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Timket Festival Tour in Ethiopia, 9 Day Cultural Vacation

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 9 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 20 people
Destination(s): Ethiopia  
Specialty Categories: Festival Tours   Cultural Journey  
Season: January
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1900 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2800 US Dollar (USD)

Ethiopian Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) is the most colorful festival of the year celebrated for the memorandum of Christ’s baptism. The religious ceremony is best known for it is the combination of old and New Testament, which is unique to Ethiopia nowadays. The church Tabots (replica of Ark of the Covenant) are taken to a nearby body of water on the afternoon of the eve. During the night, the priests and faithful participate in a vigil around the Tabots. The following morning, the crowds gather around the water, which is blessed, the splashed on to them; religious vows are renewed. The Tabots is then paraded back to the church accompanied by much singing and dancing. Gondar is considered the best place to be on Timket.The eve of Timket (18 January) is called Ketera. On this day the tabots of each church are carried out in procession to a place near a river where the next day's celebration will take place. A special tent is set up for each tabot, each hosting a proud manner depicting the church's saint. The ceremony is accompanied by hymns and dances of the priests, drum beating, bell ringing and blowing of trumpets.

Jan 14 - Day 1 Addis Ababa – Senbete Market - Weldya.
This day on arrival you will be driving to the north wello capital city of Weldya on the way we will show you the amazing landscapes of northern Ethiopia and we will stop at Debre Birhan for breakfast Breakfast, drive 270 km to Senbete appreciating Landscape scenery. Senbete market is a place where the highlands and lowlands meet, and brings together different ethnic groups: the Afar with their camels and distinctive knives, the Oromo, the Amhara, Gurage and Argoba.later drive to Kombolcha for lunch then we will continue our drive to the town of Weldya En route visit Hayk Estifanos Monastery (45 Km before Kombolcha, famous for its variety of bird life near the town of Hayk). Lunch at Kombolcha Sunnyside Hotel; Dinner Lal Hotel; Overnight Lal Hotel Weldya.

Jan 15 - Day 2 Weldya-Lalibela.
This day after an early breakfast we will be driving to the medieval city of Lalibela on the way we will stop for a photo of the beautiful landscapes then we will be arriving in Lalibela around 10:30 am we will have a little rest then later visit will be to the eleven rock-hewn monolithic (carved from a single rock) churches of Lalibela (UNESCO World Heritage site, with magnificent architecture & paintings inside the churches). In the evening you will get back to the hotel, rest, have dinner and relax. Lunch will be seven olives; Dinner will be Beynabebea Restaurant; Overnight Cliff Edge Hotel Lalibela.

Jan 16 - Day 3 Lalibela (Half day tour to explore the Lalibela Rock-hewn Churches). Drive to Gondar.
Right after breakfast, an early morning drive will take you to one of the cave historical of Nakute LeAb then after we finish our visit we will be driving to Gondar on the way we will stop at the cliff edge churches of Chcheho Medhanyalem then drive to Debre Tabor for lunch after lunch we will continue our drive to Gondar. Lunch at Debre Tabor Hibret Hotel; Dinner at Four Sister Restaurant; Overnight Kinno Hotel Gondar.

Jan 17 - Day 4 Drive Lalibela – Semien Mountain National Park.
Excursion to Semien Mountains (122 kms 4 - 5 hrs drive).
Today you Will drive to Buyit Ras à segment of the Semien Mountain. This is a sight, which is termed as the wildest and magnificent view all Ethiopian landscapes. The Semien Mountains National park is the only place in Ethiopia registered by the UNESCO as a natural beauty. Observe the magnificent scenery. Lunch at Goha Hotel; Dinner at your hotel; Overnight Kinno Hotel Gondar.

Jan 18 - Day 5 Gondar - Epiphanies.
This day you will start your visit of Gondar The Royal Capital of Ethiopia, Gondar was founded in 1636 by Emperor Fassiladas visit the city of Gondar with the drive to the Castles and Churches built by Emperor Fassiladas and his descendants and Proceed to the fascinating Debre Birhan Selassie (The Enlightening of Trinity) with Wonderful murals art, Qusquam Church then later after lunch we will be attending the Ketera Eve (Timkat wazima)- with Tabots being joyfully paraded and taken down to a special place where they will camp for the night. The followers of that church will accompany the procession sometimes with dancing and singing. The priests dress in their best garments and the Tabots are shaded by brocade umbrellas. Lunch at four sister restaurant; Dinner at Goha hotel; Overnight Kinno Hotel Gondar.

Jan 19 - Day 6 Gondar - Epiphanies.
This day early in the morning that's around 5:30 in the morning we will go to the Fasildes bath to attend the baptism of the epiphanies then after we settled in a good place for the photo we will attend the festival at Fassilades Bath. The celebration starts early in the morning, with the pre-sunrise rituals including the Kidan (Morning Prayer) and the Kidasie (the mass). Then later we will come to our hotel for breakfast then we will come back again to the bath of Fasildes to follow the Arcs that are going back to churches. Lunch at Florida Int Hotel; Dinner at your hotel; Overnight Kinno Hotel Gondar.

Jan 20 - Day 7 Bahir Dar (Lakeside Town) - Epiphanies to attend the St Michel festivity.
After an early breakfast we will be driven to the town Bahir Dar to attend the festivity of St Michel then after we attend other epiphanies in Bahir Dar you will have a rest in your hotel will have dinner and stay the night at the hotel. Lunch will be Lakeshore Restaurant; Dinner will be at your hotel; Overnight Rah Nile Hotel Bahir Dar.

Jan 21 - Day 8 Bahir Dar.
Boat Ride on Lake Tana to Visit Island Monasteries and visit Blue Nile Falls. You will have an early breakfast and drive to Lake Tana, take a boat ride where you will visit the medieval period island monasteries (beautiful mural paintings, religious books & sacred) on Lake Tana such as Kibran Gabriel (only for men), Entos and on the Zegien peninsula visit Ura Kidan Mehiret, Azuwa Mariam, Mahal Giorgis. After lunch, you will drive (some 30 Km) and visit the Blue Nile Falls. In the evening, you will have dinner and stay the night at the hotel. Lunch will be Deset lodge; Dinner will be Grand Resort; Overnight Rah Nile Hotel Bahir Dar.

Jan 22 - Day 9. Bahir Dar - Debre Markos – Addis Ababa.
After an early breakfast we will be driven to Addis Ababa Lake Zengena then continue our drive to Debre Markos to stop for lunch then we continue our journey to Addis the road dropping more than 1000m, gradually winds down to the bottom of the Blue Nile Gorge, which is comparable in scale to American’s Grand Canyon cited to be the largest canyon in Africa. After some Km driving from Blue Nile George we will stop at Debre Libanos Monastery (founded in the 13th century by priest Tekla Haimanot, today one of Ethiopia’s most renowned saints)and the museum. After 100 km from Debre Libanos Monastery, you will stop for lunch at Debre Markos. Drive to Addis Ababa for day use rest in your hotel then later you will have a farewell dinner at one of the best cultural restaurant in the town and you will have a chance of attending the amazing Ethiopian live dance and you will have a dinner of Ethiopian cultural foods. Later we ill drop you at Bole Int Airport for your departure to your home. Day Use at Nega Bonger Hotel; Lunch will be Debre Markos; Dinner will be at 2000 Habesha Restaurant.

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