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Maramures, a dream place frozen in time
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Maramures, a dream place frozen in time

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 - 9 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 30 people
Destination(s): Romania  
Specialty Categories: Cultural Journey  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1000 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1490 Euro (EUR)

The Carpathian Mountains, arch around Transylvania and with its rocky or gentle ridges, create something that looks more like a defense wall for an area where time stood still and that place is called Maramures. The villages are hidden between winding hills, dominated by wooden churches that on one side reflect the oriental influences and on the other side have the silhouette of Gothic cathedrals. These monuments, built entirely out of wood, are decorated with traditional motifs created by craftsmen that have been passing their skills from father to son, thus keeping alive these techniques for centuries.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: (by car) Bucharest - Brasov - Sighisoara - Targul Mures - Bistrita - Dej - Baia Mare - Sighetul Marmatiei - Sapanta (accommodation in a guest house).

Day 2: Sapanta (we visit the Merry Cemetery and the workshop of the craftsman that makes the unique crosses and a special lunch in a trout farm) – Sighetul Marmatiei (visit the Village Museum) – Botiza (accommodation in a guest house). After a delicious breakfast prepared by our host, we will head towards an unique place in Europe, the Merry Cemetery. This place is unique for the way it presents the relationship between people and their destiny.

The local traditions place death on the life string through a unique means of expression. Death is considered to be just a knot on that string, and not in any case, the end. We will also visit the craftsman who makes those well-known crosses and have a look at his workshop. After lunch in a trout farm we will say goodbye to our host and go to Sighet to visit the Village Museum. Our next stop will be in Botiza, where our new host will welcome us in a charming guest house.

Day 3: Botiza – Poienile Izei (visit the wooden church) – Glod (visit the wooden church) – Slatioara – Barsana (visit the wooden church) – Stramtura (visit the wooden church) – Rozavlea (visit the wooden church) – Botiza (accommodation in a guest house). During this day we will make a tour through the villages from the area. We will stop to visit the traditional wooden churches, silent witnesses of the local life that spreads underneath their roofs. Therefore, in this tour we will stop in Poienile Izei, where we will see one of the most complex and horrific frescoes in Maramures that illustrates the Judgment Day.

Then we will go to Glod village in the foothills of Lapus Mountains where we will visit a particular beautiful church different from the other churches because of the hexagonal shape of the altar. Our next stop will be Barsana, one of the most beautiful wooden churches in Maramures, also put on the UNESCO list. In Stramtura we will see an atypical but very special church. Our last stop will be in Rozavlea where we will see a church with a very rare characteristic: an exterior fresco. After this last stop we will head for our host in Botiza that will await us with a special dinner.

Day 4: Botiza – (by car) we will visit a local pottery craftsman and on our way we will visit two beautiful wooden churches (Bogdan Voda and Salistea de Sus) – Botiza. In this day a minibus will take us to the Sacel Village where a local craftsman will teach us to shape clay after an old tradition that dates from the time when dacians lived on these hills. On our way we will stop to visit other two wooden churches: Bogdan Voda an atypical church with a second tower and the church of Salistea de Sus which is special too, due to its placement in the town. After the clay-modeling lesson we will return to Botiza by minibus.

Day 5: Botiza – Hiking in Rodna Mountains – Botiza. We will leave Botiza early and we will head to the giant that guards this land – the Rodnei Mountains with its highest peak Pietrosul Rodnei (2303 m). The route will not be difficult, so you will be able to admire the landscape as you go higher. From the Pietrosul Rodnei peak you will be able to admire the panoramic view of Rodnei Mountains, with its peaks and ridges that wind through the scenery and disappear in the surroundings.

Day 6: Botiza – Viseul de Sus (a ride with the Mocanita - an ancient train) – Botiza. During this day we will take a ride with Mocanita – one of the last narrow track steam trains in Europe, that will lead us through the wild Vaser Valley, having a spectacular landscape, both rocky and wooded. This ride is like a trip in time and a plunge into the wilderness of the mountains, as you will be able to see how wood craftsmen used to work a century ago.

Day 7: Botiza – Hiking in Maramures Mountains – Botiza. We will leave today in a trip in Maramures Mountains towards the Toroiaga Peak (1930). From Baia Borsa we will follow a trail that breezes through the hays of the villagers. This path will immerse itself in the thick forest. When will reach the alpine area, we will see a sheepfold guarded by the Varatic Peak (1808 m) where we will have our lunch. In the alpine area the beautiful landscape of Rodnei Mountains will accompany us all day.

Day 8: A visit to the local craftsmen (Woodcraftsmen, a distillery, Beekeepers, weavers) – a festive dinner with folk musicians. In this day we will visit to the local craftsman to see how the traditions of this land are being kept.

Day 9: Botiza - Sighetul Marmatiei - Baia Mare - Dej - Bistrita - Targu Mures - Sighisoara - Brasov - Bucharest. In the morning we will say goodbye to our host and head home by plane or by car.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

- 1490 EUR/person for a group of 2-3 persons
- 1346 EUR/person for a group of 4-5 persons
- 1175 EUR/person for a group of 6-7 persons

Price Includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation
- All meals
- Entrance fees
- Guiding services
- Activities
- Airfare.

Price Excludes:
- Other fees than mentioned in program
- Other activities than mentioned in program
- Photo and video tax.

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