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Ethiopia Overland Tour South to East, 18 Days

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 15 - 28 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 20 people
Destination(s): Ethiopia  
Specialty Categories: Cultural Journey  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 2500 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 4000 US Dollar (USD)

Ethiopia is a land of contrasts and varying climates. It can be incredibly green and also bare desert. You can choose your own landscape. We recommend you check your favorite search engine for more information.
Our wildlife is erratic and needs restocking. Nevertheless our landscapes and our people are second to none. We have some fantastic endemic species of birds and mammals.

Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa.
Check into the Ras Hotel or place of your agreed choice. Relax and unwind. Or proceed direct to the Day 2 program. In the evening Ethiopian food and dancing. Welcome coffee ceremony with athlete Haile Gebre Selassie's sister as hostess.

Day 2: Drive from Addis Ababa to the Awash National Park.
We visit the park with its white savannah lands, its water falls from the Awash river and perhaps see crocodiles, bird species and oryx. You may also see the small dikdik antelope. We visit the Awash hot springs where the Afar tribesmen come to bathe. We stay for overnight at the Awash Lodge Falls Hotel.

Day 3: We drive from Awash to the Walled Islamic ancient city of Harrar.

In the evening we walk around the city. We watch the Hyena Man of Harrar feeding the hyenas directly from his own mouth! This is not just a tourism gimmick. It has become a spectacle. The Hyena man was there in the regime of the Marxist Government of Mengistu Haile Mariam. We stay for overnight at the Ras Hotel or suitable guest house.

Day 4: Full Day's visit to Harrar Islamic city, considered by some as one of the most important places of Islam after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Walk around its streets and secret passage ways. There are 4 gates. See the house of the poet Arthur Rimbaud and then visit some of the traditional Hadaree houses. The way the ladies dress and the Hadaree baskets are some of the most colorful and beautiful in Ethiopia. In the evening drive to Dire Dawa to experience a Greco French town atmosphere. There are street cafes and shaded lined streets reminding you of southern France. This is the home of the French railway. Overnight at the Karamara Hotel or guest house.

Day 4: Harrar to Sodore Nazareth (Adama).
We spend the evenning soaking our tired bodies from transit at the Sodore hotwater springs. Overnight in Nazareth for some evening classical music.

Day 5: Nazareth to Awasa Yirq Alem.
Stay at the Aregesh Crater Lodge with forest and tropical market gardens. Meet the locals and walk around the tropical market gardens. Breath taking views. We can alternatively stay in Awasa one of the Rift Valley Lake Towns.

Day 6: Drive from Awasa to Arba Minch.
Stop to see the colorful Wolleit and Dorze houses and weavers. The Dorze are famous for their coloful cloth and materials. In the evening we reach Harrar.

Day 7: Full day in Arba Minch for Lakes Chamo and Abya.
Stop to see the Dorze Weavers and their villages. Boat trip to see the giant crocodiles, hippotami. Stay overnight at Paradise Lodge. This is better than Swaynes Hotel at the present time. Trips also possible to Netch Sar Safari Park and 40 Springs but sometimes too muddy. Scenery out of Africa style. Wildlife good Zebra collection, Swaynes Hartebeast and some other antelope, baboons. Also it Park is sometimes closed due to security risks.

Day 8: Drive to Arba Minch to Konso in the morning.
See the Konso villages and check for any bird life available. Stay overnight at the Green Hotel. Visit the Konso King and the strange Totem poles as well as the efficient terracing system and Konso museum.

Day 9: Drive from Konso to Jinka.
Stay overnight at the Jinka Resort Hotel. Visit the Jinka Centre. Jinka is a pleasant market town quite green with various tribes sometimes wandering around the market. It is the gateway to the southern tribes and Mago Park.

Day 10: Drive from Jinka to Mursi – and Mago National Park. Overnight again in Jinka at the Jinka Resort Hotel.

Day 11: Drive from Jinka to Turmi to see the Ari and Beni tribes. Overnight camping.

Day 12: Drive from Omo Rate across the Omo River.
We go by boat. We will visit the Dasenich Tribe. Overnight we camp again in Turmi.

Day 13: We go from Turmi to Murli – Karo. We visit the Koricho Village.

Day 14: Turmi to Yabelo to visit the Borena People. Overnight the Yabelo Motel. We visit the singing wells of Borena.

Day 15: We drive early morning from Yabello to Langano for the day relaxing by the Lake as a break from all the travel. We stay for overnight at the Sabana Beach Resort.

Day 16: We return to Addis via the Zway Hosanna Butajira Road stopping off to look at the ancient stone circles. We reach Addis in the evening. We have dinner with Haile Gebre Selassie sister.

Day 17: We have a shopping trip to Mercarto and we also see the museums.

Day 18: Departure day and farewell coffee ceremony with Haile's sister.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Note: It is better to ask the supplier direct for the cost of this tour as prices are increasing due to inflation and devaluation in Ethiopia.