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Swimming with Dolphins!
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Swimming with Dolphins!

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 4 - 7 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 14 people
Destination(s): Bahamas  
Specialty Categories: Snorkeling   Pilgrimage/Spirituality  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1195 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1995 US Dollar (USD)

For many people, swimming with dolphins is the dream of a lifetime. For the past 16 years, its been our pleasure to help make that dream come true. Did you know that swimming with dolphins is in the top ten of people’s most desired wishes?

We help individuals, couples and families swim with dolphins in a safe, respectful and fun setting. Our client’s consistent feedback is that the experience of swimming with the wild dolphins is even greater than they hoped, and has opened their eyes to more magic in daily life once back home.

Friendly Dolphins:

We bring you to swim with the most playful dolphins in the world! These are happy, healthy dolphins and treat us with great respect and gentleness. We do not feed them and they choose to swim with us out of their own free will. Our clients say that swimming with these dolphins has uplifted their spirits, renewed their outlook on life and healed decades long depression.

Dream of a Lifetime:

Maybe people that come on trips say they felt a powerful calling to swim with the dolphins. Sometimes it’s a calling from childhood, sometimes it’s a calling that comes suddenly out of the deep blue. If you feel called to meet the dolphins I know exactly how you feel, and it’s my joy (and calling!) to help make that dream come true!

Attention Non-Swimmers:

We have lots of non-swimmers on our trips, though most are happily swimming by the end of the week. We provide you with all the floatation you need to feel 100% safe and comfortable in the water, and show you how to snorkel with a life jacket on. Once you realize that you cannot sink, you naturally relax and have fun.

About Bimini:

Our trips are based out of Bimini, the Bahamas. Bimini is a beautiful little island perched on the edge of the Gulf Stream, fifty miles east of Miami. It’s part of the country of the Bahamas and is a short, 20 minute plane ride from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a plane ride that costs approx. $250 to $300 per person round trip. Airfare, unless requested, is not included in these trip prices. Upon booking your trip, we can provide you info about flights, including charter flights for groups of four or more.

Open Trips & Custom Trips: We offer two kinds of trips; open trips that individuals, couples and families can join, and custom trips where we create an itinerary that fits your objectives and budget.

Open Trips:

We offer a limited number of open trips a year. Our open trips average 5 days in length, have room for 8 to 12 participants, and include all lodging, all on-island transportation, all scheduled excursions including multiple boat trips out to the dolphins, and most meals except one dinner out on the town. These 5 day open trips average $1497 per person in price, with a discount for families. You just bring yourselves, snorkel gear and a readiness to have the trip of your life!

Custom Trip: We also offer the option to have a private trip for yourself or family and friends. Custom trips give you maximum flexibility and the opportunity to choose from a wide range of accommodations and activities.

Important trip information - read below…

Standard 5 Day Trip Schedule:

Day 1:

Arrive to Bimini at 11 am. from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where I greet you at the airport and take you to your waterfront accommodations. You’ll be all eyes and ears as you drink in the local flavor of this small Bahamian island (Bimini is known for the friendliness of its people).

Once we arrive at our waterfront accommodations, we eat lunch and head for the beach! At the beach, we fine-tune our snorkel skills. For first time snorkelers, learning how to snorkel in the beautiful Bahamian waters is fun and easy. For those already skilled at snorkeling, we teach you how to freedive, something that the dolphins love!

After a fun and refreshing swim on the beautiful white sandy beach, we go back to our cottage and get ready for dinner. Over dinner, we talk about tomorrow’s upcoming dolphin swim and teach you our dolphin protocol; (we swim with the wild dolphins with our arms at our sides; no grabbing at the dolphins - its only captive dolphins that are trained to pull people around by their dorsal fins). After sharing our highlights of the day and our famous ‘Appreciation Exercise’, its either off to sleep or a late night walk on the beach.

Day 2:

Depending on the weather, we typically go out to the dolphin grounds in the afternoon. Mornings are spent enjoying the beach, doing optional yoga or kundalini breathing on the beach, taking a walk around the island or reading a book. After lunch, we get on our boat and head north to the dolphin grounds. Here we cruise the Grand Bahamas Bank, a vast area of turquoise water that is typically 20 to 30 feet deep with sandy bottom and crystal clear.

When we find the dolphins, (which is about 80% of the time), we follow them and see what they are ready for. We follow the dolphin’s lead; if they want to swim with us, which they frequently do, we happily oblige!

