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Hiking Armenian Forests

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 9 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 15 people
Destination(s): Armenia  
Specialty Categories: Hiking & Trekking   Cultural Journey  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 452 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 452 Euro (EUR)

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arriving to Yerevan, meeting in "Zvartnotz" airport. 1,5 hours drive to Tavush region, where main part of the program will be taking place. Road to Tavush runs by Sevan (Gegharkunik region) lake, where a small break is arranged at Sevan peninsula. Here we can go sight-seeing for Sevan monastery, take pictures of Sevan lake and make a small lunch. Then drive to Dilijan, through the old city. Dilijan city-museum is very cute. Our stop in Dilijan won’t be long. First day destination point is Active Rest Club "Apaga-Homer". Accommodation in stone houses. Rest, supper, campfire.

Day 2: After breakfast Homer (alt. 1380 m/4527 feet) – Getahovit (alt. 683 m/2241 feet) trip begins. First part of the way ends in Kanacher (a cave with crystal water spring), this part of the rout goes by altitude 1380-1146 m/1509-1253 yards, this is ideal for acclimatization. During the rout road varies from forests to fields, this is one of the most remarkable parts – it’s a flat descending through nut grove. The rout crosses a small stream (those who wish will be able to plunge into stone font – Garevani Gel (The Font of Garsevan).

Later on we go above-and-under canyon, moving under pendent rocks, prolonged descent with sections of ascendings to caves. Second part of the road goes to Nvezner (alt. 984 m/1076 yards), what is situated among fruit trees. Rest, tea-drinking in grotto, pictures taking. Moving by the left part of the canyon along the fields and second growth wood to the bank of a river by which we get to Getahovit village. Total extension of this part is 9600 km. Return to Homer will be in vehicles. Rest, supper, overnight stay in stone houses.

Day 3: Depart from Homer (alt. 1380 m/1509 yards). First station – Chanchi Kar (Stone of Fly) – conceivably defensive installation, siding with rocks at the first part of the way there going to be descending through forest to alt. 1238 m/1354 yards, then a section of little ascent by path running along the rocks of Chanchi Kar up to1241 m/1357 yards. Destination point is Khach (Cross) a small Church lost in beech forest and khachkar’s (cross stone’s) workshop with a huge amount of intact and broken khachkars. After Chanchi Kar there going to be a small (about 10 m/11 yards), but abrupt ascend up to 1300 m/1422 yards, to a path with a spring, then a continuous descending to Khach and then to khachkar’s workshop, to the alt. 980 m/1072 yards, through a high and light forest.

Later on, an ascent through a deep forest, the path goes by an edge of Khachakhpyur (Cross-Spring) canyon, by forest and by a stone path Karayet (Stone-Step). From the one side of this path there is a vertical stone wall, from another – a deep abyss. After 200 m/ 219 yards of walking by Karayet, the path still goes on the edge of abyss, but already through woods. This section of canyon is called "Donkey Canyon". From here the rout becomes slightly more rough.

Later - passage over "Devil’s Bridge" brings to very bottom of the canyon, at the bank of Khachakhpyur river, where the cave complex is situated. The complex consists of two monuments, situated at 250 m/273 yards distance from each other. First – where "Devil’s Bridge" takes is called "Small Hermitage" and constitutes 2 levels construction of XIII century. This area is also known as Lastiver. The road to Big Hermitage is lying on the bottom of deep Khachakhpyur canyon, lengthwise to Tandzut (Pear’s) river with rapids and waterfalls. The distance is about 7500 m/4.7 miles.

Rest and lunch is arranged in Lastiver. Hereinafter, ascending by forest to the path taking to Okon, to 1324 m/1448 yards altitude. In the beginning the path goes though a sparse forest, with open areas it exits to Parvi Dzor (Old Lady’s Canyon) (alt. 1305 m /1427 yards), then takes to the crotch point, where road to Okon begins. The road alternates with ascends and descends through centuries-old forest down to 1275 m/ 1394 yards, it crosses river ascends through woods to a beautiful meadow on the 1321 m/ 1445 yards altitude.

And the last arriving point of day 2 is Okon (alt. 1405 m/ 1536 yards) – a summer pasture on the bank of river. Passed distance – about 6500 m/ 4 miles. There is an old Church of "basilica" type and ancient burial with khachkars at Okon. We are going to visit bee-master and to socialize to Koch Habitants. The total distance is 14000 m/8,7 miles. Rest, supper and overnight stay at Okon (tents and stone houses will be available there). Includes: (B), (D).

Day 4: Rolling up of tents. Descend to Khachakhpyur river (alt. 1375 m/1504 yards) here we cut the river and move up for 1.5 km/1604 yards through a deep forest to Tlut (alt. 1793 m/1.1 miles). Later on, ascend by fields up to the rocky ridge and gangway on the altitude 2060 m/1.3 miles, what takes to Dznaor – a stone pit, with snow inside all the year round. Then there going to be descend ahead, to Kamot (alt. 1902 m/ 1.2 miles).

