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Yellowstone Is Indian Country - Native American culture and wildlife
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Yellowstone Is Indian Country - Native American culture and wildlife

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 9 - 13 day(s)
Group Size: 5 - 10 people
Destination(s): Montana   Wyoming  
Specialty Categories: Native Americans   Wildlife Viewing  
Season: August - September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 3797 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 3995 US Dollar (USD)

This unique tour around Yellowstone and beyond begins August 26 through September 4, 2010, plus a three-day extension option to the Medicine Wheel, the Bighorn Canyon and a Plains Indians Powwow (which no-one ever wants to miss)

National Geographic includes Go Native America in their 50 Top Tours of a Lifetime

The Place of the Yellow Rock Water. Indians called it home over 10,000 years before the Pilgrims anchored at Cape Cod and sought to find their own. Since the days of Bridger and Moran, through Yellowstone becoming the first and now oldest national park in the world, the absence of a Native presence in Yellowstone has been explained by the myth that Indians feared this vast, pine-robed plateau that is punctuated by thermal wonders from lakeshore to river course. Supposedly the geysers engendered such apprehension among tribal people that they would do all they could to avoid this bountiful landscape. The Cheyenne, Kiowa, Shoshone, Bannock, Blackfeet, Nez Perce, and the most recent arrivals, the Crow, know a different story. Within these archives from ancestral memory is found a common theme – the sacred nature of the land named for the Yellow Rock Water and the connection to place, an ancient compact between the two-legged and four and the earth that sustains, but there, as yet, is still unmade. From the earliest experience it was gleaned that the earth in the Place of Yellow Rock Water was uneasy with itself, and, that there, creation was neither finished nor content. To be close to creation is to be upon the sacred. There was not fear but respect and intuition, the 600-square mile Yellowstone caldera is far from resting easy.

Join this tour if you are interested in tribal culture and history, wildlife and photography. Your tour esctrt is an international author and photographer who can take you to places most people totally miss. The trip includes some hiking, but nothing very strenuous. You can opt to horse-ride in Yellowstone and you stay in some YNP accommodations, and some outside the park boundaries.

If you are interested in photography, you are in for a treat, but you don't need 'gear' to enjoy capturing amazing wildlife or landscape images.

The three-day add-on offers you the opportunity to search for Wyoming's Wild Mustangs, to ride a boat into the Bighorn Canyon (which Wyoming natives call 'the best kept secret in the West - it is STUNNING) and to visit a local traditionall outdoor powwow on a reservation Montana

Day 1 - Arrive Billings, Montana.
Day 2 - The Backbone of the Park and the Time of Creation, A Cheyenne Explanation. Plus, the Place Where the Sacred Paint Was Collected.
Day 3 - Where the Kiowa Passed the Test of Faith: How Yellowstone Became a Homeland to the Kiowa, and The Buffalo and the Kiowa, A Relationship Born.
Day 4 – Ancient Hunters in Unison, The Ways of Wolf and Man.
Day 5 – Trail of the Great Bear.
Day 6 – On the Bannock-Shoshone Trail: Homes, Subsistence and Pathways.
Day 7 – Following the Nez Perce in 1877.
Day 8 –Perilous Journey Through Incredible Beauty: Chief Joseph Pass to Clark’s Fork Canyon.
Tipi Rings, Reminders in Stone of a People’s Pilgrimage.
Day 9 – Many Lifeways: The Plains Indian Museum at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center – An in-depth walk-through, context, and summation.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Flying into Billings, Montana (BIL) and out of Billings or Cody. This tour includes guiding, transportation and great accommodations. We don't include food - you choose how much to spend on meals, not us.
CALL or EMAIL now to check on discount pricing - our dates are fixed, but our price may not be!

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