Our encounters with the dolphins are magical; they love to swim in and around us, looking in our eyes. We stay together as a group, and those that can freedive take a breath and swim toward the bottom. The dolphins love that, and whether you go down just ten feet or twenty, they love to swim spirals around you as you do it.

Our encounters typically last from fifteen minutes to over an hour. Depending on how big their pod is and what mood they’re in, we might stay with them all afternoon. They frequently swim right beside us, looking deep into our eyes, a look that you will remember for the rest of your life…

We return home at sunset, clean up and make dinner together. After bringing groups to Bimini for many years and bringing a chef to cook for us, I found that it is more fun as a group and family if everyone helps in the making and cleaning up of food. I used to be an instructor for several Outward Bound schools, and found that the camaraderie that results as we make meals together adds a wonderful component to the trip. People who are initially skeptical always report that making meals together was more fun than they imagined. (Some people share that the sense of community that is developed during our mealtimes is a highlight of the trip for them).

(And there is the option of having a cook on our custom trips). Over dinner we share highlights of the day and our appreciations, then out for a walk or off to bed. After a full day in Bimini, most peopled hit the pillow pretty quickly.

Day 3:

Similar to day 2; in the morning you may hang out, join us for yoga, go to the beach, read a book, take a walk, etc, and in the afternoon we go back out on the water to the dolphin grounds, making a different snorkel stop each day at several beautiful reefs to see the fish on the way out.

We also stop and visit the famous ‘Stone of Atlantis’, also known as ‘The Bimini Road’ or ‘Atlantis Road’. This ancient archaeological formation is made famous by the numerous Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic special shows done to determine the exact nature of this formation. Many claim it is the remains of the ‘Lost City of Atlantis’. After visiting it, you’ll get to decide for yourself!

Day 4:

Beach, walk, chill out in the morning, out on the boat in the afternoon. As is true for any ocean adventure, we adjust our schedule according to the wind and weather. Typically the last night we go out to eat for dinner. There is a fun local band that plays one night midweek and on the weekend, and we frequently make it out for an evening of dancing one of these nights.

Day 5 (or last day of the trip).

On our last morning in Bimini, we often have a sunrise greeting to the day and take an early morning swim and snorkel at the beach. We have breakfast together and share our contact information. Most commercial flights leave Bimini around noontime.

There are a number of other activities available. Other optional trips include going to the famous ‘Healing Hole’, upwellings of fresh water out in the mangroves. There’s a trip to feed the stingrays, a shark feed (totally safe and very cool), a visit to the nature trail, renting golf carts, exploring the island and much more.

Optional Fishing/Spearfishing: The warm Bahamian waters are filled with an abundance of fish and lobster, and we frequently serve both during our trips. (Lobster season is closed from the start of April to the end of July). Joe Noonan, our founder, is an avid spearfisherman and is happy to show anyone on our trips how to catch their own. We do it with great respect for the life we are taking, and include an ancient ‘Hunter/Gatherer’ ritual of thanksgiving. An entirely optional activity, many teens and adults have caught their first fish or lobster on our trips.

Land of Atlantis?

Bimini also has a mystical side, and has been regarded by researches the world over as the site of the lost city of Atlantis. Edgar Cayce, the famous ‘Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach’, spoke at great length about Bimini, and said it was the site of the most powerful temples of Atlantis, including the ‘Temple of Rejuvenation’. Researchers and scientists from around the world come to Bimini to continue their research in this area.

Your Guide:

Joe Noonan has been a wilderness guide for several decades and a corporate leadership consultant for just as long. Since 1995 he has been bringing executive teams from Fortune 500 companies to Bimini as well as spiritual groups and families. Joe travels the world speaking on behalf of the dolphins.

Not for everyone!:

Bimini is not for everyone; it has limited facilities and is for the kind of traveler who enjoys slowing down and taking it easy. And as we slow down, all kinds of exciting things show up; a school of spotted eagle rays next to the boat, discovering a beautiful coral reef, another magical encounter with the dolphins that seems to go on forever…

The Passionate Few:

Most everybody has a dream of swimming with dolphins; only a passionate few will ever bring that dream to life. These few are the ones that really hear the calling. If you’re ready to fulfill the dream of swimming alongside the dolphins, contact us now and together we’ll bring that dream to life.

(Include the best phone number for us to call you at)

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Lodging
- Most meals
- All on-island transportation and boat trips
- A very experienced, upbeat guide who will ensure you have a most amazing adventure.
- Camp style cottage with two bedrooms and several fold-out couches for the most economical trip.

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