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The Great Summer Caribou Migration
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The Great Summer Caribou Migration

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 - 15 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Destination(s): Quebec   Northwest Territories   Nunavut  
Specialty Categories: Wildlife Viewing   Photography and Videography  
Season: July - August
Airfare Included: Yes
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 5450 Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 9995 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Join us in Canada's mainland Arctic to explore for the mid-summer southbound migration of the massive barrenground caribou herds - one of the last great wildlife spectacles in North America since the bygone days of the buffalo. Also wolves, nesting bred-of-prey, etc. Come see the caribou while you still can - we still know how to find them!

The barrenground caribou of northern Canada have some of the largest and least influenced congregates in the world. Every year, many thousands of animals migrate from the tree-line to the calving grounds on the remote Arctic tundra, and then back again during the summer and autumn. Our wildlife camps are set up near one of the main southbound migratory routes, often allowing us high quality caribou migration encounters.

This special wildlife expedition offers one of the best chances for a rare opportunity to encounter the caribou herds en-masse! We will start this unique un-guided wildllife adventure by boarding a charter aircraft at a remote northern settlement that offers the best charter air access distance to the active caribou migration, and embark on a 100-250 km journey by charter aircraft or boat to the remote sub-Arctic tundra known locally as the 'Barrenlands'.

We will then situate at one of our remote wildlife camps at one of the most isolated regions in mainland North America! Once The camp will be positioned at a major water crossing one of the last strongholds of healthy barrenground caribou herd populations remaining in the world, we typically offer comfortable and catered tent-camp accommodations including sleeping tents with cots, dining and shower facilities.

Depending on the needs of the specific site, we also provide an array of equipment such as boats and motors, canoes and kayaks to enhance the expeditions; to explore new areas and to seek other dens and wildlife. On occasion, we set up and offer ground tent 'spike camps' to maximize wildlife viewing. From one of the most scenic tundra locations in the world, you will enjoy daily meals and comfortable tent accommodations.

In the meantime, through a series of techniques that includes aerial reconnaissance, satellite imagery, GPS positioning & traditional knowledge, we will keep monitor the movements of the caribou herds - and once they move close enough to our position (within 100 miles) we will head out to meet them on their migratory route. We will then attempt to position participants to see and photograph the summer large 'bunch' movements - usually in the hundred and thousands - of one of the major barrenground caribou herds as they traditionally migrate southward off their calving grounds.

Depending on the circumstances, such as how far the herd is located from the main camp, the suitability of the country, and the logistics needed to access that specific area, we will either set up an overnight spike camp, or simply spend a day with the migration and head back to overnight at the active main camp. Designed for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, we will accept only a total of eight participants on this expedition.

While on this special departure and depending where the caribou migration route is from season to season, participants will sometimes encounter musk-oxen herds, & very possibly white tundra wolves during their secondary-stage den cycle. It is also quite possible that we will encounter foxes, moose, black bear, plus a variety of nesting raptors and waterfowl - all under the midnight twilight of the Arctic summertime!

Airfare is included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Air charters
- Quality meals
- Interpretive trip leaders
- Equipment boats and motors) and all tent accommodations while on the field.

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