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10 Days Cameroon Animist safari

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 10 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 10 people
Destination(s): Cameroon  
Specialty Categories: Cultural Journey  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 5650 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 5650 US Dollar (USD)

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Douala international airport. Transfer to hotel (Serena hotel). Overnight in Douala.

Day 2: After Breakfast, departure to Yaoundé also called "city of the seven hills", founded in 1889 as the German military station. After lunch, we visit the national museum or the museum of the Benedictines, located at the top of the mount fébé. At the top of the museum the panoramic of view of the city is incredible. In the evening transfer to the train station for night he voyage; the journey is punctuated by many stops for a chance to see villages which border the railway. We sleep the night in the train coach in sleeping beds.

Day 3: Early morning arrival in Ngaoundere (Ngaoundéré or N'Gaoundéré is the capital of the Adamawa of Cameroon. It had a population of 152,698 (at the 2005 Census). It lies at the northern end of the railway to Yaoundé and is also home to an airport. The current city was founded in approximately 1835 by the Fulani leader Ardo Njobdi, although the site had previously been an Mbum capital as well.

Attractions in the city include the Lamido Palace and the Lamido Grand Mosque. The name Ngaoundéré is a composite word in the Mbum language meaning Navel-Mountain, where "Ngaou" means mountain and "ndéré" means navel. The town is named after a nearby mountain on the Ngaoundere Plateau.

We head to Ngaoundere down town just about minutes or so drive to the hotel (name of hotel), check in, take breakfast and visit the Lamidat of Ngaoundere (traditional palace) we might even be in time for ceremonial music. Continue to Dang Lake where you will meet local fishermen. Stop over for fresh fish lunch if you desire and continue to mount Ngaoundere located just about 10km away from the town, climb up and see the magnificent spread over of the city. Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight in Ngaoundere.

Day 4: Early morning pickup after breakfast as we head to Garoua (Garoua is the capital of the North Province of Cameroon, lying on the Benue River. The city had 235,996 inhabitants at the 2005 Census, and is an important river port). Passing through the Rey Bouba National park we will see elephants buffalos, crocodiles, antelopes, lions, chimps, monkeys, baboons, birds, hippos etc) continue to Garoua, arrival and check into the hotel/motel tourist (Relais st Hubert), prepare for lunch.

Then after we head to the river Benue where we meet the most famous hippo in Cameroon and perhaps in West Africa as he saved, nourished and raised by a local boy (the hippo is called `Africa` and it`s only fed and played with by this boy called Oumarou. During the day this hippo will come out from the water and visit the Lamido, the chief of this tribe. The chief will give food and salty water to the hippos. When the hippo is satisfied it will return to the river Benoue, no one knows why it`s so, only the chief can tell the story and give reasons to the visit.

Day 5: Early morning pickup for a visit to the Lamido`s palace continue to Dourbeye, a small hilly town found in the far north region just 4 km away from Rhoumsiki (Rhumsiki has adapted to the flow of tourists. Children in the village act as tour guides, showing visitors several pre-arranged attractions. Among these are craftspeople, such as blacksmiths, potters, spinners, and weavers; native dancers). Trekking along the Dourbeye hills viewing its attractive local houses spurred along the hills.

After trekking we come back to the hotel (hotel name) for dinner and stay the night in Rhumsiki. Rhumsiki, also spelt Rumsiki and Roumsiki, is a village in the Far North Province of Cameroon. Rhumsiki is located in the Mandara Mountains 55 km (34 mi) from Mokolo and 3 km (2 mi) from the border with Nigeria. The village is similar to many others in northern Cameroon. The inhabitants, members of the Kapsiki ethnic group, live in small houses built from local stone and topped with thatched roofs; these homes are scattered throughout the village and surrounding valley. Nevertheless, Rhumsiki is one of Cameroon's most popular tourist attractions and "the most touristic place in northern Cameroon".

Day 6: Pickup in the morning, trip to Tourou typical market. The Tourou market is found mid way between Rhumsiki and Mora. Here local people come together and sell locally made articles and buy home needs like salt, oil, sugar, magi, soap, kerosene brought by the businessmen from the main cities. Among these articles, is a local drink called bilibili which is made from millet, fermented locally. The local people drink this locally made beer and get drunk, come and see interesting moments. For decades where the local women use calabashes on their heads as sun sheds. Extend to Oudjilla, a small village found just after Tourou typical of their farming fashion, a very special way of farming in the opposite direction), meet the Chief's spouses and daughters where they will receive you with a night dance, return to hotel (Podoko Hotel) and have dinner. Overnight in Mora.

Day 7: Pickup in the morning after breakfast and drive to Waza. We would arrive Waza afer 1,30 mins drive, check into the Waza Campement and drop our luggages then continue to the Park were we will see the following animals, lions, giraffes, antelopes, wild pigs, elephants, monkeys, ostriches, etc. return for lunch at the waza campement ( a touristic lodge in the form of boukarou and has all hotel facilities.), after lunch start evening safari (Marbled Duck, Ferruginous Duck, Greate Spotted Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Nubian Bustard, Quail-plover, Arabian Bustard, return for dinner and overnight in Waza.

Day 8: Pickup in the morning, we devote all the day in the Waza park, taking a different direction to track for different animals. Having a surface of 170,000 ha subjected to a tropical sahélien (what is sahélien) climate (700 to 800 mm of rains per year) where you can see certain rare mammals such as the damalisques (graceful Old World ruminant with long legs and horns directed upward and backward; includes gazelles; springboks; impalas; addax; gerenuks; blackbucks; dik-dik ) ones, the cob of Buffoon, elephants. In the west of the park you will see a forest belt whose gasoline's dominating (what do you mean by gasoline's dominating) are: the acacia seyal, balanites aegyptiaca, the amo-geissus leiocarpus, etc, We return for dinner and overnight in the waza campement.

Day 9: Pickup in the morning. Trip to Maroua (Maroua is the capital of the Far North Province of Cameroon, on the Ferngo and Kaliao Rivers. The city had 201,371 inhabitants at the 2005 Census,and is a centre of cotton industry. The city also has an airport located near the town of Salak, an agricultural school and ethnographic museum. To the North of the city is the famous Waza National Park. To the South is a large military base home to the BIR rapid intervention force. Mount Maroua dominates the skyline of the city. The climate is Sahelian, being hot and dry for most of the year.

The predominant religion is Sufi Islam, arrive at 12:30 pm check into the hotel (Relais Porte Mayo), have lunch and visit the artisanal centre (where you can find all sorts of arts work). Continue to the crafts centre where you will see the local steel burners (they mage knives, spoons, rings, bangles, chains etc and you are free to buy anything you wish from here), continue to the cattle market (here all the cattle rearers in the region bring out their cattle for sale, and some cattle behave as if they are mad and there is confusion all between the buyers and the sellers. Return to the hotel at about 6:00 pm dinner and Overnight in Maroua.

Day 10: Pickup in the morning. Trip to Garoua (Garoua is centre of trade of this agricultural region. The city has textile processing facilities and also an airport. It is the birthplace of the first President of Cameroon Ahmadou Ahidjo. Because of this it has benefited from many developments, including an international airport with direct flights to Paris via Cameroon Airlines. Garoua is an oasis of green in the heart of the bush. It constitutes a tourist hub: to the north the Waza National Park and the Kapsiki region, and to the south Benue National Park, Bouba-Ndjida National Park, and the Faro Reserve). Transfer to airport. Fly to Douala, arrive at the Douala International airport and departure.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

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