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Patagonia Argentina: Communion and Transcendence

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 8 day(s)
Group Size: 10 - 20 people
Destination(s): Argentina  
Specialty Categories: Yoga & Spiritual Experience  
Season: February
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 4399 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 5464 US Dollar (USD)

Note: Our tours are only on the dates listed unless you book a custom trip with a minimum of 10 people. The dates for this trip will be announced soon for February.

Patagonia Argentina: Communion and Transcendence – February.

Patagonia, Argentina: truly one of the most remote, pristine and untouched territories on our planet. On this heart-opening spiritual retreat, we will immerse ourselves deeply and profoundly into our sacred connection with the natural world. We invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, nurtured by the intense energy of amazing glacial lakes, pure creeks, astonishing waterfalls, beautiful forests and breathtaking mountains.

A Multi-Dimension Journey

Our daily road-map will guide us to different territories, not just in a geographical sense, but experientially too. The four essential elements (air, fire, water and earth), will be our temporal destinations – visiting stunning natural settings to complement each element and its manifestations, establishing a sacred communion between us and nature. Through experiential activities, a spiritual integration will take place as we merge the four human dimensions (mind, body, heart and spirit) with the four elements of nature. From our home base at Estancia Peuma Hue, a spiritually centered 500 acre eco-boutique ranch, we will discover true integration with these vital essences.

Finding Inner Resources

During our spiritual retreat we’ll look closely at the forces of nature, her forms of expression, features, and direct effects on our material world. We’ll learn to relate these seemingly external expressions to our internal processes, deepening our connection with nature and her expression in our lives. By merging with these forces and using nature’s innate wisdom, we’ll discover keys to bringing balance, peace and harmony to our lives.

Transcending the Material

As alchemists have done for centuries, we’ll experiment with the laws and boundaries of material world first, ultimately accessing the more profound and spiritual dimension at the end. Our journey together will allow us to expand our understanding of the natural world, our inner mental world, and ultimately transcend to the spiritual realms experiencing a state of full integration and communion with nature; a state of universal love and oneness.

A Special Experience

Our time together will include a variety of activities such as: forest hikes, waterfalls, lakes and amazing viewpoints, meditation, mind-body relaxation and stress management techniques (Qigong and/or TaiChi), group ritual, celebrations and games, traditional self-healing knowledge, guided horseback rides, conscious observation, enriching group reflections and much more!

Tour Itinerary (specific dates listed in February subject to change):

Day 1, February 19th: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After arriving to Ezeiza Int. Airport from different locations around the globe, we will be gathering together at the Ayres of Recoleta Luxury apartments in downtown Buenos Aires. Capital city of Argentina and World Capital of Tango, Buenos Aires has made it on Travel and Leisure’s 2008 and 2009 World’s Best Destination to visit list – receiving second place and fourth place respectively. This amazing city will be our preliminary stop on the way to Patagonia.

While preparing for the BIG adventure, we’ll have the chance to taste some a bit of the vibrancy of Buenos Aires’s nightlife. Our studios are located in the Recoleta neighborhood, one of the top 10 “must see areas” in BA. Two museums, several art galleries, and a handcraft fair of great level are part of the cultural offering. This is how Nora Hochbaum, director of the Cultural Center of Recoleta, describes it. Haute couture stores, international fashion boutiques; restaurants and bars of outstanding level are features of this hip location.

Day 2, February 20th: Bariloche, Patagonia.

After breakfast at the Studios we’ll be moving to Newbery domestic Airport to catch a two hour flight to Bariloche City. Our final destination will be Peuma Hue Ranch, a beautiful boutique lodge in the heart of the Andes. On our way in, we’ll enjoy a wonderful tour that will include a visit to Mt. Campanario, with incredible views at the summit and the Circuito Chico.

Arriving at Peuma Hue after lunch, we’ll receive a loving welcome from Evelyn, our host and property owner and Walter, our guide through this spiritual journey. After a briefing of our upcoming experience it will be the perfect time to relax and to enjoy the peace and calm of this wonderful location, while preparing for the next day. Includes: (B/-/S/D).

Day 3, February 21st: AIR of Patagonia.

We’ll begin to experience Patagonia through the energy of this essential element. Breathing exercises will help us to clear our minds and to be fully present, while we open a communication channel with life during a pleasant trek through this most beautiful native forest. Creativity, openness, flexibility, lightness and fertility are all qualities behind the energy of the element AIR. We will discover more about these qualities by observing how AIR affects the life cycle of this region.

Our observations of the external world will be followed by some activities that will allow us to establish a profound connection with this element. We’ll explore the D’Agostini Mountain, and visit an amazing view point from which we will experience the effect that air produces within our bodies. Eventually we will merge with air and feel the separation between us and this element dissolve. We will feel like AIR, we will be as AIR. When we return to the lodge, there’ll be time for sharing enriching reflections and revelations of this wonderful and astonishing day. Includes: (B/L/S/D).

Day 4, February 22nd: Fire of Patagonia.

Today we will experience Patagonia through the energy of the essential element of FIRE. Beginning with meditation techniques we’ll establish contact with the “life force” of FIRE. As ancient Taoists suggest, there is a plentiful amount of it in the Universe that can be utilized if we find and live the path of virtue. Transformation, production, progress, will, and determination are all qualities behind the energy of the element FIRE. We’ll observe how the “life force” moves through the forest producing diverse life expressions.

