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Winter and Spring Special - Self Guided Bike Tours Dalmatia
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Winter and Spring Special - Self Guided Bike Tours Dalmatia

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 5 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 5 people
Destination(s): Croatia  
Specialty Categories: Bicycle Touring  
Season: November - April
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 360 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 530 Euro (EUR)

Self-guided Bike Tour over Dalmatia – Croatian coast and Islands!

Welcome to Dalmatia, Mediterranean area of Croatia. Enjoy biking through the picturesque coastal fishermen villages and hinterland villages which were constructed in the Greek and Roman times, passing through many olive groves and vineyards. Bike on middle Dalmatian islands: Solta, Brac and Hvar. Dine healthiest cuisine in the world-the Mediterranean one!! Fresh fish and homegrown vegetables, olive oil and wine are just some of its secrets! Swim in the Adriatic Sea and relax while the sun is healing your soul. So do experience the unspoiled beauty and appeal of Dalmatia, its crystalline Adriatic waters, rugged mountains, a mild climate and historic treasures that make an unforgettable biking vacation.

Visit Split and its enormous palace (305.a.c.), a city with a 1700 years old tradition, a variety of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments. Split is located in the middle of Croatian coast and is an administrative and cultural center of Dalmatian-coastal area of Croatia. This will be base during your biking trip in Croatia.
Explore the island Brac, Croatia’s third largest and the highest island in the Adriatic Sea. Brac is famous for fishing and agriculture, especially vines and olives, as well as its precious white stone which was used to build Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest and The White house in Washington. Discover where Ancient Greeks settled in the 4th century BC. On the island Hvar, visit Stari Grad, literally Old Town, the oldest settlement on the island, and one of the first on all of the Adriatic islands.

The town’s architecture is a complex of Greek walls, Roman Mosaics, the complex of streets built in the middle Ages. Scroll through beautiful town Hvar, with its seven centuries old walls and fortifications that became powerful in the middle Ages being an important port for the Venetian Republic. During this self guided bike tour, you will be lodged in Split, for 4 nights, and do 3 day trip with regular ferries to Islands Solta, Brac and Hvar. On each island you can decide how much you want to ride, and it can be easy rolling 20 km on coastal roads, or it can be climb to Vidova Gora – one of the highest peaks on the Dalmatian islands. We will provide detailed itinerary with ferry schedule, all the important sites which we suggest visiting, lunch and dinner suggestions, description of bike rides…. Enjoy Split’s nightlife and islands laid back life during the evenings!

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Split. Welcome to the ancient Mediterranean town Split. Explore 1700 years old Palace of Diocletian, inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage List, the Peristyle, Diocletian's mausoleum, Jupiter's temple, Romanesque houses, experience every day’s life, ancient fish market and fishermen… Split is located in the middle of Croatian coast and is the administrative and cultural centre of Dalmatian-coastal area of Croatia. Cycle along the beautiful Marjan hill, main recreational venue for the citizens of Split.
Depending on your arrival we will meet at your hotel, fit your bike and have a briefing regarding your cycling holidays!

Distance biked: 0 – 20 km, test ride (extra ride 80 km)
Overnight: Split
Highlights: Diocletian’s Palace, Split, Marjan hill

Day 2: Island Brac - Coastal ride and inland ancient towns. After a leisurely ferry cruise you arrive to the largest island of the Central Dalmatian group of islands, the third largest among the Adriatic islands - Brac. The island is rich with historic sites dating back to Ancient Greece, middle Ages and of course Modern times. Today, there are twenty-odd settlements on the island. Pedal to Sutivan, a fishermen settlement on the northern coast of Brac. After Sutivan there is a climb and you pass through the picturesque village of Lozisca. Continue through the settlements in the interior, which are older, richer in cultural and historical monuments and much more interesting architecturally than the coastal ones.

Passing through Nerezica and Donji Humac, just before the last downhill to Supetar, we suggest a lunch break in a konoba which still makes traditional Mediterranean cuisine. If you are interested into the art, we will suggest a couple of galleries and workshops, where you can see the stone masons working and see their sculptures…If you want to extend your ride go for a coffee in Milna village, see the beautiful naturally protected bay full of boats, yachts…or you can climb the highest peak of all Dalmatian Islands.Late afternoon or even night ferry back to Split.

Distance biked: 0-30 km, extra ride 80km,
Overnight: Split
Highlights: Island Brac, Supetar, coastal ride and towns, ancient inland villages

Day 3: Solta. Discover and bike the Island of Solta. So close to Split and urbanization, still so far away. Enjoy epic rides on quite picturesque roads, along the villages, olive groves and vineyards. Riding on the islands you will feel like you returned to the past, seeing traditional way of life, on the farms….. Enjoy islands nice coves and bays before returning to Split. You can choose your biking distance today, riding the road with great views on Split and mainland or endless sea from the south.

Distance biked: 0-36 km, extra ride 30km
Overnight: Split
Highlights: unspoiled and rural island of Solta

Day 4: Island Hvar – Coastal rides and beautiful hidden inland villages, lavander fields and town Hvar. Today, as a last day of biking we suggest Island Hvar. Riding on the island Hvar you will be passing among lavender fields, olive groves, and vineyards. You will be riding along the scenic and mostly flat road on the north side of the island, and passing Jelsa, Vrboska, reach Stari Grad-(literally old town) which is actually the oldest settlement on the island and one of the first ones in Europe, founded by the Ancient Greeks (Pharos). You can decide whether you want to bike challenging uphill, passing rosemary and lavender fields and ancient Greek walls. Enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the island before a great downhill to Hvar. As it is was your last ride why treat yourself a few drinks in the ancient Piazza with a view of 7th century AD walls, Venetian loggia and the oldest municipal Theatre in Europe.

Distance biked: 30-90 km
Overnight: Split
Highlights: Island Hvar, Jelsa, Vrboska, Stari Grad, lavender fields, town Hvar

Day 5: End of the tour. Today your tour ends in Split. Thanks for joining us and we hope you had a good ride!

- Start/End of bike tours:
* This tour can start any day during the whole year in Split.
* Tours ends in Split town.
- Please note that Split airport shuttles/transfers are available at extra cost. Email us regarding prices.

Rating: This Self guided bike tour is designed for individuals. You can choose your distance each single day. Our Islands are quite hilly, but with this itinerary you do not need to climb any of those.

Daily distances: 0 – 70 km per day. This tour is designed with optional daily distances. If you prefer to have a quite day on the beach, it is possible! Or, if you prefer to bike 200 km per day you are able to do it! All the days are loop rides and you don’t have to bike if you don’t feel like it! Total distance biked: 0-600 km in 5 days.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Special winter and spring deals in Croatia. If the weather forecast looks fine in Croatia, take a quick vacation and enjoy great bike riding!

Price Includes:
- 4 days private house/apartment accommodation
- 4 day bike rental (bike, lock, pump, spare tube, helmet and patch kit),
- Company assistance which consists of bike fitting, detailed briefing with description of places
- You will be visiting en route, lunch options, marked map with options for shorter or longer route
- All the ferry tickets.

Price Excludes:
- Travel insurance
- Shuttles during the riding time
- All breakfast, lunches and dinners
- Assistance during the ride.

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