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Zanzibar Package (6 Days/5 Nights)

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 6 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 10 people
Destination(s): Tanzania  
Specialty Categories: Cultural Journey   National Parks  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 100 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 200 US Dollar (USD)

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Clients will arrive very happily at Zanzibar Airport being met and greeted by our company and have Private road transfer to the Mtoni Marina Center - one of the best small exclusive beach resort just 7 minutes from Stone town of Zanzibar or similar property in stone town depend on availability.

Have warmly welcome drink, check in and have beach and swimming pool leisure, you shall be taken by road at 19:00 hours for very excellent dinner at Forodhani wonderful delicious food market, before drive back to the Hotel for overnight.

Day 2: After a very excellent breakfast at Mtoni Marina or similar property, you shall have Private road transfer to Old stone town of Zanzibar and start the Stone town Tour. This is a very interesting and exciting Excursion where our very guided tour takes you to most historical sites in this wonderful Spice Island of Zanzibar. You will visit Zanzibar town market (opened 1904).

Here you will be able to see and buy tropical fruits and spices (if you wish). You will also feel the pulse of Zanzibar and hear different dialects being spoken by the people at the market. From there you will be proceeding to Old slave Market which now stands the Anglican Cathedral Church of Christ built by Bishop Edward Steers in 1874 on the site of the old slave market.

You have to remember that Zanzibar was the Slave Center Market in Africa up to 6th June 1873. You will see tiny and dingy room where the slaves were kept (Slave Chambers) before sent to the auction table which was placed in the Old slave market. There is no trace remaining that can be a notably evidence of this forgotten trade but the High alter of the Anglican Church stand exactly where it was the Weeping post. The weeping post used to determine how strong slave are, if slave wiped and stand still means strong and that result onto the best price. If crying means Weak and result onto low price.

You will then be driven or walk (optional) to National Museum of Zanzibar the (House of wonder built in 1883) to see many interesting relics from the time of the Sultans as you will remember that Zanzibar ruled by Sultanate of Oman for couple of years, and also details of the early Explores, such as: Dr. David Living stone, Stanley, Speke and Barton.

Then a drive along the beach road up to Forodhani Gardens where you will see the Old British Consulate (the house where the body of late Dr. Living stone was kept and later sent to Britain). Dr. David Livingstone died at Chitambo (Zambia) in 1882 but his body was brought to Zanzibar and then sent to Great Britain.

You will then visit the Arab Old Fort, High Court Building, Old German Consulate, Africa House – (former English Club) Tip Tip House, kelele Square, Old British Consulate, Orphanage Home, Forodhani Gardens, SultanPalace (Palace Museum). Also you will be lucky to watch former French Hotel in Zanzibar, Custom House, Old Dispensary, Old Harbor are among the topic in this very guided tour in Zanzibar.

Afterwards a leisure walking through the narrow streets of Stone town (old part of Zanzibar town) where most of the houses date back to more than 250 years. In this part of town you will find a lot of exotic small bazaars and shops. Meet Zanzibari People doing their local shopping ( they are very friendly and assistance).

Finally you will be taken to Maruhubi Palace Ruins built by the third Sultan of Zanzibar (Sultan Barhash in 1880 and Dr. Living stone House built in 1866). At around 13:00 you shall have a lunch break to test and have very delicious local, lunch cooked with full of aroma spices, before enjoying the rare experience (Spice tour)

Spice Island Tour (3 hours).

This is another Extra ordinary Excursion which is not only a Tour, but it is very rare experience which proves out why Zanzibar is referred to as the: “Spice Island”. Tropical fruits, spices and other rare species of plants are among the different vegetation to be seen, tested and smelled in this very guided tour. This 3 hours guided tour begins and end up at your selected points.

It could be start from sea port, airport, at your Hotel etc. Via Kidichi, Kibweni Palace (Sultan rest House) to view the Persian Baths built in 1850 by Seyyid Said bin Sultan (first Sultan of Zanzibar) for his wife Princess Shehrzard (granddaughter of Fateh Ali Shah of Persia present Iran).

At Kizimbani Village you will visit Spice and tropical fruits Farms to see smells and test varieties of Tropical fruits and Spices. Zanzibar offers many Fresh Spices including: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black peppers, roots gingers, vanilla sticks, lemon grass, nutmeg, and many other Tropical Fruits like: jack fruit, bread fruit, pineapples, bananas, coconut, mangles, malay apples and many others.

