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Exploring and Celebrating Creativity The Artists Process as Spiritual Journey

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 day(s)
Group Size: 4 - 15 people
Destination(s): Mexico  
Specialty Categories: Painting   Yoga & Spiritual Experience  
Season: December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1745 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1895 US Dollar (USD)

Join artist Robert Masla as he leads you in a playful, nurturing and supportive environment where exploration is encouraged and where there are no mistakes. Come and play in this fun, relaxing and rejuvenating workshop, using non-traditional and innovative approaches, experimentation and "art games", as well as some new approaches to traditional drawing and rendering techniques. We will experience access to our calm center of meditative awareness as well as releasing the passion of the "inner wild person".

Come and join Bob in the Boca for this rejuvenating, relaxing and productive time. Taking advantage of the out doors and inspirational locals the Boca offers, working in "plein air", as well as doing supportive work in the studio. Masla will offer technical instruction and demonstrations as well as provide you the freedom (encouragement), and methods to pursue (and discover) your own vision and process. We will also do exercises to access the flow of our creative energy and gain insight into the art of seeing. The workshop will keep you so engaged in the creative process, and absorbed in this nurturing atmosphere, that fears, apprehensions and “inner critiques” are quieted and fall to the background. We will be working with drawing material, watercolor and acrylic, (provided by the Casa), but you are welcome to use any medium of your preference, please contact Bob if you have any questions.

There will be plenty of "down time" to relax and do as you wish, take a swim, photograph the picturesque village, get some sun on the beach, hike the ocean paths to secluded beaches, take a sea kayak or snorkel in the bay, take a nap in the hamock or read a good book on your private balcony overlooking the ocean, river and charming Boca village. This is your workshop vacation - with no presure - do as much or as little as you like. Of course the week will also be filled with numerous special excursions that you can partake in that make the Casa Experience unique.

"The goal is for me to act as much (as a participant) as a facilitator and guide in the creative process, not for people to draw or paint as I do. For me the art process is a spiritual journey. I experience individuals as sparks of creative energy and awareness, part of the Whole of the ongoing Creation. As children we all naturally participate with awe, and celebration in the creation - moment to moment. Remember your delight the first time you perceived dust particles in a beam of light or watched a “river of water” from a spilled cup, turn into a "waterfall” as it cascaded over the table top to form a “lake” on the carpet below – only to “disappear” as it was absorbed moments latter – It was magical. It still is magical! It is our acceptance of routine and day-to-day experience as “ordinary” that takes the Passion out of life.

More often it is our perceptions and beliefs of the constructs of “reality” that shape our experience, rather than “pure experience”. Many things have occurred to us since the time of innocence, when we were “one with creation” and celebrated with awe in the unfolding of our experience as part of the creative process. Since that time a lot of experiences (often voices of anger or criticism, judgments, mental constructs and belief systems – the many voices of the “inner critique”) have created space, an illusion of separateness. Art, and particularly the drawing and painting process, affords us with an amazing opportunity to re-experience our original and true nature as pure creative awareness. Join us in drowning out the voices of the inner critique by diving into the waters of passionate creative expression.

I am blessed to act as a catalyst and witness for the revelation of your own "signature" or "style", the manifestation of your unique intuitive creative self. You will leave this workshop relaxed and rejuvenated, with improved technical skills, renewed confidence, and inspiration to continue painting and drawing on your own, using art as a process to awaken and enhance self discovery - and have fun doing it!". Suitable for those who haven’t created art since they were children, seasoned artists and professional who wish to infuse their work with new energy and stimulation, -and everyone in between. Like the other workshops in the "Casa environment", this experience will lead us to developing camaraderie among new friends and certainly stir our concepts and conversation around making art and the creative process. Do you want to draw or paint? Seeking a fresh perspective? Wishing to renew your passion for life or just kick back and relax. Looking to find some fresh inspiration and recharge your creative batteries.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Round trip ground transportation from P.V. airport and the Casa
- 7 nights accommodation (single private bath not extra)
- 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners at ocean side restaurant
- 6 days of art workshops
- 2 picnic day trip excursions - hiking or boating to destinations for snorkeling, swimming, waterfalls, art making and exploration.
- 1 trip to mountain town of El Tuito for sketching and plain air painting
- Lunch at Altamira Hacienda Restaurant
- 1 evening excursion to Puerto Vallarta for Gallery Walk Tour, shopping and city life.

Price Excludes:
- Round trip air transportation from your airport to Puerto Vallarta International airport
- 1 dinner (night of Gallery Walk in Puerto Vallarta), any modest gratuities you wish to give to the Casa Cooks and House Care Persons
- Personal items, souvenirs.