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In The Footsteps of The Buddha - Peepal Pilgrimage 16 Days Tour

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 9 - 16 day(s)
Group Size: 8 - 20 people
Destination(s): India  
Specialty Categories: Pilgrimage/Spirituality  
Season: February
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 5840 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 6000 US Dollar (USD)

Shakyamuni Buddha discovered the truth of overcoming suffering and bringing happiness to the individual, family and society. Before he died, the Buddha suggested that it would be of great benefit to those who are interested in his teachings to make a pilgrimage to the places associated with his life. We have an opportunity to travel in the company of Shantum Seth, an experienced and renowned guide on the Buddha's path, who has been leading pilgrimages since 1988. A Buddhist scholar and practitioner, he is an ordained Dharma teacher in the Zen tradition of the Vietnamese Master, Thich Nhat Hanh.

As we journey, Shantum shares stories and teachings of the Buddha and the practices of daily meditation and mindfulness. In this way the Buddha comes alive not only as a historical person, but in the here and now, someone who is relevant to our lives today. Together we visit the actual sites where the historical Buddha was born, spent his childhood, attained enlightenment, taught, meditated and where he passed away. We travel along the fertile plains of the Ganges, beautiful with its mustard and lentil fields, to the lush 'terai' that leads to the foothills of the Himalayas.

We visit the remains of ancient monasteries and stupas, museums with exquisite art, living temples and villages that have changed little since the time of the Buddha 2,500 years ago. We take a boat ride, stop at mango groves, visit Hindu temples, Muslim mosques, visit schools and meet/mingle with pilgrims from all over the world. The pilgrimage has all the ingredients of a truly memorable journey, widening our perceptions and consciousness. It is an opportunity not only to deepen our knowledge and practice of the Buddha and his teachings but also to get an insight into an India that few penetrate.

On this journey we touch a culture and civilization that are both ancient and contemporary. We take an inner and an outer journey through a fascinating and mysterious India. India herself is a great teacher. Shantum, who has been an advisor to the United Nations Development Programme on a number of social development and environmental programmes in India, shares the underlying structures and subtleties of Indian society so that the travelers get a real sense of our living and ancient cultures.

We visit homes of both villagers and city dwellers, and have an opportunity to share ideas and stories with local people. This journey is not only intellectually stimulating, exposing the mind to challenging ideas and diverse lifestyles, but also spiritually transformative. Normally there are 8-20 people on each journey, which allows for greater individual attention in the context of a supportive sangha and also makes it possible to cater to personal needs and interests.

Tour Itinerary:

Peepal Pilgrimage: 9th February to 25th February (16 days).

Day 1, February 9th: Begin at 12 Noon. Delhi - Patna by air.

Day 2, February 10th: Patna - Rajgir.

Day 3, February 11th: Rajgir.

Day 4, February 12th: Rajgir - Nalanda - Bodhgaya.

Day 5, February 13th: Bodhgaya.

Day 6, February 14th: Bodhgaya.

Day 7, February 15th: Bodhgaya - Varanasi.

Day 8, February 16th: Varanasi.

Day 9, February 17th: Varanasi - Kushinagar.

Day 10, February 18th: Kushinagar.

Day 11, February 19th: Kushinagar - Lumbini.

Day 12, February 20th: Lumbini - Kapilavastu.

Day 13, February 21st: Kapilavastu - Sravasti.

Day 14, February 22nd: Sravasti.

Day 15, February 23rd: Sravasti - Lucknow.

Day 16, February 24th: Lucknow - Delhi by air.

Extensions that may be added before and after the Peepal Pilgrimage:
- Journey to the East Touching the Earth: 2nd Februay to 9th February
- The Taj Mahal at Agra: 24th February to 25th February
- The Exquisite Caves: 25th February to 28th February
- Living Faiths of India: 28th February to 9th March.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

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Shantum Seth is a Buddhist practitioner and an ordained teacher (Dharmacharya) in the Zen (Dhyana) tradition of the Vietnamese Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Shantum teaches in India and abroad and has been leading pilgrimages since 1988. He was brought up in India and speaks the languages of the areas to be visited. He has...

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