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Hidden Mysteries of Malta

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 13 day(s)
Group Size: 4 - 10 people
Destination(s): Malta  
Specialty Categories: Pilgrimage/Spirituality   Archeology/History  
Season: June
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 2800 Pound Sterling (GBP)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2800 Pound Sterling (GBP)

Situated in the Mediterranean there are three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Each one is unique. They are rich in spirituality and archaeology dating back to over 6000 years ago. Through this rich landscape, we will be connecting to not only our past-but also our own spirituality. It is truly remarkable that these small islands' spiritual energy has been present throughout its history, from original Neolithic Temples, to when St Paul was shipwrecked in 60 AD, to the Knights of St. John when they arrived there in 1530, to build magnificent churches, and fortifications that still stand.

Our journey we will take in its history and spirituality connecting both to the land and allowing personal transformation as we open up to the mysteries of these sacred islands. To facilitate the process both Cait Branigan is an (Ordained Priestess Hierophant of the Western Mystery Tradition) and I will be working with you. Francis Xavier Aloisio a Maltese author of Islands of Dream, which explores the link with Atlantis, will be a guest facilitator. We will visit Gozo with John Michael Mizzi, who will show us the hidden parts of this beautiful island.


Day 1.

On your arrival at Malta International Airport, the group will be met at the airport by me. Then you will be transferred to the Excelsior Grand Hotel, located in Valletta close to the city centre. Once settled in the hotel, you will have time to relax, and explore until we meet for our welcome dinner. This gives us a chance to meet and get to know the others in the group. Accommodation: Excelsior Grand Hotel. Meals: Dinner.

Day 2.

To start our journey, we will visit the Malta Experience, as it gives a good overview from Neolithic times to the present so that you can develop a good understanding of the country. We will be accompanied on our journey by an authorised guide as well as our own facilitators. For a country that is so small, it has had incredible history and spirituality, spanning 7000 years, and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, with the Hypogeum the Megalithic temples and the city Valletta being uniquely culturally significant.

Today we will explore the city, which was founded by the Knights of St John in 1566. The knights remained on the island for 268 years bequeathing fortified city houses and the St John Co-Cathedral which is the jewel in crown for Baroque arts and architecture. As well immersing ourselves in the city with its narrow grid system streets, built on a and interesting shops we will visit the St John’s Co-Cathedral where the famous Caravaggio’s masterpiece ‘The Beheading of St John the Baptist’. Is displayed. During the day, we will visit the Grand Masters Palace and experience how the Knights of St John lived. Our tour would not be complete if we did not visit and the National Museum of Archaeology that holds vast relics from Malta’s prehistoric temples. Accommodation: Excelsior Grand Hotel. Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 3.

In the morning we will visit the other side of the Grand Harbour from Valletta are the historic fortified towns referred to the as the Three Cities: Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea. These have their own charm which is different to other towns in Malta. These cities are older than Valletta and were home to the first Knights.

In the afternoon, we will meet at the hotel, in preparation for our private access visit to Hagar Qim and Mnajdra. These temples, are situated on cliff tops looking over the sea are two of the main temples within Island’s 30 odd prehistoric temples and are considered the oldest freestanding monuments.

Like many of the temples and passage tombs in this era, the sun is aligned and it enters the temple exactly parallel to main axis of the building. Going into the main portal and looking inwards, the light illuminates the whole passage and the innermost altar. We will visit this site on the 22nd June, in the morning, so we can experience this occurrence. Accommodation: Excelsior Grand Hotel. Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 4.

In the morning, we will have free time, to meditate, talk, and discuss about our visit to Hagar Qim and Mnajdra. In the afternoon, we will visit Tarxien and the Hal Salfleni Hypogeum.

The Hypogeum is a prehistoric underground temple that dates from 3600-2400 BC. Within it is the Holy of the Holies, which is the most dramatic room, with is imitation megalithic slabs and corbelled roof, the chamber gives you a good idea of how the interior of the stone built temples may have looked, had they still been roofed. In the Hypogeum, we will have private access for our group, to allow us to meditate, to access the energy within this powerful place and to experience the Goddess who was worshiped and venerated, as a powerful entity, and still exudes these feeling here. This is where the famous sleeping lady was found.

