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Madagascar National Parks

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 20 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 20 people
Destination(s): Madagascar  
Specialty Categories: National Parks  
Season: May - November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1210 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 4340 Euro (EUR)

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Tana. Upon arrival at Ivato international airport, direct transfer to hotel Anjary (mid range) or hotel de Louvre (top).

Day 2: Tana - fort Dauphin - Berenty. Transfer to the airport and fly to fort Dauphin, then continue to Berenty by four-wheel drive, Berenty is a privately-owned reserve that lies about 80 km from fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro). There are species of plants which serve as habitat for a variety of wildlife. More than 100 ring-tailed lemurs are in the reserve, the dancing sifakas are the most interesting animals to spot in Berenty. It is among the most tourist-oriented destinations in Madagascar. The trails are flat and broad, the wildlife (most people come for the lemurs) is friendly and abundant, and the facilities are up to Western standards (though if you leave your door or windows open you may have lemurs come into your room for a visit). Giant Coua is one of the endemic birds in Berenty. There are other species of birds and lemurs, especially those active at night, including the white-footed sportive lemur, the tiny mouse lemur. Stay at Berenty lodge.

Day 3: Visit the reserve. A full day visit at the reserve with walks along the wide, well swept paths. The lemur catta maki, known as the ring-tailed lemurs, are very friendly and seem very happy for photographs. Sifakas are also the main attraction due to their beautiful dancing performances, as well as some red fronted brown lemurs, which were introduced to Berenty. At night, look for white-footed sportive lemur, grey mouse lemur, the newly recognized red-and-grey mouse lemur. Walking through the reserve will also grant you the opportunity of seeing some of the 103 bird species, 56 of which breed here, and observe many prolific reptiles (various chameleons species, lizards, the endangered radiated and spider tortoises and the Madagascar ground boa). Overnight at Berenty lodge.

Day 4: Berenty - fort Dauphin - Tulear - Isalo. Transfer to fort Dauphin airport and take the flight to Tulear. Arriving in Tulear, afternoon drive to the village of Ranohira where the Isalo national park is. Isalo is part of the Commune of Ranohira, in the region of the Ihorombe. It is 279 km in the South of Fianarantsoa. The park, furrowed of rivers and their affluents, spreads over 81540 ha. This massive ruiniforme is a plateau of continental sandstone dating from the Jurassic. Very much eroded, only the parceled witnessed by the sandy valleys and the canyons: a really exceptional show. A night at the hotel Satrana lodge (top) the hotel Jardin du Roy (top) and the hotel Orchidee (mid range).

Day 5: Visit the park. Visit in the park accompanied by a local guide. Walk at Namaza trail to spot the ring-tailed lemurs, Verreaux’s Sifaka, and red-fronted brown lemur before relaxing at the "Piscine Naturel". The animals of the Isalo are typical of the climate with vegetation and the geomorphology of the park. These are for a very strong majority of the endemic species. 77 species of birds live in Isalo among which the Benson rock-thrush Pseudocossyphus bensoni, an endemic species of Madagascar that is well protected. We can also find 14 species of nocturnal lemurs, 8 of which are introduced and seven endemic to Madagascar. Reptilian, amphibian, carnivores, insectivorous and gnawing rodents complete the list. Overnight at Orchidée ou au Satrana lodge (top) or Jardin du Roy (top).

Day 6: Isalo - Tulear. A half day visit at the park and back to Tulear, overnight at the hotel Paletuvier (mid range, top) or the hotel Victory (mid range, top).

Day 7: Tulear - Morondava. Transfer to the airport and fly to Morondava. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel Renala Sable d’or (mid range, top) or the hotel Baobab Cafe (mid range, top). Visit the baobab alley.

Day 8: Morondava - Tsingy. Drive from Morondava to the national park of Tsingy of Bemaraha. The park of Bemaraha spreads over 157710 ha with 100 km long from the North to the South and 10 to 40 km large in West. Its Southern part enjoys the National Park statute with 72340 ha of surface. Its Northern part that has the statute of Integral Natural reserve is covered of 85370 ha. It is in the South that we can find the Tsingy, spectacular pinnacles, the access of which is extremely difficult. This Karstic formation spreads is visible from afar, a forest of peaks and ergot of rocks that makes all so impressive. Overnight at Vazimba hotel (top) or Olympe of Bemaraha (mid range, top).

Day 9: Visit the Tsingy. A full day visit at the grand Tsingy and the small Tsingy. Bemaraha is a high spot of endemism and diversity. The scientists estimate that the general endemism rate of this park is 86,7 per cent and the eco regional one is 47 per cent. 11 species of lemurs are listed there, five families of bats, 103 species of bird species. The index of the reptiles and amphibians is as large as Bemaraha possesses 34 species that are all endemic. These are just a first taste of your discoveries. Overnight at Vazimba hotel (top) or Olympe of Bemaraha (mid range, top).

Day 10: Tsingy - Morondava. Drive back to Morondava, overnight at hotel Renala Sable d’or (mid range, top) or the hotel Baobab Cafe (mid range, top).

