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Trek In The Altai Mountains

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 15 day(s)
Group Size: 6 - 8 people
Destination(s): Russia   Kazakhstan   Mongolia  
Specialty Categories: Hiking & Trekking   Mountain/Rock Climbing  
Season: August - July
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 2395 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2395 US Dollar (USD)

The Altai mountain system covers a vast region located in four different countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. The highest part, called the High or Central Altai, lies on Russian territory and rises up to 4506 m (Mt. Belukha) the highest point of Siberia, much of this region is glaciated. Our trek lies entirely in Russia, in the autonomous region called "Altai". The region is inhabited by Russians and by the local Altaians, the latter are of Mongoloid origin and follow Shamanist traditions.

In summer the Altai, with its cold high plateaus, high ranges with their permanent snow and deep, moist, forested valleys, stand out as a cool island among the hot steppe plains. Mountain valleys are forested with spruce fir and pine interspersed with grassy meadows. Higher in the mountains pine and fir trees give way to aspen, birch and finally larch and dwarf conifers. Many varieties of deer populate these valleys and the open areas are grazed by mountain goats, sheep, and yaks. Compared to the hot plains the rainfall here is quite high.

The High Altai boasts more than 6 thousand lakes and tens of thousands of rivers. We will pass several of these beautiful lakes on our trek. It is here in the Altai, that the sources of two of Russia's great rivers are found - the Ob and the Irtysh. Barnaul itself lies on the Ob, at a point where the river leaves the mountain valleys to start on its long journey across the steppe to the Arctic Ocean. The town owes its origin to the rich mineral resources found in the region, in particular to silver.

- Dates July: 16-31
- Dates TBA
- Departure city: Moscow, Russia
- Experience Level: for hikers/ trekkers in good to excellent condition.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

*Note: Price subject to change until booking due to international exchange rates.