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Total Peruvian Immersion

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 17 - 23 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Destination(s): Peru  
Specialty Categories: Archeology/History  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: Yes
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 3314 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 4483 US Dollar (USD)

Day 1 Welcome to Peru
Upon arrival into Lima, be assured that a private transfer will be waiting to take you to your hotel. Your driver and English-speaking representative will welcome you to Peru ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable reception.
Overnight in Lima (Altitude: Sea Level)

Day 2 Lima – City of the Kings (Meals:B)
This morning, we will invite you on a private tour of Lima, ‘The City of the Kings´, where you will enjoy seeing the best of both colonial and modern Lima. We will take you to the San Martin Plaza, where you will walk through the busy and fascinating pedestrian-only Jirón de la Union, Union Street, which leads to the Plaza de Armas, the main plaza. This street was constructed in 1535 and still retains its old charm with a number of shops and restaurants set in a mixture of old and new buildings. We will then arrive at the Plaza de Armas, a beautiful square surrounded by palaces, before heading to the World Heritage Listed Monastery of San Francisco. This monastery is renowned for its architecture, a stunning 17th Century example of Spanish Baroque, and its convent library that possesses approximately 25,000 important antique texts. Hidden underneath the monastery, are the Catacombs, Lima´s first cemetery, where you will witness the remains of some 70,000 burials by exploring through narrow passages and looking down into deep pits that are lined with mysterious bones and skulls. After visiting the colonial part of Lima, we will head to Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima, which is located on an impressive cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. After your tour, you will arrive back at your hotel and may spend the rest of the day at your at leisure.
Overnight in Lima (Altitude: Sea Level)

Day 3 Lima to Paracas with Nazca Flight (Meals: B)
Today, your private driver will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you (either via private or by bus) to Paracas. Upon arrival in Paracas, you will be transferred to the Pisco Airport where you will board your 30 minute flight over the incredible Nazca and PalpaLines, a series of ancient geoglyphs in the desert made by the Nazca culture (approx. 400 – 650AD). Nowadays, the reason and for what purpose these geoglyphs were created continues to remain a mystery. During the flight you will be able to see the most fascinating figures such as, the monkey, hummingbird, tree, parrot, astronaut, dog, condor among others. After your flight, we will transfer you back to Paracas where you will be taken to your hotel in Paracas.
Overnight in Paracas (Altitude: Sea level)

Day 4 Ballestas Islands, Ica Oasis and back to Lima (Meals: B)
In the morning, we will take you to the Chaco Harbor in Paracas via private van for your remarkable boat ride to the Ballestas Islands, which are three small islands filled with animals a short distance off the coast. On the boat ride to the islands, you will be able to see the ‘Candelabro,’ which is a giant geoglyph in the shape of a candle holder. When you arrive at the Ballestas Islands, you will stay on the boat to observe a chaotic flurry of amazing animals including noisy but playful fur seals and sea lions as well as a huge number of sea birds including, Humbolt penguins, pelicans, tendril, Inca tern, the Peruvian booby, red legged cormorant and guanay. You will travel closely around the islands to have a spectacular view of the animals on the shore, those flying overhead, and those swimming underwater. After touring the islands, we will drive you to Ica where we will visit the beautiful Huacachina Oasis. The palm lined blue-green oasis is surrounded by pristine sand dunes where you will have an unforgettable wild sand buggy and sand-boarding adventure through the dunes. After this adventure, you will head back to Lima.
Overnight in Lima (Altitude: Sea Level)

Day 5 Lima to Arequipa, `The White City’ (Meals: B)
This morning, your private driver will meet you at your hotel to take you to the Lima Airport. You will check-in for your hour and a half flight to Arequipa, the City of Volcanoes. Upon arrival into this active and distinct city, your private driver and one of our representatives will be waiting to take you to your hotel. The rest of the day may be spent at your leisure for altitude acclimatization and for you to explore ‘The White City,’ so named due to the material called sillar, a white volcanic stone, from which many of the buildings are constructed. From Arequipa, you will see the impressive active volcano, ‘El Misti.’
Overnight in Arequipa (Altitude: 2300m, 7500ft)

