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Dobrogea – a Step out of Time
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Dobrogea – a Step out of Time

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 6 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 15 people
Destination(s): Romania  
Specialty Categories: Sightseeing   Hiking & Trekking  
Season: March - October
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 800 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1079 Euro (EUR)

Have you ever seen a sunrise or a sunset? Take that image and place it behind a stretch of waters filled with floating islands where birds are flying freely like arrows, pitching the water surface. The fish and reed are dancing on the nature’s rhythm, driven by the wind. This is the kingdom of the Danube River named by Napoleon the king of the European rivers.

Danube ends its journey in Romania through a spectacular delta on Dobrogea’s patrimony. Therefore, this program will get you out of time as you will have the opportunity to visit places where ancient civilization lived and at the same time to adopt for a couple of days to the way of living of the actual inhabitants. In Dobrogea, in the world of waters, surrounded by nature in its authentic shape, time will no longer exist. It will be just you and the nature…

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: (by car) Bucharest – Constanta (accommodation in a boarding house). We will start our journey by emphasizing the impact of ancient civilization on Romania’s territory. Constanta, the largest port of the Black Sea is an example of multicultural influences. It is the oldest city of Romania, built firstly as a Greek colony in 657 B.C.

Here, as a proof of ancient civilization lie the ruins of the citadel gates and the Roman Mosaic, a valuable edifice of 6 m height, with thick walls and a carpet made of multicolor mosaics, built in the 3rd and 4th century. Moreover, in order to understand the evolution of the city we will visit the National Museum of History and Archeology where we will discover spiritual and material values from Dobrogea and Tomis patrimony (nowadays Constanta city).

Day 2: (by car until Jurilovca, then by boat) Constanta - Jurilocva - Gura Portitei (accommodation in a boarding house). Today we will get acquainted with the beginnings of civilization in Dobrogea, a historical and geographical place that is part of both Romania and Bulgaria, known in the past as Dacia Pontica. We will visit Histria - the first Greek colony on the Black Sea shore, dating back in the 7th century B.C. Then we will continue the tour to Enisala fortress, established by Genovese tradesmen in the 14th century.

Once arrived at Jurilovca, we will continue our trip by boat on Golovita Lake. Gura Portitei is a wild place, a stripe of sand between the waters of Golovita Lake and the infinite Black Sea. In the evening, sitting around the fire we will listen the life story of Lippovans, Russians that left their country in the 17th and 18th century. More than that, we will be introduced into the atmosphere by their traditional dance and dishes.

Day 3: (by boat) Gura Portitei - Jurilovca - Murighiol. Today we will enter into the wilderness of the Danube Delta (UNESCO heritage) –an exotic landscape, a blessing of floating islands populated by hundred species of fish, thousand of flowers, trees, plants and hundreds of birds flying up to the sky and coming back into the land of waters. From Gura Portitei, we will head towards Murghiol by crossing the Razim Lake, the largest and the wildest lake of Romania.

Once we step into the boat we will benefit of free tickets at the nature’s theater. The main characters will be mainly birds and fish of the Danube Delta. Their performance will astonish you. The world of waters is beautiful not only at the surface but also into the deep; therefore this day is dedicated to bird watching and scuba diving.

Day 4: (by boat) Murighiol - Caraorman. This day is entirely dedicated to the biosphere reservation - Danube Delta. We will get into the heart of the delta where the sights keep the divinity fingerprint, the birds are flying above the water surface and the fish make high leaps. We will have the opportunity to visit Caraorman fishery (a place where fish is stored and processed) in Caraorman.

We will also visit a traditional village and taste the dishes made by the native inhabitants. Afterwards we will hike towards Caraorman Forest, sheltering various protected plant species as well as 400 years-old oak trees. Our trip will end with the Erenciuc Lake where a multitude of bird species make their nests. We will spend the night in a traditional house in Caraorman.

Day 5: Caraorman - Murighiol (by boat) - Tulcea - Niculitel. It is the last day in Dobrogea. We will leave Danube Delta and the marvelous landscapes, but first we’ll visit one of the most well-known vineyards in Romania (Sarica - Niculitel). Here we will taste noble wine types. Near Niculitel we will visit one of the oldest Christian churches and crypts in Romania, dating from the 5th century.

The mystery of the four martyrs’ tombs was considered a miracle, as rain has carved the land and it has thrown up a stone dome where the wooden coffin preserved the skeletons. Our journey has come to an end, but the astonishing places of Dobrogea will be kept in our memories. In the evening we will arrive in Bucharest where you will be accommodated.

Day 6: Bucharest tour (optional) – departure to airport.

- The Roman mosaic
- The National Museum of History and Archeology
- The Histria Citadel
- The Enisala Fortress
- Lippovans traditional households
- The Golovita Lake
- The Black Sea
- The Razim Lake
- The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
- Caraorman fishery
- The Caraorman Forest
- The Erenciuc Lake
- The Sarica-Niculitel vineyard
- A Christian Church and Crypt in Niculitel.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

- 1079 EUR/person for a group of 2-3 persons
- 930 EUR/person for a group of 4-5 persons
- 845 EUR/person for a group of 6-7 persons.

Price Includes:
- Transportation
- Accommodation
- All meals
- Entrance fees
- Guiding services
- Activities.

Price Excludes:
- Other fees than mentioned in program
- Other activities than mentioned in program
- Photo and video tax
- Airfare.

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