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Multinskie lakes

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 11 day(s)
Group Size: 3 - 15 people
Destination(s): Russia  
Specialty Categories: Hiking & Trekking  
Season: June - September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 370 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 370 US Dollar (USD)

Ust-Koksinsky district with its unique mountain landscapes and bright colors of sub alpine meadows is one of the most wonderful and mysterious areas in the Altai. Leaving behind the vast Uymon Valley, decorated with the chains of picturesque hills, travelers get into the Valley of Multa River. Climbing up the headlong Multa River, they come up to the three majestic Multa lakes. In 1991 the Upper Multa Lake became a part of Katun nature reserve. This tour opens to travelers a world of beautiful lakes and ancient mountains in a remote area of the Altai where the pristine nature still exists.

During the trip you will have the opportunity to:
- A dip in the clean and cool Lower Multinskiye Lake,
- Rise to the Kuyguk pass (2520m) and Unnamed peak (2909m), to take pictures and admire the wonderful panorama of all Katun ridge, with its main peak - beautiful Beluha mountain,
- Compare the color, size and picturesque large number of lakes, which will meet on your way: Multinskiye, Akchan, Kuyguk and many others with no names,
- Spend the night surrounded by the mighty relic cedars, with magical dreams and atmosphere of peace,
- Stand under the refreshing spray of the waterfall Kuyguk and feel its awesome power,
- Climb to the top of the sacred Kolban mountain (3145 m) and touch the sacred ordinances of the inhabitants of these places,
- To sit at the evening campfire under the night sky, watch the stars and think about the eternal,
- Breathe in the enchanting smell of Alpine meadows and mountain herbs,
- Stop in the Upper Uimon village, where in 1926 lived for a while Rerih during the Central-Asian expedition,
- Learn about the life, culture and faith of the Old Believers came to the Uimon valley in the 17th century looking for a land of eternal happiness and justice - Belovodye.

0 day
Transfer Novosibirsk – Ust-Koksa. Leaving Novosibirsk at 8.00 p.m. Place of departure – 65, Sovetskaya street. Leaving Barnaul at 11.50 p.m. Place of departure – “Centralnaya” hotel. The road goes along the famous Chuysky Tract, once a main route of Russia - China trade. The road goes along Kanskaya steppe and finishes its run in Uymoskaya valley. The change of different landscapes and natural zones provides the traveler with general impression of this unique region of Asia. Mode of travel: Coach or minibus Distance : 875 km /640 Km Meals: - Accommodation: -

1 day
GORNO-ALTAISK - UST-KOKSA Departure from Gorno-Altaisk at 9.00-11.00 a.m. The road passes through the well-known Chuya Highway among rocky ridges of the Altai Mountains, followed by Kanskaya steppe in Uymonskaya valley. Arriving at Ust-Koksa village to the tourist complex. Lunch. Getting equipment. Safety-awareness briefing. Dinner, acquaintance party. Mode of travel: Bus, minibus Distance: 375 km Meals: Lunch and Dinner in cafe Accommodation: Tents in the tourists complex

2 day
Multa-Maralnik – Low Multa lake. Early awakening. Breakfast at 09.00 a.m. Transfer to Multa-Maralnik at 11.00 a.m. Travelers go along Multa river. There are a lot of mushrooms and berries on the way. They come up to Lower Multa Lake with extremely clean water and a pebble shore. When the weather is still, the mirror-like surface of the lake reflects clouds drifting in the blue sky and the peaks of surrounding mountains. Situated at the altitude of 1710 meters the Lower Multa Lake favors the traveler with the clean mountain air, calmness and the touch of nature. Mode of travel: minibus/ on foot/ pack horses Distance: 41 km 13 km Meals: Breakfast - in cafe, lunch and dinner - cooked on fire Accommodation: tents

3 day
Tour to the Upper Multa lake Tour to the Upper Multa Lake, which hides in the deep rock circus near the glacier at the altitude of 1860 meters. The path goes over the place called “Shumy”. It is a natural isthmus between two lakes that is formed by huge stones; some of them are 20 meters in diameter. Water, running through this dam, produces a loud noise, which makes a sharp contrast with the stillness of two lakes. On the way travelers can see a few small waterfalls on the steep slopes of Katun ridge and the icy and snowy peaks of surrounding mountains. Mode of travel: on foot Distance: 30 km Meals: Three meals a day, cooking on fire Accommodation: tents

