic lunch and dine at a very special sacred site – the enchanted Dozmary Pool. Here we come into the presence of the Lady of the Lake at her mystical and watery home. It was at this lake that the Lady bequeathed Excalibur and its enchanted scabbard to King Arthur. Understanding the importance of this gift and paying tribute to the Lady will enable us to receive a gift of our own to accompany us on this pilgrimage. Blessed, we make our way to Tintagel to our hotel on the cliff tops with stunning views out over the ocean and the adjacent castle ruins that mark the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. Dinner at hotel.

Day 3: All sites in Tintagel are dominated by everything Arthurian and you’ll have the opportunity to relive the stories of the Arthurian legend. Traveling back in time we may discover how these archetypes can help us in our world today.

Relive the stories of the Arthurian legend and learn about the lives of the fabled Knights of the Round Table at King Arthur’s Great Halls constructed entirely of crystal-studded granite using sacred geometry in its layout.

Then we cross the footbridge that is now the only means of access to Tintagel Castle, the fabled birthplace of Arthur, which sits in splendid isolation on its rocky promontory. Descending the castle cliffs to the beach below, we enter Merlin’s Cave accessible for just a short time at low tide each day. (Order of the day may change according to tide schedule.) We will have a leisurely lunchtime to allow you to experience the many gift shops and cafes etc that Tintagel High Street has to offer.

We will take a magical walk alongside the stream through the beautiful wooded St. Nectan’s Glen to arrive at its 60 ft high waterfall, keive and the hermitage cell used by St. Nectan. This has been a place of reverence since Celtic times and is now a shrine with the waters flowing through it. We are welcome to use it for meditation and lighting candles. Some believe it to be amongst the ten most important spiritual sites in England. Travelling further westward into the otherworldly West Penwith we head to our country house hotel in St Just which is our base for the next six days. Free-choice dinner not included in tour price

Day 4: Morning meeting to introduce you to the sites of West Cornwall then free time to explore St Just. After lunch we visit Hamish & Ba Miller at their energetic home. They will welcome us and teach us about the energies of this land and its ancient sacred sites. Behind their house sits Trencrom Hill, a power centre, where Hamish will teach us how to dowse for earth energies. Dinner included in tour price.

Day 5: We are drawn by the mysterious sounding names- Nanjizal Bay, Men-an-tol and Boscawen-Un and for good reason, because they have not only retained their Celtic names but also their power. The heavily crystal-studded granite underlying this land conducts powerful Earth energy currents to each of the sacred sites, and there are more ancient sacred sites per square mile here than anywhere else on Earth. We tread half-forgotten country paths that lead to secret holy wells, lone standing stones, cromlechs, and hidden stone circles. Their isolation within this beautiful rugged landscape has helped to preserve so many of them.

We start our exploration of West Penwith with a visit to Nanjizal Bay where the Michael and Mary earth energy currents first come ashore. A walk brings us to the cliff tops overlooking this isolated and wonderful bay. This is the western end of the St Michael leyline. The beach is underlain with quartz crystal and there is a cave to explore. We will have a picnic lunch on the beach weather permitting. After lunch we visit Boscawen-Un stone circle, one of the three mighty Gorsedds (meeting places) of the Druidic bards, set in remote heathland. This is unusual in having a central standing stone and is one of the most energetic stone circles you will ever visit. Close by the Blind Fidler Menhir marks the energy flow and is the last port of call for today. Free-choice dinner not included in tour price.

Day 6: This morning we cross to St. Michael’s Mount, dedicated to the Archangel Michael. It is accessible at low tide by a pedestrian causeway and at high tide only by small local boats. The site of both a former monastery and a military castle its history reflects the duality of life. What better place to reflect on this lesson than the majestic isle which is the crossing point of the powerful Michael/Mary and European Apollo/Athena Earth energy currents. Lunch in Marazion on the mainland.

Free afternoon to discover the charms of Penzance. Explore this ancient market town with its attractive harbour, traditional shopping streets and sub-tropical gardens. Early dinner at Admiral Benbow Pub (pirates and smugglers pub) in Penzance (dinner included in tour price). On our way back to the hotel we will drive through Mousehole (pronounced Mows-el) a very pretty traditional Cornish fishing village.

Day 7: Merry Maidens stone circle is a splendid intact circle of crystalline-studded granite stones much appreciated by local pagans. Close by we will visit Rosemerryn fogou an underground passage or souterrain set in magicalwoodlands. The nature spirits are very active here. Men-an-tol holed stone has been visited as a place of healing since beyond memory. Climb through the hole to receive a personal healing. Carn Euny was an Iron Age settlement and low walls of houses and a fogou remain for us to explore. Nearby is a holy well. Free-choice dinner not included in tour price.

Day 8: We start this special day with a ritual ‘baptism’ at Sancreed Holy well where we learn of the importance of water. Then hike up Sancreed Beacon on top of which our ancestors lit beacon fires on the sacred Celtic Festival dates. This was one in a chain of hilltop beacon fires that passed the energy across the entire width of the country. We are rewarded with 360 degree panoramic views of the whole peninsula. Nearby is the village church with energetic celtic crosses in the churchyard. Free afternoon in St Just. Free choice early dinner not included in tour price. This evening we join a local group solstice celebration at Hamish & Ba’s stone circle.

Day 9: On our last full day we head east and return to Salisbury. Free afternoon to explore this medieval city and its cathedral. Salisbury Cathedral is famous worldwide and you can hear its history and stories from the cathedral guides or wander the medieval streets at your own pace looking for those special take-home gifts. Farewell dinner together at the hotel

Day 10: Drive to Heathrow airport for your return flights home or for you to enjoy a few extra days discovering the delights of London.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Collection from and return to London Heathrow airport
- All transportation within Britain
- Accommodation in quality hotels
- All breakfasts and five evening meals
- All admission charges to sacred sites
- Special entrance to Stonehenge
- All tour guide fees.

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