Day 6 Arequipa to Colca Canyon (Yanque) (Shared) (Meals:B)
In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel and will travel for four hours on a stunning scenic journey to Yanque. Have your camera ready as you will stop at some beautiful viewpoints including the Pampa Cañahuas Reserve, which is home to many exotic Andean animals including, vicuñas, alpacas, llamas, flamingos, ibis and the Andean eagle. You will witness breathtaking landscapes as you drive past lakes, glaciers and some magnificent volcanoes, such as Ampato, Sabancaya, Huallca and Misti. Our journey’s highest point of 4800m (15,000ft) will be reached, before heading down to Yanque. Upon arrival at your hotel, you will enjoy a nice lunch, while taking in the incredible view. In the afternoon, you will have a number of options, such as enjoying the hot thermal springs of Yanque, embarking on a short trek or just relaxing in your hotel while taking in the spectacular view of the beginning of canyon and its terraces.
Overnight in Yanque (Altitude: 3600m, 11900ft)

Day 7 Colca Canyon Tour & to Lake Titicaca on a Tourist Coach (Shared) (Meals:B)
Very early in the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the Colca Canyon. Our scenic journey leads us to the Mirador Cruz del Condor, which is the most popular viewing point for looking into the depths of the Colca Canyon. At this particular point, the depth is at 1200m, and you will almost always see a few condors in flight with the breathtaking canyon scenery in the background. You will then continue on to Chivay to take the comfortable tourist coach to Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the first Inca, Manco Capac. Along the way, you will be in awe of the scenic beauty of the Andes as you pass by lakes, lagoons, trout farms and Andean flamingos. Once you reach the soaring altitude of 4850m (12,000ft), you will have an unbelievable view of the highlands. Upon arrival into Puno, the city that lies on the banks of the lake, we will transfer you to your hotel.
Overnight in Puno (Altitude: 3800m, 12500ft)

Day 8 Uros Floating Islands & Taquile Island (Shared) (Meals: B,L)
Today, your guide and a typical tricycle taxi will be waiting for you at your hotel to take you to the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca. During the morning, we will visit the highly unique Uros Floating Islands, which have been built using only totora reeds, a water plant that grows in the lake. You will be amazed at how locals use totora reeds to build their canoes, houses, beds and many other objects necessary in their daily lives. As part of your visit to Uros, you will ride on a totora reed canoe, which will let you experience a smooth and pleasant trip around the islands. From here, we will continue on to Taquile Island via motor boat for 2 hours, so you can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery of Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival to the private M14712 Bay at Taquile Beach, you will enjoy a locally prepared lunch of delicious and very fresh Lake Titicaca trout. After lunch, you have an opportunity to take a short hike around the island before heading back to Puno via boat across the lake.
Overnight in Puno (Altitude: 3800m, 12500ft)

Day 9 Lake Titicaca to Cusco on a Tourist Coach (Shared) (Meals:B,L)
Today in the morning, your driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the bus station in time for your nine hour comfortable scenic coach journey to Cusco. Along the way, you will enjoy regular stops at some fascinating attractions. The first stop will be at Pukara, which is famous for its ceramic production and its most famous figurines, the two bulls, which are a common sight on the rooftops of Andean houses as they bring good luck. You will then enjoy the views from the highest point of the journey, La Raya (4300m, 14100ft), which is also the halfway point between Cusco and Puno. A delicious buffet lunch of Peruvian food then awaits you at Sicuani. After lunch, you will stop at Racchi, a small highland town where you will see the Incan Temple of Wiracocha and learn about its fascinating construction with adobe brick walls that measure up to 11 meters high. The journey will continue to the Andahuaylillas Church, known as the Andean Sistine Chapel, where you will see intriguing 16th, 17th and 18th century mural paintings and altars completely decorated in gold. Your arrival in Cusco will be at approximately 5pm, and your private driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel.
Overnight in Cusco (Altitude: 3400m, 11150ft)

