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Genghis Khan Horseback Tour

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 11 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Destination(s): Mongolia  
Specialty Categories: Horse Riding   Military History  
Season: May - September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1470 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2140 US Dollar (USD)

2017 Tour Departures:

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Join hospitable Mongolian nomads for a horse trekking journey through North Eastern Mongolia, the birthplace of Chinggis Khan, founder of the Mongol empire. Supported by local herdsmen with their stocky horses, ride across wide open grasslands, wooded hillsides and lush river valleys typical to taiga forest ecosystem of eastern Siberia. Experience a wealth of historical evidence in the form of burials and rock carvings with many belonging to the Great Khan’s times; that remind visitors of the remarkable continuity of horseback, nomadic culture that has been unbroken here for at least 5,000 years.


Day 1: Arrival to Ulaanbaatar, guided city tour. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar (UB), the capital of Mongolia and transfer to a centrally located 4 star hotel. After a short rest take a guided excursion to some of the city’s highlights: the Gandan Temple - city's main Buddhist center, featuring a 26 meter tall gold-plated statue of Lord Buddha, the central city square with a grand memorial complex dedicated to Chinggis Khan and Zaisan Memorial, an elevated hill on the city's edge providing a panoramic view of UB. We then visit the National Museum of Mongolia, an introduction to the country's history from early humans to modern era and the Palace of the last king of Mongolia showcasing rare Buddhist art and items of his personal use. A traditional concert will be followed by a welcome dinner. (Dinner, hotel)

Day 2: Travel to Blue lake. We depart UB after breakfast and soon stop at a gigantic mounted statue of Chinggis Khan, founder of the great Mongol empire in 13th century. Worth a look is a small basement museum with a display of everyday utensils, belt buckles, knives and sacred animals of Bronze Age and Xiongnu times as well as archaeological findings of the Great Khan period such as ancient tools and goldsmith subjects. We climb to an observation deck on the horses head for panoramic views of the surrounding steppe and rugged mountains before continuing to our destination, the Blue lake. It was here that in 1189 Temujin was bestowed kingship over all Mongolian clans. This is the rendezvous with our riding guides and horses. We set up a comfortable tent camp and prepare for riding days ahead. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Day 3: Ride to Bereeven monastery. After breakfast guides will select you a horse to suit your riding abilities and the tour starts. Riding stocky Mongolian horses requires skills quite different from the western riding style. Horses are used to a different set of commands and behavior on the riders end but still are very responsive and clever animals. Support vehicles transport our food and luggage; they go ahead to allow cooks prepare and serve lunch in pre-agreed spots. Accompanied by the local guides we ride east across open grassland with rolling hills in the background that are soon replaced by mountains covered with pine and cedar forests interrupted by granite outcroppings, a feature typical to eastern Siberia. We set a tent camp upon reaching Bereeven monastery, once-largest Buddhist center of Eastern Mongolia. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Day 4: Ride to Khurkh valley. We enjoy exciting riding along open spaces with grassy valleys and lush meadows. The terrain allows riding at various different paces from walking to galloping. Significantly, this very area is mentioned in the “Secret History of the Mongols”, a partly historical, partly legendary, and almost contemporary account of the life and times of Chinggis Khan. Along the way we visit a series of “Deer steles” that mark burials of steppe warriors of bygone times. These are erect slabs of granite or marble with artistic carving of flying deer, hence is the name. After a good day’s ride we relax in a tent camp. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Day 5: Ride to Rashaan rock. The riding pace allows an intimate insight of local life. White felt walled tents of Mongolian nomads and their many herds of livestock dot the landscape. Every day we come across nomads herding their animals and cutting hay if in August and September. Very often people come just to greet us and to exchange news. We today camp upon reaching a massive wall like rock depicting chiseled images of seals of over 300 ancient Mongolian clans. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Days 6-7: Ride to Onon river. We ride further along Barkh, a tributary of Onon, 808 km long river that eventually empties in to the Pacific ocean after having merged with Shilka and Amur rivers in Russia. This is a land of ethnic Buryat people whose lifestyle is a mix of nomadic and sedentary owing to their geographical location between the steppe and the forest. The area is a world renowned nesting ground for many migratory birds which you will see in abundance. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Days 8-9: Ride to birthplace of Chinggis Khan. We finish riding upon reaching an auspicious place where Chinggis Khan was born in 1162 and where he was enthroned as the king of the Mongol Empire in 1206. Here we finish our riding adventure and settle in a cozy resort comprised of traditional felt walled tents. We spend a well deserved rest day in a relative luxury of the permanent setting. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, ger camp)

Day 10: Return to Ulaanbaatar. A long car journey back to Ulaanbaatar is rather uneventful. Upon arriving transfer to your hotel and in the evening meet with your guide at a good-bye dinner. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, hotel).

Day 11: Departure. Transfer to airport for your return flight home. (Breakfast).

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- All accommodation: hotel (2 nights), ger (2 nights) tent (6 nights)
- Complete camping & cooking equipment
- Sleeping mattresses
- Horse riding tackle
- Indicated meals & drinking water
- All visits, sightseeing, national park and permit fees
- Support vehicles
- Airport transfers
- English speaking guide
- Expedition cook(s)
- Local guides
- Horse and pack animal hire

Price Excludes:
- Travel insurance
- Sleeping bags
- Meals not indicated
- Drinks & Alcohol
- Gratuities.