4 day
Relaxation. Excursion to a mountain lake (2270 meters) for those, who wish. Mode of travel: on foot Distance: 5 km Meals: Cooked on fire Accommodation: tents

5 day
Travelers go up Kuyguk river. The base camp is set up among the majestic Siberian pines next to the wonderful Kuyguk waterfall (25 meters). Mode of travel: on foot / pack horses Distance: 9 km Meals: Three meals a day, cooking on fire Accommodation: tents

6 day
Ascention on top (2909 meters). From the top the spectacular panoramic view on Belukha Mountain and endless snow peaks of Katun ridge unfolds in front of the traveler. It is a good opportunity to make pictures from the bird’s eye view where the presence of eternal outer space is clear and tangible. Mode of travel: on foot Distance: 6 km Meals: Three meals a day, cooking on fire Accommodation: tents

7 day
Kuyguk lake – Akchan lake. Climbing up the mountain pass (2520 meters), travelers pass by a mirror-like lake, several murmuring waterfalls and alpine tundra. An exiting view on Kolban mountain and Akchan lake is unfolded in front of a traveler from the top of the pass. The water in Akchan lake has a wonderful turquoise color. Overnight on a high plateau that like a bird soars over the lake. Mode of travel: on foot Distance: 18 км Meals: Three meals a day, cooking on fire Accommodation: tents

8 day
Akchan lake – Kolban mountain – Kuyguk lake. Climbing up Kolban mountain that is said to be sacred. Indigenous people of the Altai attribute many interesting and romantic stories and legends to this mountain. On its summit the traveler gets a feeling of a flight over the rocky peaks of Katun ridge and can feel the cold breathing of the outer space. Like the drops of a sky dew many lakes sparkle in the sun at the mountain’s feet. Every lake has its unique shape and color. Coming back to the base camp next to the Kuyguk waterfall. Mode of travel: on foot Distance: 21 км Meals: Three meals a day, cooking on fire Accommodation: tents

9 day
Travelers come back to Ust-Koksa village. Travelers come back to Ust-Koksa village. Going down the Multa river. Transfer to Ust-Koksa. Supper . Mode of travel: on foot / minibus Distance: 16 км 41 km Meals: Breakfast and lunch - cooking on fire, dinner in cafe Accommodation: Tents in the tourists complex

10 day
Time for rest. Breakfast. Handing over the equipment. Free time. For additional fee the interested persons can choose either horseback riding in the vicinity or 2-hour rafting. Lunch. After lunch – excursion to Verkhniy Uymon village, which is one of the oldest villages in the Ust-Koksinsky area. The village was founded by Old Believers about 300 years ago. It has two museums: Local History Museum named after N.K. Roerich and Old Belief Museum. After the excursions, departure to Barnaul/Novosibirsk at 17:00 (UTC/GMT+7). Departure to GornoAltaisk at 21.00. Mode of travel: Coach or minibus Distance: 640 km/ 875 km/ 375 km Meals: Breakfast and lunch in cafe

11 day
ARRIVAL TO BARNAUL/NOVOSIBIRSK/GORNOALTAISK Estimated arrival in Barnaul - 7:00, in Novosibirsk - 10:00 (UTC/GMT+7), in Gorno-Altaisk - 3.00 Mode of travel: Coach or minibus

Supplemental Tour Information:
Tour price is Included:

- full board (except the meal during the transfer)
- excursions per program with entrance fees (11-th day)
- guides
- special equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, equipment for camp-fire)
- insurance
- invitation letter for Russian visa
- pack-horses rental ( 3-d and 5-th days)

Tour price is not included:

- airtickets
- consular fees for visa
- interpreters
- transfer from Novosibirsk/Barnaul to the starting point of the route and back to Novosibirsk/Barnaul

Novosibirsk - Ust-Koksa - 2500 rubles, Ust-Koksa - Novosibirsk - 2500 rubles
Barnaul - Ust-Koksa - 2400 rubles, Ust-Koksa - Barnaul - 2400 rubles

For extra payment:

- meeting at the airport
- accommodation in hotels in Novosibirsk or Barnaul

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

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