Very close to, the Hypogeum is the Tarxien Temple. At this sacred site was the largest statue found in Malta’s Neolithic temples. When complete it would have stood least 2.75 metres high. The original stands in the National Museum but a replica is in the temple. As well as the statue they have found a large stone spiral decorated screen. It is interesting that some of the art at these temples is similar to Newgrange and other sites within Ireland. Accommodation: Excelsior Grand Hotel. Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 5.

Today, we will experience the islands in a different way, on a Turkish Gullet sailing ship. We will explore areas that are not frequent by tourists, and opportunity to see Comino island, which is the small island that sits between Malta and Gozo. The boat has been hired exclusively for our group, so that is gives you time, if you wish for meditation, group ceremonies, and time to connect together. Accommodation: Excelsior Grand Hotel. Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 6.

We finally leave the Excelsior and head towards Mgarr a very pleasant inland town. Close to this town is the sacred sites of the Ta Hagrat and Skorba Temples. These are about 1.5 km apart. Here will we be joined by Francis Xavier Aloisio who author of “Islands of Dream” which looks at the temples of Malta and their Hidden Mysteries.

These will be revealed by looking at various questions: Why is Maltese prehistoric art and culture so important today? Is there a link between Malta’s Pre history and the lost ancient civilisations like the Lemurians and Atlanteans? Francis explains Malta as a central place of energy and networking, where temples were built on electromagnetic grid. We have obtained private access at these two sites allowing this special time together, understanding these ancient sites.

Then we travel to Mdina, a medieval walled town, whose history goes back to Roman times, when it was called Melite, until it acquired its present name on the arrival of the Order of St John in 1530. It looks impressive when you approach it by road, sitting on top of its rock. Within the city there are very few offices and shops and it consists mainly of grand old houses and religious buildings set in a labyrinth of narrow streets, many of them too small to take a car.

In the daytime, it is a popular tourist haven, but in the evening is a great time to stroll along the cobble lanes in the twilight. There are only 400 residents in Mdina, but for this one night we will be staying at the Xara Place, the only hotel within the walls of Mdina, a place of real character: a converted 17th century palazzo, with an air of calm, furnished with antiques original Maltese paintings and historic objects.

Many famous people have stayed here, including Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt. We will have the opportunity to explore the town and in afternoon and evening to just enjoying the ambient of a beautiful old medieval town that takes you back to the past. This town has been used as a location site for many historical films. Accommodation: Xara Palace, Mdina Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 7.

Today will be about a change of pace; we will first visit the St Agatha’s religious complex – taking in the Crypt, which is an underground chapel to the saint. Originally, this was natural small cave. We will have an opportunity to see the magnificent frescoes of the saints, St Paul and St Agatha which were painted around 1280. The other frescoes date from around the 16th century.

After our visit here, we will be then be leaving Malta for the short ferry trip to Gozo, where we will be staying in the village of Gharb. This a pretty village of yellow limestone and traditional stone balconies, and appears to be one of the oldest villages in Gozo with evidence of settlement since Neolithic times. We have two Maltese Farmhouses that are situated next to each other for four nights. This gives us an opportunity, to relax, and time to reflect on our journey, time for ceremonies, healing and meditation. Accommodation: Farmhouse in Gharb. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Day 8.

You will find Gozo Island is very different to Malta; it is more rural and greener. This island is steeped in myth, according to legend this was Homer’s Isle of Ogygia where the nymph Calypso’s held the Greek hero Odysseus as her companion for seven years.

In the morning we will be visiting western tip of Gozo which is a beautiful, with wild –battered cliffs and dramatic rock formations. This stretch of the coastline known as Dwejra, has natural landmarks such as Fungus Rock and the Azure Window, which is a huge arch of rock nearly 100 m (328 ft) high, it may be the most photographed sight in Gozo.

In afternoon, we will have an opportunity to stray from the beaten tourist track with John Michael Mizzi, to explore the hidden power places of mystic Gozo and its landscape and spectacular coastline. Accommodation: Farmhouse in Gharb. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Day 9.

