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Hub and Spokes Cycling Holiday Close to Black Sea

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 5 - 10 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 6 people
Destination(s): Bulgaria  
Specialty Categories: Bicycle Touring   National Parks  
Season: April - November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 79 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 89 Euro (EUR)

Hub and Spoke is a system that allows the clients to get a better flavor of the bike tour region being at own itinerary. Based in one accommodation/Hub/ and provided with in depth maps and routes /spokes/ notes, the clients have the advantage to choose which spoke to do the morning they wake up. Perhaps you're fatigued or it's raining that day; you are not tied to anyone's schedule but your own. You might choose to stay by the pool at the morning and ride a shortened option in the afternoon-the choice is yours. Because you have a car at your disposal, you have many options if you choose not to ride. We will assemble a tailored tour just for you, whether you are a group of friends with varied interests and abilities, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway. We operate with small groups from 2 up to 6 participants.

European Black Sea region combines mild coastal climate, predominantly easy to ride steppe terrain and diverse cultural heritage, due to the oldest land route to Europe used by the spreading civilizations of the Ancient Middle East. We present to you a selection of hotels, specialized in outdoor activities and also attractive with their old-fashion Bulgarian style and relaxing traditional atmosphere.

1. The hub at the village of Bulgarevo is an entrance to Kaliakra reserve, which includes vast steppes, coastal cliffs and canyons and even sea aquatory. Northern wild areas spread to the town of Mangalia in Romania and the beautiful towns of Balchik and Kavarna are nested on the fabulous southern coast. This combination appoints the variety of attractions you could enjoy choosing Bulgarevo. Excellent opportunities for diving, horse-riding, birdwatching, golf, fishing, long-distance cycling, yachting. The neighboring town of Kavarna annually hosts a number of influential rock & metal live music events.

2. The Kalimantzi Hub offers you to explore the nearby area by cycling on wonderful dirt roads. The thick net of such roads, locally known as “dobrujanski asphalt” is specific for this region and entirely covers the Upper Suha Reka valley, surrounding plateau and the sandy area of the natural phenomenon Pobiti Kamani. Here you could touch the Bulgarian rural culture in its live version and even take part in it. The ultimate attraction is the adjacent to your accommodation pigeon farm where international pigeon races are held. Cycle around the rich surroundings ancient Greek Odessus and Roman Marcianopolis. Admire the flat terrain, romantic coastline and a lot of cultural traces from various civilizations next to the Black Sea coast and its pearl - the sea capital Varna, where you may find a lot of cultural, beach and nightlife attractions.

3. The hotel in the village of Mogila at the foothills of Provadia Plateau gives you enough opportunities to find out and learn more about this important civilization crossroad situated between Bay of Varna and Shumen Plateau. From ancient times to the Latin conquest of Constantinople the political centers which existed here were the most influential gate to the Eurasian steppe and Scythia. A nice and cozy guest house is a part of well-maintained family farm, so here you could enjoy the peace and quite of the farm life in Bulgaria as well as the cycling trips. If planning your own itinerary you may take part in some of the daily farmers’ duties of course. The pleasant bike spokes from Mogila follow predominantly hilly terrain going from one plateau to another. Admire the great panoramic views stunning rocks and legendary historic sites, such as the Unesco Heritage "Madara Rider", ruins of Pliska and the fortress of Ovech.

4. The Hub at the coastal settlement of Byala carries the traditions of the former Greek fishing village of Aspro. Byala is placed between two capes where the Balkan Mountain Range ends in the Black Sea. The surrounding hilly region is famous with its vineyards, white cliffs and beaches. You’ll find many bike paths in this spectacular landscape or make cycling day trips to nearby sightseeing like Kamchia Biosphere Reserve or Irakli Protected Area and Emine Cape. The real charm of the hub is hidden in the villages of Yunec, Emona and Gorica, where you’ll have a warm welcome in our friends’ houses for lunch, coffee break or a glass of home-made wine.

Natural Highlights are:
- Pobiti Kamani Stone phenomena - tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
- Golden Sands Natural Park
- Cape Kaliakra and Kaliakra reserve
- Coastal cliff area Taukliman - Shabla
- Durankulak Lake

Cultural Highlights are:
- Balchik – old town and the Queen Mary Palace
- Varna – historical center
- Varna Golden Treasure
- Yailata Archeological site
- Euxinograd Royal Palace
- Devnia – Marcianopolis
- Aladja Rock Monastery
- Town of Kavarna and cape Chirakman
- Archeological site on Small island of Durankulak

Traditions & Lifestyle Highlights are:
- Bulgarian rural culture of Suha Reka area
- Dalboka mussel farm
- Dobrudja traditional cuisine
- Coastal botanical gardens.

Possible Itinerary of the spokes:

Day 1: from Bulgarevo to Balchik.
Day 2: Kaliakra – Chirakman round trip.
Day 3: from Bulgarevo to Durankulak.
Day 4: from Bulgarevo to Shabla.

Day 1: from Kalimantsi to Euxinograd.
Day 2: from Kalimantsi to Devnia.
Day 3: Pobiti Kamani round trip.
Day 4: Suha Reka round trip.

Day 1: from Mogila to Kiulevcha.
Day 2: from Mogila to Provadia.
Day 3: from Mogila to Pliska.

Day 1: form Byala to Gorica.
Day 2: from Byala to Emona.
Day 3: from Byala to Yunec.

The Hubs provides as well as cycling many other additional activities which you may choose during your vacation. Enjoy fishing/spear fishing, diving, farming, traditional cooking, trekking, boat trips, golf and birdwatching.

Member discount:
10% discount for InfoHub customer. Request a free gift certificate.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Transport from/to the airports of Varna and Burgas to the first/last hub and in-between the hubs
- HB accommodations located in the heart of the best cycling routes with breakfast and dinner included
- Fully equipped bike. You can bring your own helmet or rent one from us
- Detailed route notes and highlighted maps for daily spokes. Every spoke has shorter and longer options - perfect for groups of mixed abilities and desires
- A car and driver at your disposal. Request should be made at least 3 hours before the planned beginning of trip. The price covers total distances not longer than approximately 200 km/day
- Advice on planning your daily spokes around lunch stops, whether it will be a special picnic location, or a not-to-be-missed restaurant en route
- Emergency contact mobile phone and info
- Technical support at short notice
- Lists of local cultural events, sites and wineries
- Medical insurance for Bulgaria.

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M21189 is specialized in fully supported guided bicycle tours and self guided Hub & Spoke cycling tours in Eastern Europe. Active biking recreation exploring historical and cultural heritage along the green trails in Bulgaria and Romania which connect notorious Danube River with the archaic west coast of Black Sea....

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