Day 10 Cusco City & the Incan Empire (Meals: B)
In the morning, your tour guide and driver will meet you at your hotel to begin your private city tour of Cusco. You will visit the well-known and beautiful temple of Sacsayhuaman, which continues to be a very important religious and ceremonial site for the Incan culture. You will be amazed by the ingenious architectural achievements of the Incan civilization and impressed when imagining the feat of moving and fitting each uniquely shaped stone, weighing some 70tons, so perfectly together without mortar that not a blade of grass could pass between them. As part of your city tour, you will also visit the Cusco Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in Plaza de Armas, the main square. Here you will see many very important holy Christian artifacts and artwork derived from the ‘Escuela Cuzquena’ (Cuzco Art School). Your tour will then take you to the Temple of the Sun, ‘Qoricancha,’ located on the main Avenida El Sol (Avenue of the Sun). This Incan site was one of the most worshipped and respected temples of the city. Finally, you will experience local daily life at the San Pedro Market, where you will see a wide variety of goods including, gifts, crafts, clothes, meats, juices, fruits and vegetables. You will then return to your hotel and spend the rest of the day at your leisure. In the evening, you will be invited to a special dinner in a local restaurant to enjoy exquisite Peruvian cuisine.
Overnight in Cusco (Altitude: 3400m, 11150ft)

Day 11 Ollantaytambo, Amaru Community & Pisaq (Meals: B)
Today, you will begin your private tour through the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Our first stop will be in Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo is one of the last Incan refuges during Spanish colonization. You will step back in time as many of the houses and buildings continue to stand from the Incan empire and display original architecture. You will be invited to enter one of these houses to observe the building and the way in which the people used to live. We will then take you to visit the powerful and impressive Ollantaytambo ruins, temples and terraces. These sites continue to be well preserved since the Spanish conquest and provide an interesting insight in how towns were designed during the Incan period. at the beautiful Andean community of Amaru, where you will experience the daily life of a typical mountain community and observe how the people weave textiles, such as belts and blankets, and how they grow and harvest their produce. We will then continue through the valley to visit the incredible Pisaq Ruins, which are a magnificent collection of ruins that served religious, military and agricultural purposes. The ruins were built in a strategic position overlooking the valley and now provide stunning scenery while you walk by marvels such as, a Sun Temple, a cemetery, water ducts and agricultural terraces. Then, we will follow the valley down to the town of Pisaq, which has a large daily market full of goods for both tourists and locals. This market is where villagers come from the mountains to sell their home-grown produce and unique handmade arts and crafts. It is highly recommended for having a wide variety of interesting souvenirs at great prices. After you have shopped to your heart’s content, we will drive you to your hotel.
Overnight in Sacred Valley (Altitude: 2900m, 9500ft)

Day 12 Maras, Moray & Train to Machu Picchu (Meals: B)
In the morning, your private tour guide and driver will take you off the beaten path to Maras, a typical Andean village. Here, you will walk through the streets and get a sense that you have stepped back in time, as the people continue to wear traditional clothing and the town is lined with historical buildings. You will visit the very impressive San Francisco Church, including visits to the baptism room and bell tower, where you will have a great view of the village and its surrounding snow capped mountains. Next, we will drive you to the incredible circular terraces of Moray, which were used as an Incan laboratory to acclimatize crops. You will then have a picnic lunch at a nearby location with great views of the magnificent glaciers and mountains. Following lunch, you will have an opportunity to visit the salt terraces of Maras to see and learn about an ancient pre-Incan method of producing salt. After this visit, you will have the choice of either a short 1 hour trek to the Vilcanota River and then we will drive you to the train station of Ollantaytambo, where you will take an hour and a half train journey through spectacular scenery to Aguas Calientes.
Overnight in Aguas Calientes (Altitude: 2000m, 6500ft)

Day 13 Machu Picchu –The New Wonder of the World (Meals: B)
This morning, your private tour guide will meet you at your hotel for your expedition through Machu Picchu, ‘The Lost City of the Incas.’ At this spectacular sacred Incan site, you will learn about the history and visit the truly remarkable temples of the Sun and the Condor. You will also see the aqueducts and houses, while learning some interesting facts about the Sacred Incan Terraces. After the guided tour, you will have plenty of time to explore this truly magnificent site on your own. There are many short trek options, such as a the one to the Sun Gate for an impressive view of Machu Picchu or a visit to the Incan Bridge, a secret entrance for the Incan Army. The most adventurous trekkers should not miss the famous mountain climb to the summit of Wayna Picchu, which can be scheduled before the guided tour at either 7am or 10am; however, there is a limit on the number of people who can climb each day so you will need to book it with us in advance. After this truly memorable day, you will return back to Aguas Calientes in the afternoon in time for your train to Cusco. Upon arrival, we will take you to your hotel.
Overnight in Cusco (Altitude: 3400m, 11150ft)

