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Celtic Britain and the Spirit of Place
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Celtic Britain and the Spirit of Place

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 8 day(s)
Group Size: 15 - 24 people
Destination(s): England  
Specialty Categories: Yoga & Spiritual Experience   Pilgrimage/Spirituality  
Season: July
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1135 Pound Sterling (GBP)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1235 Pound Sterling (GBP)

The wisdom of the Earth is old, it is held in the land. Our ancestors knew this well and built their sacred monuments on power spots. Our Celtic forebears bequeathed us a landscape with the sacred places marked out by stone temples; these took the form of stone circles, underground chambers, mounds and holy wells. An atmosphere of sanctity protected many of them through the ravages of five thousand years of history such that they are available to us still today. Through local myths, legends and stories and our own intuitive knowing, we discover the Spirit of Place, each one has different lessons to teach.

We start our journey in Wiltshire, the energetic heart-centre of England. Here many Secrets of the Ages are stored within the Avebury Landscape Serpent Temple. We visit the different components of the Temple, Morgan’s Hill, Merlin’s Mound, the Sanctuary, Knoll Down and Avebury Henge. The teachings open to us at these repositories of wisdom are profound indeed. The hallowed enclosure of Stonehenge is opened to us for an early morning private pilgrimage when we will have this world-famous stone temple to ourselves for a special ceremony to access the knowledge held within.

Journeying to Cornwall we discover a magical and dramatic land of spectacular granite cliff bays where the ocean and ancient land of Britain meet. Secret footpaths, fragrant with hedgerows of wild flowers, lead to half-forgotten holy wells offering us potent healing waters transformative in nature. Powerful stone circles, hidden in the folds of the land, are as energized today as when they were built. Finally our journey brings us into the sacred Vale of Avalon. GlastonburyTor has been a beacon of spirituality and a doorway into the Otherworld for countless generations. Chalice Well, considered by many to be the holiest well in England and the possible resting place of the Holy Grail, is a fitting place to conclude our pilgrimage to Spirit.

The wisdom of Merlin, Morgaine, Bridget, St. Michael and others is available to us directly. When we show up at their sacred sites with an open heart and mind they will speak with us. We have been following this direct path of learning both personally and with groups for fifteen years now. We have created this itinerary as a true journey of the soul based on our intimate connections with these sacred sites. Just join us, show up with an open heart and mind and magic will happen!

Your Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive Heathrow. Drive to Wells in Somerset to our hotel for two nights. This splendid medieval city is one of England's best-kept secrets! The magnificent 800-year-old Cathedral stands next to the Bishop’s Palace. Walk around the city and/or rest up before pre-dinner introductions.

Day 2: We will spend this day just five miles down the road in Glastonbury, the legendary Isle of Avalon. At Wearyall Hill we visit the site of the Holy Thorn Tree. We will visit Glastonbury Abbey, once the largest and most powerful abbey in all of Britain and the reputed resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. The Tor has been a beacon of spirituality since pagan times and still acts as a magnet for people of all beliefs today. At its foot lies Chalice Well, one of the true healing places in this land and you are encouraged to drink from the holy well where, a local story states, the Holy Grail is hidden.

Day 3: Travel to West Penwith (tip of Cornwall) to our hotel for 2 nights. On route we will visit Scorhill stone circle, a wonderfully energetic circle set in the dramatic wilds of Dartmoor and surrounded by potent tors (rocky peaks), nature abounds!

Day 4: We are drawn by the mysterious sounding names- Nanjizal Bay, Men-an-tol and Boscawen-Un and for good reason, because they have not only retained their Celtic names but also their power. Visit to Nanjizal Bay where the earth energy currents first come ashore. After lunch we visit Boscawen-Un stone circle, one of the three mighty Gorsedds of the Druidic bards, set in remote heathland. Then to Carn Euny, a Neolithic settlement.

Day 5: We start today with a ritual ‘baptism’ at Sancreed Holy well where we learn of the importance of water. Then hike up Sancreed Beacon to achieve 360 degree panoramic views of the whole area. Drive up country to our hotel near Marlborough in Wiltshire.

Day 6: Just down the road we find the first component of the Avebury Landscape Temple in the form of the five thousand year old sacred site of Merlin’s Mound. We will climb the mound to hear a remarkable story. Later we visit the complementary site of Morgan’s Hill. This sacred grove of trees holds strong feminine energy. We then move on to Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow, an underground structure used both as a tomb and a place of initiation, which has wonderful acoustics.

Day 7: We start the day with an early morning visit to Stonehenge. We have arranged for the group to have private special access into the stones of the world's most famous sacred site. This is a rare opportunity to truly experience a site revered by countless generations. Return to the hotel for breakfast.

Today we enter the Avebury Landscape Temple, the heart center of megalithic Britain. The stone circle is just the central feature in a series of colossal earthworks spread over an area twelve miles across. The circle and its stone avenues formed a Serpent Temple. Avebury stone circle is the belly, we will also visit the head of the serpent at The Sanctuary and the tail at Knoll Down.

Day 8: Drive to Heathrow for return flight home at the end of your quest. Bon voyage!

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

This tour is only offered in July and at no other time.

Price Includes:
- Collection from and return to London Heathrow airport
- All transportation within Britain
- Accommodation in quality hotels
- All breakfasts and four evening meals
- All admission charges to sacred sites
- Special entrance to Stonehenge
- All tour guide fees, tips and gratuities.

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