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Birdwatching Trip in Madagascar (22 Days)

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 22 - 24 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 20 people
Destination(s): Madagascar  
Specialty Categories: Birdwatching  
Season: May - November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1420 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 5520 Euro (EUR)

This tour grants you maximum adventure enjoying the discovery of new life, cultures, fauna and flora especially the five endemic Malagasy bird families. First, our hike in Andasibe reserve restores the large amount of fauna and flora, with 108 bird species, 14 lemurs’ species as the Indri, and 51 species of impressive reptiles. Moreover, Ranomafana rainforest is meant to search several lemurs, 115 birds ‘species in this park, leaf tailed gecko. Surely our hike in Anja reserve, a natural home of the ring tails population with guaranteed sightings provides a great appeal of interest during this trip. You will be marveled seeing the rock formations in Isalo National Park which is the habitat of lemurs and its endemic bird. Our next adventure takes us down to Ifaty and Tuléar for their spiny deserts and coastal habitats in search of endemic birds, as well as exploring the forest with succulent plants, baobab trees and thorny scrubs.

Ampijoroa comes next, a paradise haven place for birds or in other term, a den of birds as it records the vast majority of birds with 129 species of birds, 75 of them endemic, 10 amphibians and 44 reptiles’ species. Moreover, heading North East takes us to Masoala National Park, and Nosy Manga be, the country's largest national parks harboring 102 species of birds with 60% of endemicity, 10 species of lemurs, geckos, chameleons, numerous species of rare butterflies and fish.
The small island of Nosy Manga be, a special reserve is home to the Aye Aye, Besides, Humpback whales take shelter at the vicinity of Bay of Antongil between the island and the mainland.

Day 1: Tana.
A member of our Team from Ortour will welcome you once arriving at Antananarivo international airport, and then you will be transferred to your hotel for check-in and overnight at the hotel du Louvre (Top) or at the hotel Chalet de Roses or Hotel Brajas (High-midrange), in BB.

Day 2: Tana - Andasibe.
After breakfast, we leave Tana and depart toAndasibe taking approximately 4 hour drive. On the way, a stop is planned at MangoroRiver where we are going to spot some birds, standing on the bank of the River where we could see the Madagascar Pratincole, common sandpiper, malachite kingfisher and so many more. Upon arrival in Andasibe, we head to Vakonareserve; four species of lemurs make their home there, ready to entertain visitors.Night walk seems unavoidable since this park lodges various night active birds including the long eared owl, scops owl, colored nightjar and pygmy kingfisher that could be possibly seen sleeping on tree branch; mouse lemurs and other reptiles are also present in tonight agenda. Overnight at Top Hotel: Vakona Forest Lodge (Top) in BB or in Andasibe Hotel or in Mid-range Hotel: Feon’ny Ala or Grace Lodge in BB.

Day 3: Andasibe Mantadia Visit.
This morning, we drive to Mantadia national park, taking around one hour drive. The park forest of Mantadia provides life for many animals by providing them shelter. 108 species of birds are known in the park, some of them play an important role in the survival of plants. Madagascar Nightjar, White-throated Oxylabes, velvety asity, yellow bellied asity, spectacular Red Fody, Pitta like ground roller, scaly ground roller, broad billed roller, cuckoo roller, red capped coua, madagadscar serpent eagle, Madagascar Ibis, Madagascar starling and so many more nests in this park. There are also 14 species of lemur, 51 species of reptiles including the famous Boa and 84 species of amphibians. Top Hotel: Overnight at Vakona Forest Lodge (Top) in BB or at Andasibe Hotel or in Mid-range Hotel: Feon’ny Ala or Grace Lodge in BB.

Day 4: Andasibe Analamazoatra Visit.
Andasibe is known for its rare orchids blooming in the forest sustaining the ecosystem survivability, providing enough shelter for various animals including the Indri indri that can be observed all year. The reserve harbors many species of birds such as the Blue Coua, white throated rail, Madagascar fluff tail, wood rail, short legged ground roller, nuthatch vanga, blue vanga, red tailed vanga, nelicourvi weaver, Madagascar cuckoo shrike, Madagascar buzzard, Madagascar harrier hawk, frances sparrow hawk and so on are on the top of our list. Overnight at Top Hotel: Vakona Forest Lodge (Top) in BB or at Andasibe Hotel or in Mid-range Hotel: Feon’ny Ala or Grace Lodge in BB.

Day 5: Andasibe - Tana.
After breakfast, we will explore more in search of other birds that have not been found. The helmet vanga would be our top list, viewed as a challenge of the day due to its elusive character. However, mild walk in the forest would surely grant you a great deal of windows of opportunity to spot not only the indri but also other lemurs such as the golden sifakas, the eastern woolly lemurs, without forgetting endemic birds and reptiles like the Parson chameleon, the tiny nose-horned chameleons, and so forth. After the visit, leave Andasibe and drive to Antananarivo overnighting at hotel du Louvre (Top) or at the hotel Chalet des Roses (High-midrange),at Hotel Brajas(High-midrange) in BB.

