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National Parks of Madagascar Tour (6 Days)

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 6 - 8 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 12 people
Destination(s): Madagascar  
Specialty Categories: National Parks   Wildlife Viewing  
Season: May - November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 400 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1400 Euro (EUR)

This tour is highlighted by the nation’s two invaluable parks considered as a must and ranking among the best, harboring the vast majority of fauna and flora, the Baobab Alley, the Fossa, lemurs at Kirindy, and the Tsingy in Bemaraha, one of the largest protected areas in Madagascar. Covering an area of 12,500 ha, the special reserved Kirindy is part of the protected area Menabe extending over 125,000 ha. The Swiss organization that manages the reserve is committed to fight against massive deforestation by promoting a dry forest. Operating system Kirindy is famous for the observation of large predator called "fossa (cryptoprocta ferox)", particularly during the mating period (between October and December). The Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park, located about 200 km north of Morondava, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is famous for its karst formations in the form of needles. Bemaraha covers 152,000 hectares (66,630 hectares national park status); it is considered one of the largest protected areas in Madagascar.

Day 1: Tana.
Upon arrival at Ivato international airport in Antananarivo, a member from our Team representing Ortour will welcome you and then transferring you to your hotel for check-in and overnight in hotel du Louvre (Top) or Chalet des Roses (high-midrange) , Hotel Brajas (high-midrange), in BB.

Day 2: Tana - Morondava - Kirindy.
Take a flight to get to the western part of Madagascar. Morondava is the capital of the tribe of ‘Sakalavan’I Menabe’. Visit the famous ‘Baobab Alley’. The trip in the west coast precisely in Morondava is best known for its Baobab species that the nation itself possesses a large number of 7 out of 8 species worldwide, and Adansonia grandidieri is the most majestic species reaching 30m in height. We continue driving to Kirindy Reserve, a privately managed forest by a Swiss company. Night walk in the forest in search of endemic animals.Kirindy is the best place in the whole island to observe the rare Coquereli's giant mouse, lemur and pygmy mouse-lemur, fork-crowned lemur, Gray mouse lemur, western fat-tailed dwarf lemur and the red-tailed sportive lemur; with 50 species of reptiles, several bats, tenrecs, mongooses, the jumping rat, etc… completing the mammal population. Overnight at Relais du Kirindy or at the Camp des Amoureux (Tent bungalow) in BB.

Day 3: Kirindy - Tsingy of Bemaraha.
Morning visit at Kirindy reserve. The Fosa makes its home in this reserve and can be found in the forest in hunt for its prey. Also, there are 40 species of birds, 8 species of lemurs including the brown lemurs and the dancing sifakas. These long-legged, white with dark patches, leap among tree trunks high in the canopy, propelled by their powerful hind legs but continually maintaining an upright posture. After the morning visit, leave Kirindy and drive to Tsingy of Bemaraha. Overnight at the Le Grand Hotel or Orchidee de Bemaraha in BB (high-midrange Hotel option).

Day 4: Tsingy.

We should be ready devoting the whole day visiting both the Great and Little Tsingy in order to observe animals making home in this exceptional park covered with limestone pinnacle found nowhere else in the world. Based upon the estimation provided by scientists, it is claimed that the park possesses a high rate of endemism reaching 86, 7%. 11 species of lemurs are recorded, and five families of Bats, 103 species of bird species nesting in this area. The index of the reptiles and amphibians is as large as Bemaraha possessing 34 species. During the hike in the park, there is a broad canyon crossed by a swinging suspension bridge. Harness has to be put on and avoid skirts for females or flip flops. Amid all this grey pinnacles sprout the green plants, pachypodiums and other succulent plants. Expect to see the Giant Coua, the long eared owls perched on tree branch.Overnight at the Le Grand Hotel or Orchidee de Bemaraha in BB (high-midrange Hotel option).

Day 5: Tsingy - Morondava.
Drive back to Morondava. Stop en route including the Amorous Baobab, the Baobab Alley; about 15 km north of Morondava is the famous Baobab Avenue and the Twin Baobab. The best times to visit are at sunset and sunrise, when the colors of the trees change, a good opportunity to take a photo during the sunset. Overnight at Top Hotel option: Baobab Café or Palissandre de l’Ouest in HB or at Chez Maggie or Renala Sable d’Or in BB (high-midrange).

Day 6: Morondava - Tana.
This day, transfer to the airport where we take a flight back to Tana our final destination.End of our service.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Top/per Person:
- One Person 1400€
- 2 Persons 750 € / per person
- 4 Persons 650 € / per person
- 6 Persons 620 € / per person
- 8 Pax more 580€ / per person.

Mid range/per Person:
- One Person 1100€ / per person
- 2 Person 600€ / per person
- 4 Person 500€ / per person
- 6 Person 450€ / per person
- 8 Pax more 400€ / per person.

Price Includes:
- 4WD with a driver
- Hotel and breakfast
- Fuel
- Entrance fee to the parks
- Internal flight booking only
- Hotel and breakfast
- Driver’s meals and his accommodation
- Tour guide who speaks English
- Tax
- Car Insurance only
- Transfer.

Price Excludes:
- Tips
- Local guide
- Drinks
- Lunch and dinner in the restaurant
- Internal flight ticket
- Other activities which are not mentioned above.

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