In the morning, we have an early start as we have private access to the oldest freestanding temple Ggantija. This allows us to have private time for ceremony, and meditation. The two temples stand side-by-side. Sharing the same facade of pale stone they were built around 3600 BC, over a thousand years before the pyramids of Egypt.

It is thought to be one of the best preserved in the Maltese islands, with walls reaching up to 7 m (23 ft) in height. The name comes from the term “ggant”, meaning “giant” a name that testifies to the size and height of the megaliths from which the temples were built.

We will have time back at the farmhouse, for reflection on what has occurred during out journey, but also as a time of healing and private contemplation. Once again, in the late afternoon, we will visit Gozo special places with John Michael Mizzi. Her Goddess temple her beach and warm sea pool nearby are truly power places. Accommodation: Farmhouse in Gharb. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Day 10.

Today we travel to Marsalform, which is a tiny fishing village on Gozo’s northern beaches, where we will see hundreds of saltpans indent the soft limestone, forming a surreal landscape of strange, natural beauty. These saltpans are right on the water’s edge. In winter storms, the pans fill with seawater, which evaporates in the summer heat leaving behind chunky white crystals of salt. The pools are oddly pale colour in the summer.

We will then visit the imposing Citadel as well as the Cathedral, a fine baroque structure which is located on the site of a Roman temple dedicated to Juno, is a fine baroque structure. You will be surprised to discover that a 1739 painting of a dome on the interior of the church, a masterpiece in the art of perspective, successfully disguises that fact the ceiling is flat. In the afternoon, we have time to relax, to swim at the farmhouse. Just having that down time to catch up on your journal time, or just free time. Accommodation: Farmhouse in Gharb. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Day 11.

Today we will be heading back to Malta staying Valletta but before we leave, we take the opportunity to celebrate the summer solstice at our farmhouse in Gharb. This allows us to open to energies of this truly wondrous land, and honour the Goddess, and giving thanks to her, as we have become aware of her power within this island.

We then take a short ferry ride back to Malta, and travel back to the Hotel Phoenicia, which is set in seven acres of landscaped gardens just outside Valletta’s city walls. This hotel, gives you the feeling that you have stepped back in time, when afternoon tea is served it still in the Palm Court lounge. On the beautiful terrace where breakfast and dinner is served in the warmer months. Once we arrived back, you will either have free time to yourselves, to visit the city, which is very close to hotel, wander around the gardens, or just relax by the pool. Accommodation: Phoenicia Hotel. Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 12.

We will journey back in the early morning to the temple of Mnajdra to partake in the summer solstice. When the sun makes it solar alignment it appears over the hill opposite the temple of Mnajdra, and the ray of sunlight enters the portal and lights up on the east north position of the temple megaliths. To be able to experience this phenomenon is incredible, as we are reminded that our ancient ancestors once witness this many thousands of years ago.

After our visit, we will return to the hotel Phoenicia and you will have the rest of the day, to relax or take a last look around this beautiful city. Then in the evening, we will have our final farewell dinner sharing our experiences of this truly spiritual, retreat, historical and personal development tour. Accommodation: Phoenicia Hotel Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 13.

After breakfast, we will make our way to the Airport, where each of us will journey home, or take this opportunity to visit another European city, as Malta is so close to many other countries. Meals: Breakfast.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

- Tour Cost: 2800.00 UK Pounds
- Reservation Deposit: A deposit of £500.00 per person for each tour is required to secure your booking of which 50% is non-refundable.
- Limited Single Supplement - £400 UK pounds
- Balance of Payment: The balance of the tour cost must be received no later than 75 days (2 ½ months) prior to departure.

Price Includes:
- All accommodation on twin-shared share basis in Hotels, and Maltese Farmhouses,
- Breakfasts (12), Evening Meals (12)
- All transportation within Malta
- Day around the islands on a Turkish Gullet, hired exclusively for our group
- Pick up and return point Malta Airport
- All facilitators and entrance fees.

Price Excludes:
-Airfares to Malta
-Entry Visa to Malta if required
-Beverages and some meals
-Personal Travel Insurance
-Guide and Coach Driver tips.

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