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Mayan Prophecies – Bringing in the Light
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Mayan Prophecies – Bringing in the Light

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 6 day(s)
Group Size: 8 - 20 people
Destination(s): Mexico  
Specialty Categories: Pilgrimage/Spirituality  
Season: November - April
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 2045 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2750 US Dollar (USD)

- Our tours are only on the dates listed, not year-round unless you book a custom trip with a minimum of 8-10 people.
- The dates for this journey are: December 17-22nd.

From the moment you arrive into this area you will feel like you have descended into the depths of your inner being and the womb of the mother earth. It is this spiritual energy that forms the basis for our week of heart-felt transformation and personal expansion. Here we’ll travel back in time from the remains of the Olmecs at La Venta to the incredible structures of the Maya at Palenque and Tonina. The most striking aspect of this set of ruins is their connection with the underworld. Death and the underworld had a very profound significance to the Mayans. During our week together we’ll be preparing for the Mayan prophecies by using these sacred underworld sites to birth a dream of world peace into the light.

One of the special highlights of this week will be a visit to San Juan Chamula. This town is home to an amazing church which the people took back from the clergy and converted to a place of traditional shamanism and prayer. The energy here is very powerful and we will participate in a prayer circle for healing, compassion and unconditional love. In addition, we’ll have the opportunity to meet with a Mayan elder to talk more about what the prophecies mean for them. During this week we’ll immerse ourselves in the mythology of the underworld exploring the aspects of ourselves long abandoned or forgotten, leading to the rebirth of our integrity and oneness for ourselves and for the world. Utilizing the energy and intent of these structures we’ll delve into our own underworld and then burst forth to merge with the sun and the light that we are.

**Please note that this is a spiritual journey for adults and is a group journey with a minimum of 6 people. There will be no children unless you book your own private tour.**

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival. We meet in Mexico City and transfer to our flight to Tuxtla Guitierrez. You will be met by your bilingual guide and driven to San Cristobal de las Casas (about 2 hours). There you’ll settle in at the Hotel Diego de Mazariegos in the center of San Cristobal. Enjoy a welcome dinner and then gather together as a group and get to know each other and share our intent for our week. Includes: (D).

Day 2: San Juan Chamula & San Cristobal. After breakfast we board bus to the village of San Juan Chamula. We will witness the central church, which is very much a part of the villagers’ life, in its mix of Christianity and Maya religion and local markets. Chamula is located in the Chiapas highlands, at an altitude of 2,200 meters (7,200 feet), inhabited by the indigenous Tzotzil Maya people, whose Tzotzil language is one of the Mayan languages. We will witness the central church, which is very much a part of the villagers’ life, in its mix of Christianity and Maya religion and local markets. The floor of the church is covered with pine needles, copal can be found burning, and people receive treatments from the local shamans and curanderas. There hasn’t been a traditional Christian mass in this church since approximately 1968. Afternoon free for exploring San Cristobal. Overnight at Hotel Diego de Mazariegos. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 3: Tonina. After breakfast, transfer to the Ocosingo where we will visit the Maya site of Tonia. The center of Tonina is built on the side of a large hill in seven terraces producing the overall effect of a stepped pyramid. Numerous chambers and passageways exist and there are several fascinating buildings located in front of the main complex, which may have been used in conjunction with structures on the main buildings. Tonina is believed to have conquered Palenque and led to its eventual collapse. In the 7th century a dynasty change occurred from the long standing “Lord of the Lineage of the Underworld” to the “Snake Skull-Jaguar Claw.” Some of the most powerful carvings can be found at Tonina along with an unusual tunneling passageway. Enjoy a box lunch to take advantage of the entire day visiting the site and its underworld mythology. We’ll also visit the and the museum which features some amazing glyphs. Overnight at Hotel Nututun. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

DAY 4: Palenque & Misol Ha. After breakfast, transfer to the waterfalls of Misol ha (if open). Enjoy the morning, basking in the sun and swimming in the pool of the falls. Then we will continue on to explore Palenque in the afternoon. More than 500 buildings in Palenque are known, but more than 80% of the city is covered by rain-forest. The outside walls of Palenque’s buildings were not finished in the usual Mayan limestone face but were plastered to show a smooth finish. Beautiful carvings decorated the interiors. Stucco and terra-cotta were also employed. Some buildings, particularly the “Temple of the Inscriptions,” show extensive writing, not all of which have been deciphered. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 5: Palenque. We will obtain a special permit to enter the site of Palenque before sunrise for a very special ceremony celebration. The location of Palenque was significant as an observer standing on top of the watchtower of the palace during the winter solstice would see the sun plunge down straight into the earth, leading the way to the underworld. Pacal, the most powerful of all the rulers of Palenque had his tomb constructed at that very location. His pyramid tomb thus appears as a direct gateway to the underworld. Return to Nututun in time for dinner. We’ll have all day to discover the spectacular ruins of Palenque. Box lunch and afternoon for visiting the site and the museum. Overnight at Hotel Nututun. Includes: (B), (L).

Day 6: Villahermosa/Depart. We leave our beautiful hotel and make our way back to the airport and get ready for our flights home. We say our last goodbyes, hugs and kisses as we prepare to take our new dream of heaven back to our lives!

- A deposit of $500.00 USD is needed by: September 1st. Final payment is due: October 1st.
- Any cancellation made in writing between: September 1st and October 1st will result in a cancellation fee of $500.00 USD.
- Any cancellation made between: October 1st and the trip departure will result in a total loss of your $500.00 USD deposit along with any funds that are non-refundable from our suppliers in Mexico.
- Any cancellation made: after the trip departs will result in total loss of trip funds. Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended to cover such issues.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- All tips for the drivers, guides, and bell-boys
- All spiritual teachings and ceremonies
- All excursions and entrance fees
- All transportation/hotel transfers upon your arrival in Tuxtla Guitierrez and departure via Villahermosa.
-Breakfasts are included.

Price Excludes:
- Tips for the maids are not-included (we suggest planning on leaving $1.00 USD per day)
- Your round-trip air flight to and from Mexico is not-included.

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