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Mongolia Adventure Tour, Off the Beaten Track

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 23 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 6 people
Destination(s): Mongolia  
Specialty Categories: Wildlife Viewing  
Season: June
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1873 Pound Sterling (GBP)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1873 Pound Sterling (GBP)

For those with a taste for adventure and the desire to really immerse themselves in the country and its landscapes this is the perfect itinerary. We've chosen some of our favourite places from our eleven years of offering trips through Mongolia and put them into a three-week itinerary. Explore, discover and hike (although this is optional!) the striking landscapes of the Gobi Desert, the high open steppe and the spectacular lakeland and northern regions of Mongolia, including Lake Khovsgol.

A majority of the itinerary focuses on wild camping in tents - allowing you to reach beyond the most visited places and therefore capture the true essence of the landscapes of this wild and glorious country. There are day-hikes for spectacular views, time out for your own exploration and also informal opportunities experiencing the way of life - whether that be the life of a herder or a small town resident.

This active itinerary will also provide you with a more local insight into Mongolia's traditional and 21st century life and it's remarkable landscapes through day-hikes and horse and camel treks for those interested.

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar - City Walking Tour.
Final arrival day into Ulaan Baatar: UB maintains a strong Mongolian identity of its own and has a ‘frontier’ feel and vibrancy. It is a city well-worth exploring as it is home to 45% of Mongolia's population and provides a contrast to the lives of those in rural areas. For those interested, we include a free walking tour to help introduce you to the city.

Day 2: Baga Gazriin Chuluu - Middle Gobi.
Stunning granite rock formations. Explore these remarkable landscapes on a guided hike.

Day 3: Tsagaan Suvraga - Middle Gobi.
Named for the unique colour of the area, this open expanse consists of sun scorched rock, scrub, 30 m high limestone formations and emptiness. It is an eroded landscape rich in marine fossils.

Days 4-5: Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park - Southern Gobi.
Explore the interior of this stunning mountainous terrain rising out of the extensive desert plains.

Days 6-7: Khongoryn Els (Singing Sands) - Southern Gobi.
Based close to the banks of the small but essential Khongoryn Gol (the river that allows the families to survive in this area) it is a short walk to the base of the dramatic sand dunes with outstanding views over the majesty of the Zoloon and Sevrey Mountain Range. For those that wish, you will spend time exploring this stunning region by camel

Day 8: Arvaikheer - Central Heartland.
An incredible journey taking you from the arid southern desert to the rich pastures of central Mongolia. Hot showers and a delicious dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 9: Khogno Khan Nature Reserve - Central Heartland.
Granite mountains, sand dunes, open steppe and a spectacular four hour hike.

Day 10: Tsenker:
A glorious lakeside location off the beaten track in the Khangai Mountains.

Days 11-13: Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake) National Park.
Our journey now takes us into the spectacular lake land and northern regions. It is an area of stunning alpine scenery, mountain and forest steppe. A natural highlight of Mongolia, White Lake encompasses an area of wild nature - volcanic craters, rugged mountains and rolling steppe. During a day trek, we explore this diverse lakeland area - such as the stunning ridge top views and the ancient burial mounds dating back to the Bronze Age and Hunnu period.

Day 14: Jargalant - Northern Mongolia.
Most companies drive right on by, but this is one of our favourite valleys in the whole of Mongolia. Spend the day witnessing nomadic life close up as we spend the day exploring the Toin River Valley

Days 15-16: Zuun Nuur - Northern Mongolia.
Spend two days camping and hiking (relaxed hiking!) throughout the stunning northern mountain forest steppe region - including ancient Deer Stones. The landscapes here feel timeless.

Days 16-19: Khovsgol Nuur National Park.
Mongolians know Lake Khovsgol as Dalai Ej (Mother Sea) and its water is considered some of the purest on earth - the lake reflects the often-clear sky in shifting shades of blue - this is a stunning area. The natural beauty of the area makes it an incredible location for getting a little more off the beaten track.

Day 20: Selenge Gol - Northern Mongolia.
Journey through the stunning and dramatic wide river valleys of the Selenge and Orkhon. Watch the sunset over this distinctive and dramatic river valley landscape.

Day 21: Bulgan - Northern Mongolia.
Chance to enjoy a hot shower, a hotel room and local small town life.

Day 22: Khustain Nuruu - Central Heartland.
This last camp, with its incredible panoramic view out over the steppe, provides time for you to adjust from countryside living to city life.

Day 23: Ulaanbaatar.
Head back through the rolling steppe into the pace of city life. Tour ends.

Supplemental Tour Information:
This trip is guaranteed to depart with a minimum of 2 (the maximum is 6) providing you with a more individual style of trip. I work hard to make sure that our itineraries provide variety, are flexible and provide a genuine introduction that will enable you to get under the surface and experience the real local Mongolia.

This small group adventure ensures you will leave Mongolia feeling you have had a truly refreshing and individual experience. We can also offer it as a private tailor made holiday - adapted to your time frame, budget and and personal interests.

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Airfare is not included in the tour price.

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