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Colombia Discovery Tour, Flamencos and Punta Gallinas Trip

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 6 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 3 people
Destination(s): Colombia  
Specialty Categories: National Parks  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1020 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1020 US Dollar (USD)

The Guajira is a peninsula in the northernmost tip of South America, a thumb of land sticking out into the Caribbean Sea. It is a harsh but wondrous place. Dunes of fine golden sand roll out to meet the sea and make beaches appear endless. Flamingos, pelicans and hundreds of other bird species flock to this arid area and flourish in the lush mangroves of its bays. In the middle of a barren desert rises the Macuira mountain range, an oasis of cloud forests, streams and waterfalls. The Guajira is the land of the Wayuu, an indigenous people that have thrived in the unforgiving desert environment for centuries.

In this trip you take a Land Cruiser to travel through this amazing region. Your driver will be a Wayuu, as only the people of this land can navigate its ever-changing trails and landscape. You will visit all of La Guajira’s different environments, see its diverse flora and fauna, and get to know its people. The Guajira is a unique and magical place; come experience its beaches, deserts, wildlife and culture in this Colombian adventure like no other.

Activities and trip highlights:
- Walk over sand dunes, swim in the Caribbean Sea and hike through an oasis
- Go on exciting 4x4 rides on rugged trails
- Relax in picturesque beaches and see stunning landscapes
- Observe flamingos and hundreds of other bird species in their natural habitat
- Get to know the Wayuu and learn about their culture
- Eat traditional Colombian Caribbean food. Seafood and lobsters galore!

Day 1: Flora and Fauna Sanctuary of the Flamingos.
Your adventure starts in Riohacha where your guide and Wayuu driver pick you up in a Land Cruiser. Your first destination is Camarones, a Wayuu village that is the gateway to the Flamencos Nature Sanctuary. After lunch in Camarones beach you get on a paddle boat to see the flamingos and other marine birds of the reserve’s lagoon. After, you walk through the marsh area of the reserve to see its many different land birds. Then you visit the Wayuu Tocoromana community to learn about their way of life and get a sampling of their traditional music, dance and food.

Day 2: Cabo de la Vela.
From Camarones you take a coastal road to Cabo de la Vela. Along the way you pass the Manaure salt complex with its collection ponds and mountains of sea salt. As you approach Cabo de la Vela you leave the pavement and put your 4x4 vehicle to work on dirt roads and sand dunes. Cabo de la Vela --- “Cape of the Sail” --- has long beaches and dramatic headlands set against a backdrop of undulating dunes. Here you visit Punto Arco Iris (Rainbow Point) where waves smashing on red and green rocks create a colorful curtain of spray. You hike up to promontories to get great views, relax on the beach and take a dip in clear Caribbean water. You end the day by watching the sunset on top of Pilon de Azucar (“Sugar Mound”), a hill overlooking the cape and the highest point in Cabo de la Vela.

Day 3: Bahía Honda, Puerto Estrella and Nazareth.
Today you continue north with your first destination being Bahía Honda. You spend the morning in a quiet beach in the bay with golden sand and turquoise water. After lunch you drive to Puerto Estrella and hike on rolling sand dunes to visit the Laguna de los Patos, a picturesque lake in the middle of the desert. You end the day in the Wayuu town of Nazareth, gateway to Macuira National Park.

Day 4: Macuira National Park.
Macuira is a 25,000 hectare (61,776 acre) oasis and, for the Wayuu, is the most sacred place in all of La Guajira. It is an area of mountains, cloud forests and streams. Macuira is a refuge for over a hundred different bird species, 17 of which can be found nowhere else in the world. You spend the morning exploring this lush paradise in the desert and hike to one of its unique features: Las Dunas de Arewaru, a sand dune in the middle of a forested mountain range. You cap off the day with a dip in Las Bateas, a series of small lagoons and waterfalls in the middle of the forest. You spend the night back in Nazareth.

Day 5: Punta Gallinas.
Today you drive to Punta Gallinas, the northernmost part of your journey. The Taroa Dunes are waves of powdery sand that meet the Caribbean Sea. You walk over the dunes and slide down a steep 10 meter (33 foot) sand bank to get to the water. You visit El Faro, a lighthouse at the northernmost tip of the South American continent. In the afternoon you take a boat to go around Bahía Hondita, a bay with an opening so small that it looks like a blue lake. You visit the bay’s mangroves and mud flats for a chance to see migrant flamingos and other birds. Toward the end of the day you go to Punta Aguja (Needle Point) to wind down at the beach. You spend the night on a plateau overlooking Bahía Hondita.

Day 6: La Boquita Beach and Return to Riohacha
It’s a long drive back to Riohacha but thankfully you skip 3 hours of it and take a 20 minute boat ride instead. While the vehicle drives around Bahía Hondita you cut across the bay to its mouth and enjoy a beach there that is aptly named La Boquita. When your vehicle arrives at the beach you continue on to Riohacha where you visit the cultural center. Your Guajira adventure is at an end and you come away with memories of unique experiences, photos of spectacular landscapes, and a marvelous tan.

Supplemental Tour Information:
Schedule of trips:
This adventure is offered throughout the year except for the months of March, April, October and November. Contact us to schedule your private tour.

Reminders and Recommendations:
- This trip involves a lot of time driving on very rough roads and trails. It is not recommended for people who get car sick easily.
- Heavy rain can cause desert trails to be impassable and render some destinations unreachable. We only offer this trip in the dry months but unseasonable rain can occur. You must be open to necessary itinerary changes.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price is per person for a part of two people.

Price Includes:
- Private transportation (pick up and drop off in Riohacha)
- Accommodations
- All meals from lunch of Day 1 to lunch of Day 6
- Guiding service
- Entrance fees

Price Excludes:
- Flights to and from Riohacha
- Travel insurance

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