Day 11: Morondava - Tana - Andasibe. Transfer and fly back to Antananarivo. Upon the arrival, drive to Andasibe National park. The national park of Mantadia is in the Alaotra Mangoro. It is known for its rare orchids that bloom in the forest, Indri indri that can be observed all year round, its magnificent water falls and the famous cultural rituals of the inhabitants of its surrounding. Mantadia and the Special Reserve of Indri of Analamazaotra form the complex Andasibe Mantadia. Overnight at the hotel Vakona Forest Lodge (top) or the hotel Feon’ny Ala (mid range).

Day 12: Visit the Park Analamazaotra and Mantadia. Visit the two reserves. The forest of the Mantadia Park accommodates a lot of animals which assure their perpetuity at the same time. 108 species of birds are known in the park, some of which play a role in the survival of plants like Terpsiphone mutata. We can also find 14 species of lemurs in there, 51 species of reptiles Boa, the famous Boa manditra and 84 species of amphibian. The ecosystem of Mantadia depends on its lower-case letters animals: they are the pollinisateur of the plants of flowers, the recyclers of the nourishing elements of soil and the organic garbage. In the food chain, the bugs are the food of many birds and mammals. The forests of Mantadia are the domains of the lianas and epiphytes as the orchids, the mosses and the ferns. The orchids are very varied with more than a hundred species inventoried. Overnight at the hotel Vakona Forest Lodge (top) or the hotel Feon’ny Ala (mid range).

Day 13: Andasibe - Tana. Drive back to Antananarivo, overnight at the hotel Anjary (mid range) or hotel de Louvre (top). City tour and relax.

Day 14: Tana - Diego - Montagne d'Ambre visit. Transfer to the airport and take flight to Diego. While arriving, departure to the national park of Montagne d’Ambre. The national park of the Amber Mountain spreads on 23010 ha of which 18200 ha for the national park and 4810 ha for the Reserve Special Forest of Amber. It is a volcanic massif covered of forest spreading on 850 to 1475 meters. Six lakes and several streams and rivers furrow the park. The Amber Mountain is a high place of endemicity with 77 species of birds, seven species of lemurs and 24 species of amphibian. Overnight at the Monastère (mid range) or Nature Lodge (top).

Day 15: Montagne d'Ambre - Ankarana. Quit Montagne d’Ambre to Ankarana. The park of Ankarana spreads over 18225 ha. Ankarana is the western extension of a chalky massif of the medium Jurassic that emerges from a basaltic plain located above 50 meters over the sea level. The plateau, that is a greatly eroded karst formation in surface, is constituted by a lapiaz of Tsingy. Overnight at Relais d’Ankarana (high mid range) or chez Aurélien (mid range).

Day 16: Ankarana - Ambanja. A half day visit the park. The biological inventories of Ankarana reported 50 herpetofauna species with 40 reptiles and 10 amphibians. The biological inventories also reported 96 species of birds, 50 species of mollusks and a huge number of snails of Tsingy. 14 species of bats, either the half of the bats of Madagascar lives in the underground cave of Ankarana. 11 species of lemurs live in Ankarana. Besides, it is in this park that the famous Propithecus perrieri, known under the vernacular name of black sifaka was seen for the last time by the agents of the park in 1995 and 1996. After the visit drive to Ambanja, Ambanja is 22 km from Ankify, the small port where you take the boat to Nosy Be. Overnight at the hotel Méridien (mid range) or the hotel Baobab (top).

Days 17-19: Ambanja - Nosy Be. Take the boat to Nosy Be, transfer to the hotel "Un Autre Monde" (high mid range) or hotel Amarina (top). This haven of peace received many qualifications from visitors, to indicate its beauty but it seems that the term "paradise on earth" is best adapted to qualify the extremely rare beauty of this island, which means not easily seen from other part of the planet. The other terms, like the pearl of the Indian Ocean, does not completely manage to qualify it because it does not evoke the width of its splendor.

Day 20: Nosy Be - Tana. Transfer and fly back to Antananarivo, continue home.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

- Mid range:
* Single - EUR 3470 p/p
* 2 pax - EUR 1850 p/p
* 4 pax - EUR 1360 p/p
* 6 or more pax - EUR 1210 p/p

- Top:
* Single - EUR 4340 p/p
* 2 pax - EUR 2550 p/p
* 4 pax - EUR 2020 p/p
* 6 or more pax - EUR 1910 p/p.

Price Includes:
- Four-wheel drive with a driver
- Fuel
- Hotel and breakfast plus half board in Berenty
- Boat: Ambanja – Nosybe
- Entrance fee to the parks
- Internal flight booking only
- Driver’s meals and accommodation
- Tour guide (only applied for the group)
- Tax
- Car insurance only
- Transfers.

Price Excludes:
- Tips
- Drinks
- Lunch and dinner in the restaurant
- Flight ticket
- Laundry.

- Type of prestation - hotel with breakfast plus half board in Berenty
- Accommodation - top hotel and mid range
- Vehicle type - tourism or minibus
- Language spoken by driver/guide: French, English, Malagasy.

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