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Torres del Paine Circuit, Off the Beaten Trails
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Torres del Paine Circuit, Off the Beaten Trails

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 13 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Destination(s): Chile  
Specialty Categories: Hiking & Trekking   Camping  
Season: October - April
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 3050 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 3780 US Dollar (USD)

Day 1: Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales

You will be greeted in the Punta Arenas airport (PUQ) and taken directly to Puerto Natales. The drive is approximately 3 hours, along the way you will be able to catch your first glimpses of guanacos and nandus. You will be taken to your accommodation and your guide will meet you for a briefing explaining the next few days and helping you with any last minute questions.

Day 2: Puerto Natales - Camp Italiano

After an early breakfast, you and your guide will leave Puerto Natales heading towards Torres del Paine National Park. You will head towards Lake Pehoe in a private transfer in order to embark the first catamaran across the lake. Once on the other side of the lake you will hike into the French Valley. The hike to the entrance of the valley is an easy two hour hike. You will walk along bordering Lake Scottsberg and admiring the tremendous Cuernos just in front of you. Finally, you will arrive at Camp Italiano and leave your pack to be put in your tent. This is where you will be spending the night. From here you will be able to walk further into the valley as far as you please. You will walk past the French Glacier, and into the valley. As you climb up the views in every direction become absolutely stunning. You can see Lake Nordenskjold, the Cuernos, the French Glacier and in the back of the valley you will see various peaks, some of which are Hoja, Espada, Mascara, Aleta de Tiburon, Forteleza and many others. You will return back to your camp at Italiano to spend the night after a long day hiking!

Day 4: Camp Italiano - Camp Bader

Today your guide will prepare your breakfast and breakdown camp. You will begin to hike away from the Valley and towards Refugio Cuernos. The hike is along rolling hills and follows the coast line of Lake Nordenskjold. After a short break at Refugio Cuernos you will continue on another 2 to 3 hours until you reach the unmarked trail into Bader Valley. Your guide will lead you up the hill and into the valley. Once you are in the valley you will set up camp at a climbers camp and enjoy the afternoon exploring the valley!

Day 5: Camp Bader - Chileno

In the morning you will have breakfast and prepare to hike again. You will leave the monstrous Cuernos and begin hiking with the hopes of seeing the legendary Towers of Torres del Paine. The walk is about four hours and Refugio Chileno is located inside Asencio Valley around Almirante Nieto Mountain. There are a few small rivers that you will have to cross by hopping across rocks and as you hike you will also be able to catch views of the glaciers that are located on the tops of nearby mountains. You will arrive to Chileno before dinner and have a bit of time to relax and enjoy beautiful Valley.

Day 6: Torres Lookout - Las Torres

Today will be a day of exploration! You will begin by going to visit the famed Torres. After breakfast in Chileno you will hike one hour through a dense Lenga forest. After leaving the forest, you will approach a moraine and climb to see the amazing granite peaks known as the Torres. After many pictures, a cup of tea and some time relaxing in front of the imposing peaks you will hike back down the moraine, but then continue onward into Asencio Valley, until you and your guide reach Silent Valley. This is a more remote place and you will have some time to explore and admire the magnitude of its peacefulness. You and your guide will spend time here as you please and then hike down to Camp Las Torres before dinner.

Day 7: Las Torres - Seron

You and your guide will continue on for about four hours on a fairly flat trail. You will walk along Paine River, admiring Laguna Azul and the beautiful view of the Valley Encantado. Finally you will arrive at Camp Serón, an old Baqueano post. The land is flat and you can imagine how in the past the area would have full of cattle grazing. You will enjoy a nice dinner and sleep on the luscious grass under the brightly shining stars.

Day 8: Seron - Dickson

Today will be a marvelous day! The hike is more or less 7 hours. You leave Camp Seron and walk steadily up a hill, past a small lagoon, until you finally reach a point with an amazing view of Lake Paine; then you continue down the hill all the while with breath-taking views. From here you can see the mountains that separate Chile and Argentina, along with the mountains located on the northern side of the Paine Massif. As you continue to hike you will reach a marsh and pass over it on the boardwalks that the park rangers have created. After traversing the marsh you will begin crossing ancient moraine valleys. As you hike down from one of the moraine peaks you can see a small Refugio and will notice the imposing glacier tongue of the Southern Ice Field, Dickson. In Refugio Dickson you and your guide will set up camp and spend the evening.

Day 9: Dickson - Perros

After a nice breakfast you and your guide will begin hiking! Today the trek is approximately four hours and will take you through one of the oldest forests in the park. The trail will lead you past Lengas and Coigues that grew shortly after the glaciers receded. You will see the medial moraines that mark this valley and finally you will reach the terminal moraine at the foot of Perros Glacier. Here we will set up camp, have dinner and relax.

Day 10: Perros - Paso

You will wake and have breakfast in a beautiful forest. In the morning, you will start climbing a slow but steady hill for approximately 200 meters, the trail is very moist, and the beautiful Lenga and Coigue trees cover this portion of the trail also. After an hour and fifteen minutes you will reach the end of the forest and will finally begin trekking up rock slides towards the John Gardner Pass. After forty more minutes of hiking you will reach smaller patches of trees, all the while gaining just a bit of elevation. From this part of the trail you will be able to see Glaciar Amistad, Cerro Blanco Sur, Punta Puma and finally the John Gardner Pass. From here you will begin climbing until you reach 1,200 meters - The John Gardner Pass. You will have an astonishing view of Glacier Grey and the Pingo and Zapata Mountain Range. After taking in the breath-taking view you will begin hiking downhill for about two hours until you reach Camp Paso where you and guide will spend the night.

Day 11: Paso - Grey

In the morning your guide will prepare breakfast for you. After a delicious and hearty meal you will begin hiking. Today the walk is a short four hours along an undulating trail with views of Glacier Grey, Lake Grey, and Ferrier Hill. As you are hiking you, with your guide, will come to two ravines. These ravines can be safely crossed by using the metal ladders that the park rangers have installed. After crossing the ravines you will continue on just a bit more until arriving at Camp Guardas. This camp is just one hour from Camping Grey and here you can take a rest and gaze at the spectacular, up-close view of Glacier Grey. You will continue on towards Camping Grey and have a nice night´s rest.

Day 12: Grey - Puerto Natales

Today you will complete the entire circuit. The hike is a short four hours, and you will walk above Lake Grey in Mountains that boarder along it. In the area you can find many types of birds including the beautiful red Carpenter Woodpeckers and the noisy Loro Parakeet. You will be leaving the views of Glacier Grey and the Southern Ice Field and returning to the Cuernos and Lake Pehoe. You and your guide will arrive at the lake in time to take the catamaran back to the road that will take you out of the park. You will arrive back in Puerto Natales in the evening, in time for dinner and cozy night's sleep in a warm bed.

Day 13: Puerto Natales - Punta Arenas. Today you will take a transfer back to Punta Arenas. You will say goodbye to our staff and continue your journey home or to your next destination!

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
-Trekking, kayak, or mountain guides (depending on the excursion you choose)
-National Park Guide (these are for day trip to Torres del Paine and Perito Moreno)
-Three meals a day while visiting cities and national parks during your trip
-Entrance fees to National Parks
-All of the transportation during the excursions listed in your program (personal transportation during free time are not included)
-All of the navigation during the program is included
-All of lodging in the city and campsites during your trip.

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