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Wisdom and Prophesy - Travel the Southwest with the Ancients
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Wisdom and Prophesy - Travel the Southwest with the Ancients

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 10 - 13 day(s)
Group Size: 7 - 15 people
Destination(s): Arizona   Utah  
Specialty Categories: Native Americans   Cultural Journey  
Season: April - November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 3995 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 3995 US Dollar (USD)

There are only TWO departures of this trip: April 7-19, 2012 and Oct 26-Nov 7, 2012.


Wisdom and Prophecy is a chance to follow the messages left by the Old Ones, to explore the unexplored, and to satisfy natural fascination with prophecy in its many cultural formats. Our trail leads us deep into Native America to appreciate the diverse cultures and landscapes of now including the Pueblo peoples and their ancestors – the Anasazi, and the Hopi. Journey to Chaco Canyon, Wupatki, Aztec Ruins, Acoma, Zuni and the Hopi Mesas to experience the secluded raw beauty of ancestral cultures; progenitors of tribal perspectives on human existence and survival! Discover theory, explanation and philosophy as you follow ancient paths traversed across the millennia through an awe-inspiring mosaic of slick rock and sandstone sculptures, arches and mesas on this remarkable southwestern sojourn …where the past, present and future become forever.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1 (Sat April 7): Arrive Durango, CO, (DRO) shuttle to your hotel and enjoy a relaxing evening before joining the tour tomorrow. Stay: Durango.

Day 2 (Sun Apr 8): Mesa Verde is a spectacular walk back to ancient times. Amongst more than 4000 archeological sites we deconstruct silent messages from the sandstone, mortar and wooden beams of cliff dwelling built beneath rocky overhanging alcoves, enjoying the same 360 degree panoramic views the Ancestral Puebloans enjoyed and appreciating the cultural art designs that bedecked their lives, some of which survive to this day. Stay: Durango.

Day 3 (Mon Apr 9): Within the Great Kiva of Aztec Ruins, we stand beneath the original timbers that held the roof over the heads of Ancient Puebloans, listening for the echo of tribal drums which connects past to present. In stepping back to the era of the Sinagua we realize that every ancient pueblo is a footstep towards understanding tribal wisdom and prophecy. Stay Farmington.

Day 4 (Tues Apr 10): We attempt to comprehend the drama of Chaco Canyon, a definitive site of Anasazi civilization, dating back to the basketmaker culture. Its deserted location is one of the least accessible ‘National Parks’ in the US and is an extraordinary place to find peace, and to reflect on Chaco’s existence as a stepping stone to The Emergence of the Hopi culture. Stay: Sky City.

Day 5 (Wed Apr 11): Sky City’, Acoma, home of the Keresan Pueblos, is the oldest continually inhabited settlement in the United States. As we wander through the exquisite Pueblo with an Acoma guide to accompany us, we reflect on the awe-inspiring beauty of this unique culture. At Zuni Pueblo we experience the transition, yet continuation, of Indian art from ancient petroglyphs and pottery patterns to contemporary Native artisans and galleries, and become a fleeting part of that circle that is living history. Stay: Gallup.

Day 6 (Thurs Apr 12): At The Place of the Little Hills (or in the Hopi language, “Homolovi”) the Hisat'sinom paused their migrations to the Mesas, the Center of the World, to develop agriculture on the rich, sandy plains and accordingly the Hopi people of today still consider Homolovi, to be part of their homeland; still visiting sites, renewing the ties of the people with their land, and recognizing broken pottery and stones as silent reminders that the Hopi must continue to follow the true Hopi way and the instructions of Masau'u. Stay: Hopi.

Day 7 (Fri Apr 13): Second Mesa is the base for this extraordinary and unique opportunity to spend time on the mesas. It is said that information and stories entrusted to each Hopi are more than enough to consider and meditate upon during a lifetime. Despite a plethora of books that routinely corrupt cultural ways beyond Hopi recognition, true preservation of the lifeway is attributed by traditional people to their ideology of passing ceremonial information to other clan members within the Kiva. The culture endures because no individual has access or responsibility for the entire sacred narrative and lifeway. Today in conversation with Hopi elders regarding philosophy and prophecy, we begin to appreciate this concept. Stay: Hopi.

Day 8 (Sat Apr 14): In the villages, accompanied by Hopi interpreters, we learn of Hopi culture and history through traditional and evolutionary arts - silver, Katsina doll carving, basketry, music and song, and through Hopi cultural perspectives on agriculture, foods, traditional and contemporary tribal leadership and philosophy. Stay: Hopi.

Day 9 (Sun Apr 15): We visit what is probably the finest single rock art site in the southwest with over 12,000 petroglyphs at Taawa Canyon. You will stand before ancient petroglyphs that interact with the sunlight to mark the equinox and solstice – thus acting as solar calendars. We remember that the Ancient Ones were one people, who became many, and returned to being one, and that the story of the Ancient Ones is a story of emergence into this, the Fourth World, through the Sipapuni of mankind. Hopi Prophecy offers clear signs in direction of The People and this day we reflect on our experiences of this journey as we leave the mesas, weaving through the footsteps of the Ancients at Wupatki. Did the Ancient Ones walk this way? Are you crossing the trails of the Anasazi and Fremont? Did the unique cultures & ancient wisdom of the Hopis invigorate your spirit? Stay: Hopi.

Day 10 (Mon Apr 16): Depart Flagstaff.

CAN I EXTEND THIS ITINERARY? Yes! Who would want to leave?

Diné (Navajo) philosophy is epitomized by the phrase “Walk in Beauty” from the sacred prayer, the Blessing Way. Aspiring to that spirit, we enter deep into Navajoland’s Canyon De Chelly and Monument Valley, learning of the intricacies and beauty of traditional Navajo philosophy. Enveloped by Diné Bikeyah, the Beauty-way Chant doesn’t just come to mind, it comes to life, as we reach our destination. We are on the edge of Canyon de Chelly, a natural wonder that not only holds the sacred, but also history and pain. Stay: Chinle, AZ.

Day 11 (Mon 5 Nov): After an extensive tour of the canyon rim you will have the option of hiking into the canyon to witness the 11th Century proto-Hopi complex known as White House Ruin, following in the footsteps of the Old Ones as we experience the ruin and petroglyphs adorning the canyon walls, every ancient pueblo in Canyon de Chelly being a step towards understanding the Hopi and Pueblo civilizations throughout this spectacular world of natural red rock sculptures. This is Tsegi, where the past, present and future become forever.
Stay: Chinle, AZ.

Day 12 (Tues 6 Nov): Weaving a path of beauty throughout the Navajo Nation, we travel into Tse Bii Ndzisgaii, Monument Valley, the “eighth wonder of the world,” and learn of the immense power and significance of Tse Bii Ndzisgaii in Diné culture, and soon realize that Monument Valley is much more than a landscape associated with hundreds of Hollywood Westerns.
Stay: Durango, CO.

Day 13 (Wed 7 Nov): Depart Durango, CO.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price includes solo rooms per traveler. if you have a travel buddy and want to save on costs, please call for room sharing prices - you'll be surprised at the difference. We also have discounts you may qualify for. CALL NOW.
- Escorted guiding
- All travel within the tour and accommodation from arrival night to departure.

Price Excludes:
- Flights
- Food.

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