Day 6: Tana - Antsirabe.
After breakfast, morning drive toward the national route RN7, through the high plateau's mountainous and rice field landscape. While arriving in Antsirabe, visit the surrounding areas and various workshops of semi and precious stones. In the afternoon, visit the "Tritriva" lake also worth to see because of the panoramic view of the Ankaratra Mountain. Few stops would be necessary at certain spots where some birds could be seen including the night heron, green backed heron, squacco heron, black egret, little egret, hammerkop and so forth. Overnight at Top Hotel: Plumeria, in BB or in High-midrange Hotel: Vatolahy or Chambre des Voyageur or in Couleur Café, in BB.

Day 7: Antsirabe - Ranomafana.
Drive to Ranomafana through the town of Ambositra known for its wood carvings. We will visit some workshops during our stop in this city where you will have time to buy some souvenirs. After lunch, we depart to Ranomafana national park. It was classified as a World Natural Heritage of the Atsinanana in 2007. It contains a wealth of endemic biodiversity.There are rare and critically endangered species of lemurs and endemic plant species. Overnight at Top Hotel: Thermal or Setam Lodge, in HB or in Midrange Hotel: Grenat or Karibo hotel, in BB.

Day 8: Ranomafana Visit.
Full day visit in Vohiparara trails accompanied by your guide in search of several species of birds and 115 species of birds including thirty of them are strictly forest species, with 12 species of lemur, 90 species of butterflies. The Pitta like ground roller and other endemic birds like the brown mesite, velvet asity, stripe throated jerry, common newtonia, dark newtonia, green jerry, long billed Tretraka, Madagascar paradise flycatcher, Malagasy kingfisher, red capped coua, forest rock thrush nest in this park. Besides, there are98 species of amphibians and 62 species of reptiles such as Chameleons, lizards as well. Overnight at Top Hotel: Thermal or Setam Lodge, in HB or in Midrange Hotel: Grenat or Karibo hotel, in BB.

Day 9: Ranomafana Visit.
After breakfast, we will hike in the rain forest in search of the golden bamboo lemurs, the greater bamboo lemurs, Milne Edward’s sifaka and at the same time to get knowledge and see various species of plants, trees, insects and reptiles not forgetting some eerie animals including the satanic leaf-tailed geckos. Besides, there are 118 species of birds and 8 species of bats, as well as many rodents, batrachians, spiders and butterflies. Overnight at Top Hotel: Thermal or Setam Lodge, in HB or in Midrange Hotel: Grenat or Karibo hotel, in BB.

Day 10: Ranomafana - Isalo.
After breakfast, we leave Ranomafana and we depart to Fianarantsoa, the capital of the Betsilo tribe. Then, we continue south heading to Ambalavao where we visit various places including the paper factory. After that, we continue our road trip toward south leaving behind the highlands of Madagascar while contemplating magnificent southern landscapes dominated by savanna, dry bush and semi desert land of southern Madagascar. We stop en route visiting the Anja Reserve, managed by local villagers. This reserve harbors the ring-tails, ground chameleons and many unique species of animals. After the visit, we continue our road trip till we reach Ranohira, well known for its striking grand canyon giving birth to the most visited park of Isalo. Overnight at Top Hotel: Isalo Rock Lodge or Relais de la Reine, in HB or in Midrange Hotel: Isalo Ranch or Hotel Orchidée, in BB.

Day 11: Isalo Visit.

A whole day visit in the park through the canyons and oasis of Isalo would be our activities of today. During the hike, we will go to different places to see a panoramic view of the landscape. We will have several opportunities leading to the natural swimming pools and waterfalls. Then, another 4 km is necessary leading to the camping site. After lunch, extend your hike along the sheltered canyons reaching the ‘Piscine Bleue and Noire’ called the cascade trails. Isalo is the home of the endemic bird called Benson’s Rock thrush, littoral rock thrush, Madagascar kestrel, common pied crow, yellow billed kite, and also there 14 species of nocturnal lemurs, 98 species of amphibians and reptiles. We will end our day contemplating the sunset over the famous window of Isalo. Overnight at Top Hotel: Isalo Rock Lodge or Relais de la Reine, in HB or in Midrange Hotel: Isalo Ranch or Hotel Orchidée, in BB.

Day 12: Isalo - Zombitse - Tulear Arboretum - Ifaty.

After breakfast, we drive to Toliara, the capital of the Vezo fishing people. On our way, we will pass by Ilalaka town, the capital of gems, recently formed because of the sapphire rush. Besides, the famous Mahafaly tombs abound all along the way between Sakaraha and Tulear, having distinct cultural traits of this typical southern tribe, whose tombs display images that represent the daily life or dreams of the deceased. This morning, we have a visit while stopping at Zombitse National park, home of the appert’sTretraka formerly known as greenbul, cuckoo roller, madagascacr hoopoe, giant coua, white browed owl, and so many more. After the visit, we continue driving until we reach Arboretum for a short visit at this famous ‘garden of the southern plants’ before taking lunch in Tuléar and then continue driving to Ifaty. Overnight at High -Midrange Hotel: Belle Vue,Ifaty Beach in BB or at Paradisier (top), in BB.