Rare plants such as: henna bush, Ylang Lang (the perfume tree), anator (lipstick tree) are to be seen. Clients shall see the local peoples at their pulse and have opportunity to make good photographs for Their life time memories. Shall drive back to the Resort for leisure before overnight.

Day 3: After a very excellent breakfast at Mtoni Marina or similar property, we shall have private road transfer to the North coast at Nungwi Village - one of the best white sandy beach in Zanzibar. This would be a full day guided tour that takes you to Nungwi Village (The North Large Coastal Village). Northern tip of Zanzibar Island via Mvuleni Portuguese Houses where you can visit the Ruins of the Portuguese Barracks.

At Nungwi you will find white sandy beaches a deal for swimming, snorkeling sunbathing and relax. There are many beach Hotels and Restaurants in this part. It is a deal for all looking for African Village researches as well as marine knowledge. You will also visit a place where traditional Dhows are built. Nungwi aquarium - to watch out sea creatures including fishes and sea titles. Excellent delicious lunch or dinner can be served in one of beach restaurant front to the sea. This trip is highly recommend especially for all sea and beach lovers. Back to the Hotel for overnight.

Day 4: After a very excellent breakfast at Mtoni Marina, this will be a leisure day but we highly recommend some options activities for those who are sea and beach lovers or divers. They can go for diving, which is not included in our package but we can offer the price on demand. Back to the Resort for overnight.

Day 5: After a very excellent breakfast at Mtoni Marina or similar property, we shall be picked up for the Prison Island trip. A relaxing day in Zanzibar Channel of the Indian Ocean is achieved when we visit the small isle off the Western Coast of Zanzibar. This half day guided tour begins and ends at Stone town of Zanzibar. This is very historical Island just off the coast of Stone Town and it’s a quick of just 20 minutes boat ride trip from the old town’s waterfront.

It’s fringed with a lovely white sandy beach and a small coral reef, making it ideal for a spot of snorkeling and sunbathing. You can hire masks and flippers before you depart stone town or once you have landed at the Island. The island, also known as Changuu Island - Changuu means (Sea Patch) the type of fishes which were mostly caught by fishermen’s while fishing around this Island.

Was first used by Arab slave merchants to detain unruly slaves, before the British built what was intended as a prison for Stone Town in 1890. However the building was never utilized as a prison, though later it did become a quarantine station for the East Africa Territory during erupt of Cholera diseases.

Today Prison Island is known for its excellent views of Stone Town and for its giant tortoises imported from Aldabra in the Seychelles in the late 19th century and best birds of peacocks' type. They stand up to a rather staggeringly one meter high, could feasibly be hundreds of years old, and are frequently seen copulating! From Stone Town, Prison Island is an excellent half day trip.

Ogle the sexually-charged tortoises, swim and snorkel, and eat lunch at the island’s there is tourists resort and restaurant that offers accommodation and meals. The Island is recommended as great deal for swimming, sunbathe and snorkeling, diving and other sea sports. Please don't forget your swimming suite with you.

Shall get back to the Island and have road transfer to the Jozani Monkeys Forest. A nice wildlife safari you can do on Zanzibar is to have road drive to Jozani Forest Conservation Area to see and shack hands with the Zanzibar rare red - friendly Monkeys, at the only remaining natural forest on Unguja Island (which, along with Pemba makes up the islands of Zanzibar).

To have a complete your forest tour, you must visit all 3 sections that are, to shack hands with rare red colobus Monkeys, Forest and the Mangroves plants. Zanzibar's first National Park is centered on Jozani Forest, the largest area of nature forest found within Zanzibar, the forest lies in a shallow through in the fossil coral bed between the mangrove filled bays of Chwaka and Uzi. Seasonal flooding, and a high water table, has given rise to a unique groundwater forest. On the high ground to either side is dry coral rag forest and thicket.

With mangrove forests and salt marshes to the north of the National park, the area is an extremely rich mosaic of Zanzibar's diverse natural habitats - a Haven and home for much wildlife, including the rare friendly red colobus Monkeys which said to be the World rare species, endemic and endangered. They live in various relict forest areas on Unguja, but a special area for them has been set aside at Jozani Forest, a remnant of the indigenous forest which once covered the island. Back to the Mtoni Marina Resort for overnight.

Day 6: After a very excellent breakfast at Mtoni Marina you will have a safe drive to Zanzibar stone town for your last shopping before transferred to Zanzibar Airport/Sea port for trip back home or to your next destinations.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

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