Here we can settle ourselves for lunch, see the ruins of a fortress on the mountain Sangari Dosh and to socialize to Koch habitats. After rest we descend by fields and bushes to the altitude 1772 m/1.1 miles and then to Berzen (alt. 1476 m/1614 yards). Here on the bank of the river third overnight stay is arranged. Total distance of this phase is 7200 m/ 4.5 miles. Only few people live in Berezna whole year, there are ruins of Church and of ancient settling, abandoned gold mine. Camp-fire, overnight stay in tents. Includes: (D).

Day 5: Starting point is Berezna, we walk down the path 1.5 km/ 1640 yards on the bank of Khachakhpyur River, through a second growth wood to the place called Pochti Homer (alt. 1450 m/1586 yards). Hereinafter path ascends for 1.44 km/ 1575 yards by fields and later by forest to Evlyut Homer, to the altitude 1624 m/1 mile, than 1.17 km/1279 yards descend to Jaghatci Dzor begins (alt. 1500 m/1645 yards). Here you can take rest on the bank of a stream, or if still ready to go, ascend to Brutyanov spring (alt. 1551 m/1696 yards), where a summerhouse under willows, water spring and khachkars.

After rest we begin almost 2 km/1.2 miles ascend by fields, to the top of Zakhkot urt (alt. 1962 m/1.2 miles), where a beautiful sight of surrounding mountains opens. Flat descend to Krmrut (alt.1845 m/ 1.1 miles) is 3.8 km/ 2.4 miles long and so there going to be a piece of 3.6 km/ 2.2 miles steep down to altitude 1176 m/1286 yards, where Yenokavan vil. is situated. Here we can find some civilization: grocery, taxi-service, hard-wire phones. Drive to Homer. Sturdiest travelers can walk 3 more km/ 1.9 miles. Supper and overnight stay planned in Homer. You can also find there bath-house, bar and internet. Passed distance is 13.5 km/ 8.4 miles.

Day 6: Starting point – Homer. The road runs 3.26 km/ 2 miles above fields to the altitude 1651 m/1 mile, this place is called Berdategh (Village-Fortress) – an old desolated stronghold, in a little while the path enters forest and descend to Lagzi Pos (alt. 1559 m/1705 yards) begins. Lunch will be provided near by spring, in an appointed pavilion. The path goes on its descend to Agrach river on the altitude 1460 m/1596 yards.

Further alternate ascends and descends begin and the travelers find themselves in Torkoyi Er cave on the altitude 1431 m/1565 miles. Here you have to stop, to take some rest, to have tea, to look at the mountains. Later our hike goes by forest (not to steep ascend), up to the stream-crossing (alt. 1590 m/1739 yards). The rest of the road is a rise to the altitude 1850 m/1.15 miles, to the top of Plolik Urt mountain – beautiful, rarely visited place. Here we will settle up a camp. Rest, supper and overnight stay. Passed distance: 11700 m/ 7.3 miles. Includes: (L), (D).

Day 7: Starting point – top of Plolik Urt. The rout of 7th day consists of alternate ascents and descents by fields and partly by forests on the altitudes 1600-1800 m/1750 yards-1.1 miles, through Yeghuiki Er to Datavani Sar. The special tip of this day are remarkable sights. Large grottos, a beautiful mountain river and “meek” non-steep mountains; This place is ideal for herbs gathering; We can gather here three types of mint, thyme, horse gowan (Matricaria Chamomilla) for the evening tea, just as to turn them for carry off preparation. Another feature of this day is a quantity of birds - eagles, hawks, jays will be near at hand. They will be available to be discerned and snapped. We will set tents at Harsnakar (Marriage Stone) village or at the spring. Passed distance: 8000 m/ 5 miles.

Day 8: Staring point – Harsnakar, from camping a descent by fields starts to Shesheri Aghbyur (alt. 1703 m/1 mile. Then descent goes on by a woods road, through a high, light forest – Samsoni Antar (The forest of Samson), to a crossroad to Samsonavank (Samson’s Monastery). Easily surmounted distance to Samsonavank is 538 m/588 yards XIII century monastery is not entered in any of Armenian guidebook. From ramification on 1411 m/1543 yards altitude the road goes by woods near by a beautiful canyon of a river-bed. In general it is a descent alternating with ascent areas up to the river on 1116 m/1220 yards.

There are two small but cute waterfalls. The river is crossed by the path in three places. There going to be time to freshen up and to take rest in coolness. Later on, an ascent to altitude 1204 m/1317 yards begins, where XII-XIII century monastery is situated; this place is called Deghdzut. There is no access road to this place. In 2005 a hurricane dropped beeches on a couple of the monastery. Hurry up to see, it’s still there. Supper, rest, overnight stay. Passed distance: 8400 m/ 5.2 miles.

Day 9: Starting point – Deghdzut monastery, a small ascent by forest. Later on, the rout goes by a woods road, mainly that’s a 3 km/ 1.9 miles long descent down to Chalkhosh (alt. 887 m/970 yards) at that time the road whirls 4 km/ 2.5 miles on the altitude 767 m/ 839 yards along Acharkut river. After passing the distance we will get into vehicles and return to Yerevan.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Convey from Yerevan to Yenokavan and back
- DBL Accommodation in tiny houses/cottages and tents
- 3 meals/day
- Guide-conductor services
- Scheduled hikes.

Price Excludes:
- Flight to Yerevan, harbor-dues
- Alcohol
- Personal expenses.

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