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Northern Silence II

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 9 day(s)
Group Size: 3 - 5 people
Destination(s): Sweden  
Specialty Categories: Dogsledding  
Season: March - April
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 2550 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2650 Euro (EUR)

Musher's Note:

On the 9-days tour we can change the routes during the tour if the weather is nice and the snow is hard enough for the dogs to run on. This means that the routes can change from tour to tour, this is something that just benefit you as guest.End of March, beginning of April is a beautiful month for dogmushing. The tracks are getting harder and we will go faster with the dogs.The sun warms us up during the day and you still have the chance to see the Northern Light. On this tour we maybe will meet some people in the mountains, but we will still feel that we have the mountains for our selves. On this tour we will try to mush up to the Norwegian border.


When you arrive in Lapland, Storuman airport, you will go by car the last 100 km to Umnäs. The first thing we will do in Umnäs is to go and say hello to the dogs. After that we will have dinner at host home or something lighter like sandwich. We also take a look on what gear and clothes you need to borrow from us. We talk about the tour and how to mush the sled and dogs. The first night you will sleep in a nice Swedish home near your host and the dog yard.

Day 1: Mushing.

You eat breakfast in your house around 8.00. Around 9.00 a clock we will meet at the hotel. We take the car for 50 km to Norra Fjällnäs so we can start directly in the mountains. Now we will have a lecture time in "how to drive" a team of dogs. After that it is time to pull the anchor, stand on the brake and GO FOR IT! Tärnasjön is our first destination; the distance this day is 34 km. The dogs and we will have out door or indoor lunch after half way. We will travel over a big mountain plateau down to Tärnasjön Lake. When we arrive to Tärnasjön lodge we help each other to take care of the dogs, bring water, chop wood, make fire and feed the dogs. We eat dinner and sleep at Tärnasjön lodge.

Day 2: Mushing.

We feed the dogs around 8.00 before we eat a nice breakfast. The destination for this day is Dalovardo, 32 km. We go out on Tärnasjön Lake and after that we follow a valley to Dalavardo lodge. This day is a tough day for you all on the sled, this day you will really learn to handle the sled probably for the rest of the tour. This is also a beautiful day with very nice scenery. We stay one night in Dalovardo lodge in the Nature reserve of Vindelnmountains.

Day 3: Mushing.

We will get up around 7.30 and go out and feed the dogs.After that we have a nice breakfast. We harness the dogs and are on our way around 10.30. This day we mush to Vindelkroken and the Norwegian border. We will have outdoor lunch before we take the same tracks back to the lodge. Totally we mush around 40 km this day.

Day 4: Mushing.

We will get up around 7.30 and go out and feed the dogs. After that we have a nice breakfast before we pack our bags and sledges. We harness the dogs and are on our way around 10.30. This day we mush to Ammarnäs, 52 km. We will travel on the Vindelriver nearly all the way down to Ammarnäs. We will have outdoor or indoor lunch at Vitnjul lodge before we go down to Ammarnäs valley. The first thing we do is to take care of the dogs. Ammarnäs is a little village with settlers and Sami people. Here we stay at the hotel in Ammarnäs, if you like we take a sauna and shower before dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: Ice Fishing Day/Rest.

We feed the dogs around 8.00 before we go and eat breakfast. This day we go to Överstjuktan, 34 km from Ammarnäs. We start to climb uphill, mush over Guvertmountian and than we get a very nice and fanny down hill to the lake Överstjuktan. We go on a lake for 10 km and than the Victoria church appear. When we arrive to the lodge at Överstjuktan we help each other like the days before.

Day 6: Mushing.

This day we stay in Överstjuktan lodge. You can choose to do ice fishing or rest. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight at Överstjuktan lodge.

Day 7: Last day on the mountain.

We will go out to the dogs around 7.30 before eating breakfast. We pack the sledges for the last time and are on our way to Umnäs 52 km. The last mushing day goes over mountains, lakes and in to a fairy tail landscape of forest. We mush directly in to the dog yard; we unharness the dogs and let them lose. When we arrive to Umnäs we take a nice shower and eat dinner at hosts home and remember all things that happened during your Dogsledding adventure. Last overnight for this time in your cosy house in Umnäs.

Departure day:

Breakfast in your house. Pack your bags and say goodbye to the dogs. We will eat lunch at our home, write the guest book and mark the maps over the tour (if you like).

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Transfer from the airport
- Full accommodation all the days
- Hotel Accommodation (double room or what’s best for the group)
- Lodge Accommodation (group room sharing)
- Individual huskies Team
- Lectures / training - Guide(s)
- Gear and clothing
- Taxes & MOMS (25 %)

Price Excludes:
- International and domestic flights, airfare
- Travel insurance
- Bar-drinks Gratuities and items of personal nature.