Day 14 Cusco City Exploration (Meals:B)
Today is a day of leisure in Cusco where you are free to explore the capital of the Incan Empire. You may meander through the cobblestone streets and marvel at the Incan and colonial architecture, or decide visit some of the many museums. You could decide to shop till you drop at the numerous souvenir, clothing and art stores and markets; or take it easy by resting in one of the beautiful squares or trying the cuisine and coffee at one of the many chic Peruvian café´s or restaurants. Cusco is at your mercy!
Overnight in Cusco (Altitude: 3400m, 11150ft)

Day 15 Cusco to Trail System & Twilight River (Shared) (Meals: B,L,D)
In the morning, your private driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the Cusco Airport in time for your hour domestic flight to Puerto Maldonado. Upon your arrival at the airport, your representative will take you to the river port, where your Amazon jungle adventure will begin. You will board a private boat and take a river journey to the Hacienda Concepcion. You will have a great experience taking part in the Trail System Adventure, which will allow you to discover the incredible realm of the Amazon forest. You will see exotic rainforest trees and Amazonian lizards, birds and insects. You will then return to the Hacienda Concepcion to relax and enjoy a fantastic lunch. During the afternoon, you will be treated to a private Twilight River Boat Ride where you will witness the enchanting transformation of the Amazon jungle from day to night and the new creatures that emerge from the darkness. Keep your eyes to the banks as you explore the river and search for night time species, such as nightjars, owls, capybaras and caimans. You will then return to your lodge in time for some exquisite Peruvian cuisine.
Overnight in the Amazon (Altitude: 400m, 1300ft)

Day 16 Sandoval Lake, & Treetop Canopy Walking (Shared) (Meals: B,L,D)
Today, after you have enjoyed your appetizing breakfast, your private tour guide will take you on an excursion to Sandoval Lake. First, you will take an enchanting thirty minute boat trip to arrive at the Tambopata Reserve. You will smell the fresh air and hear the beautiful bird songs as you walk for one hour through the rainforest to arrive at the stunningly-clear, pine-rimmed Sandoval Lake. Upon arrival, a wooden canoe will be ready and waiting to take you in search of some marvelous Amazonian critters such as, giant otters, red howler monkeys, macaws, pre-historic hoatzins and anacondas. After our wildlife exploration, we will return back to the lodge in time for a delicious lunch. After you have relaxed, we’ll take you to the Canopy Walkway, where you will literally walk through the Amazon treetops on suspension bridges linked to observation platforms that give spectacular views. You will also experience the Anaconda Walk along a 200m wooden bridge over the Aguajales Swamps. In this spectacular lush environment, you will observe numerous species of amphibians, serpents, birds and mammals. From here, you will return to the lodge to enjoy another tasty dinner.
Overnight in the Amazon (Altitude: 400m, 1300ft)

Day 17 Butterfly House & Lima (Shared) (Meals: B)
Today after breakfast, we will take you to visit the Butterfly House, where you will see and learn about the diverse characteristics of this wonderful species. From here, we will take you to Puerto Maldonado Airport for your hour domestic flight to Lima. You will arrive at Lima in time for your international flight. We truly hope you have had a great cultural immersion with us!


3* Budget P.P: $3314
3* Full P.P: $3488
4* Hotels P.P: $4483

Airfare is included in the tour price.

Your Package Includes:

-Domestic flights
-All transfers and transportation
-All excursions and tours
-All site and attraction entrance tickets
-A professional English speaking tour guide
-A professional driver
-Meals as indicated (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
-All accommodation
-Round trip Train to Machu Picchu
-All Local taxes

Your Package Does Not Include:

-International flights

FLEXIBILITY: This is a suggested itinerary and can be adjusted in any way to suit your needs.

Prices based on a private two person group in one double occupancy room
Discount will be applied for a group with more than two persons
A single supplement will be applied for a one person group
Included domestic fights are subject to change depending upon time of booking
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