Day 13: Ifaty.
We head out early in the morning in search of various species of birds such as the green capped coua, the long tailed ground roller, the local endemic sub-desert mesite, chabert’svanga, red tailedvanga, sickle billed vanga, Madagascar harrier hawk, and so many more. Overnight at High -Midrange Hotel: Belle Vue,Ifaty Beach in BB or at Paradisier (top), in BB.

Day 14: Ifaty - Tulear - Anakao - Tsimanampetsotse.
Early in the morning, we leave Ifaty driving back to Tuléar where we shall take a boat going to Anakao; then continue by a 4WD heading to the lake of Tsimanampesotse, a large shallow lake. The main attractions include 70 species of birds, ring tails, sifakas, spiny tailed iguana, a vast picturesque liana, underground caves where the endemic white blind fish naturally live. The National Park covers 43,200 ha TsimanampesotseLake.Tsimanampesotse is the first Ramsar site in Madagascar classified by the International Convention on Wetlands. It is also the only protected area located on the limestone plateau and the coastal area along the coastline of the South West. Overnight at the hotel Relais d’Ambola, or at Vahombe lodge, or in Domaine d’Ambola, in BB (midrange).

Day 15: Tsimanampetsotse.
We have full day visiting the park in hope to spot some endemic birds like the red shouldered vanga, green capped coua, and of course a flock of greater flamingo, red knobbed coot, Madagascar plover, and many more. In fact, Tsimanampesotse includes, among others, 112 species of birds including 5 species of Coua, 39 species of reptiles, 3 species of lemurs including 2 diurnal (Lemur catta and Propithecusverreauxiiverreauxii and (Microcebusgriseorufus and Lepilemur). Overnight at the hotel Relais d’Ambola, or at Vahombe lodge, or in Domaine d’Ambola, in BB (midrange).

Day 16: Tsimanampetsotse – Anakao- Nosyve.
We set our alarm o’clock for an early departure back to Anakao taking more or less 3 hours. Upon arrival, immediate boarding going to Nosy VeIslandwhere we shall look for the red billed tropic birds, black egret, great egret and other animals. Extra activities like snorkeling would be great where the white thin sand with blue transparent sea add amazing fun for the day. Back to the hotel for overnight at Ocean Lodge or in Prince d’Anakao, in BB.

Day 17: Anakao - Tulear - Tana.
Morning boat transfer back to Tulear. Then, transfer to the airport for flight back to Tana.Settle in your hotel Louvre (Top) or Chalet des Roses (High-midrange),at Hotel Brajas(High-midrange) in BB.

Day 18: Tana - Ankarafantsika.
Morning departure to Ankarafantsika(around 7 hours by car).Ankarafantsika is located in the western part of the island.Ankarafantsika is 450 km from Antananarivo and 114 km from Mahajanga. Ankarafantsika is a home for birds and lemurs witha diurnal species, two species mixed, 5 typically nocturnal species including the famous Microcebus, the smallest primate in the world. 129 species of birds nest in the forest of Ankarafantsika. 75 of them are endemic.Overnight in a Bungalow (high-midrange) or at Blue VangaLodge (midrange) in BB.

Day 19-20: Ankarafantsika.
We devote two full days visiting the park including one night hike in search of night animals, mouse lemurs, reptiles, birds and so forth. Besides, Ankarafansika houses local endemic reptiles, chameleons, iguanas, snakes and freshwater turtles. We aim to look for other species of birds listed today including the brown mesite, Van Dam’s Vanga, Madagascar fish eagle, schlegel asity, Madagascar harrier hawk, and so many more. Overnight in a Bungalow (high-midrange) or at Blue VangaLodge (midrange) in BB.

Day 21: Ankarafantsika - Tana.
We leave Ankarafantsika heading back to Tana. Stops en route are expected in hope to spot some endemic birds at certain location. Transfer to your hotel for overnight at Louvre (Top) or at the hotel Chalet des Roses (High-midrange),at Hotel Brajas in BB.

Day 22: Fly Home.
You will be transferred to Antananarivo international airport for flight taking you back home. End of our service.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.


Top/per Person:
- One Person 5520€ / per person
- 2 Persons 3000€ / per person
- 4 Persons 2300€ / per person
- 6 Persons 2250€ / per person
- 8 Pax more 2100€ / per person

Mid range/per Person:
- One Person 4320€ / per person
- 2 Person 2350€ / per person
- 4 Person 1650€ / per person
- 6 Person 1560€ / per person
- 8 Pax more1420€ / per person

Price Includes:
- A car with a driver
- Fuel
- Bed and Breakfast
- Entrance fee to the parks
- Internal flight booking only
- Driver’s meals and his accommodation
- Tour guide or driver who speaks English
- Tax
- Car Insurance only
- Transfers.

Price Excludes:
- Local guide
- Tips
- Drinks
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Internal flight ticket
- Other activities which are not mentioned above.

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