Through a wonderful trek we’ll reach our highest point of observation at the D’Agostini Mt. With the assistance of Qigong techniques and Taoist meditations we’ll feel how FIRE moves in our bodies and how we can give conscious direction to this force to produce the fruits we desire in life. We will feel the FIRE coming from the sun of Patagonia inside our bodies, we will recognize that FIRE as an inner resource – and actually becoming the life force itself. A ritual of FIRE will put an end to our day, full of self-discoveries and amazing vistas in Patagonia. Includes: (B/L/S/D).

Day 5, February 23rd: Water of Patagonia.

Today we’ll experience Patagonia through the energy of the essential element of WATER. Our location will be special for the task at hand. WATER surrounds us by every pristine glacier lake, every astonishing waterfall, and quiet spring creek. We’ll start our day by clearing our minds and relaxing our bodies through meditation and TaiChi techniques at the amazing Gutierrez Lake Shore. Purification, depth, assimilation, closure and order are all qualities behind the energy of the element WATER.

Throughout the day we’ll visit different beautiful locations where this element finds expression, to observe, contemplate and learn from the wisdom of nature. We will follow the water flow downstream, discovering the beauty of the work of this element as it moves through the forest. Gradually we’ll feel more connected to and purified by this encounter. Thoughts will become clear as we move deeply in our process and spiritual journey. As we get closer to the lake shore once again, we will feel ourselves as WATER going downhill, enriched by the assimilation of experiences along the way. Possibly, our best reflections so far will come out of our sharing of this day. Includes: (B/L/S/D).

Day 6, February 24th: Earth of Patagonia.

On our final day we’ll experience Patagonia through the energy of the essential element of EARTH. What better place to connect to EARTH than Patagonia? A new course in our trekking route today will illuminate a new course in our journey as well. Our intent will be to establish a profound connection with the element EARTH and experience a state of consciousness of “oneness” that will transcend the “material.” Once again, we’ll make good use of ancient oriental wisdom to prepare our minds, bodies, and hearts for this new adventure. Strength, acceptance, immutability, patience and quietness are all qualities behind the energy of the element EARTH.

This final day will be characterized by silence and contemplation. We won’t be looking for anything to occur, especially during the second half of the day. We’ll just “allow” – and enter the deep state of being, whatever that might be. Our route will take us on a trail deep in the forest, deep into the very nature of ourselves. Rooting techniques will help us to go to a place of unity with everything around us. Eventually we will feel part of Patagonia and part of “the whole” – we will become EARTH. After a silent return to the beautiful temple that the lodge owners has built in the middle of the native forest, we’ll prepare for closing the experience of the day and for closing this entire wonderful journey. Time for celebration will have come with a wonderful surprise waiting for us! Includes: (B/L/S/D).

Day 7, February 25th: Buenos Aires.

Today we say our farewells to the beauty of Peuma Hue and fly from Bariloche back to Buenos Aires. Some of you may decide to stay on and do your own touring of the area from here. For those of you going back home – it would be fun to see a Tango performance tonight and have a lively evening together. Includes: (B/-/-/-).

Day 8, February 26th: Home.

We’ll be departing today for our international flights. Great experiences have been had – and new friends made and we’ll be going home with clarity and an openness of our hearts! Includes: (B/-/-/-) .

Price Includes:
- Five nights and 15 meals at the Peuma Hue Ranch.
- Breakfast on Day 2 & 7 at the Ayres Recoleta Luxury Apts in Bariloche.
- Lodging our first and last nights at the Ayres Recoleta Luxury Apts in Bariloche.
- Your national round-trip air flights from Buenos Aires to Bariloche.
- All spiritual teachings.
- All tips for the drivers, guides, and bell boys are included. ($100.00 value)
- All ground transportation is included on this journey from the Bariloche airport and during our retreat.
- All entrance fees.
- Mt. Campanairio and Circuito Chico tours
- Health insurance.

Price Excludes:
- We can help you arrange additional non-included tours to Iguazu Falls, etc!
- Your international round-trip air flight to Buenos Aires is not-included.
- Meals outside of Peuma Hue Ranch are not-included and may need to be paid for in cash.
- Other non-included items would include personal phone calls, spa services, laundry and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1.00 USD per day).

- A deposit of $700.00 USD with your trip registration forms is preferred by: Nov 1st. Final payment is due: Dec 1st.
- Cancelation policy:
* Any cancellation made in writing between: Nov 1st and Dec 1st will result in a cancellation fee of $700.00 USD.
* Any cancellation made in writing between: Dec 1st and Jan 1st will result in a cancellation fee of $700.00 USD deposit along with any non-refundable funds made to our suppliers in Argentina (a minimum of 30% of the trip cost).
* Any cancellation made between: Jan 1st and the trip departure will result in a total loss of your $700.00 USD deposit along with any non-refundable funds made to our suppliers in Argentina (a minimum of 50% of the trip cost).
* Any cancellation made: after the trip departs will result in total loss of trip funds.
* We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum.
* Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended to cover such issues.
- Arrive into Bueno Aires on February 19th and get a good night sleep! You can schedule your international departure home on February 26th. Feel free to make your own flights, but please confirm them with us before booking.
- Please contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you!

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Note: The price will be announced soon for the next trip, and are subject to change from the costs listed below.

- $4399.00 USD per person double occupancy
- $5464.00 USD per person single occupancy.