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Prague – Vienna, Leisure Tour

Please, note! This tour offer has expired. For similar tour offers currently available search here.

Key Information:
Tour Duration: 15 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 18 people
Destination(s): Czech Republic   Austria  
Specialty Categories: Bicycle Touring  
Season: April - October
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1190 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1940 Euro (EUR)

As you could notice, there is also another tour Prague – Vienna in our offer. This is an 15-day tour following nearly the same trail as 8 days Prague-Vienna greenway trail. Why two types of the same trail? With respect to demands of some participants of the 8-day tour in the past years, who wished to spend more time in towns along the trail, we decided to organize this tour for leisure biking as a 15-day tour.

What are the differences between the two Prague – Vienna tours? This 15-day tour has shorter or easier daily rides and lot of time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the part of the Czech Republic you will be cycling through.

This offer includes Grand Bicycle Tour of Prague at the beginning of the tour. You will spend one extra day in medieval town of Ceský Krumlov. At the Guided Group Tour we transport the group over the hilly parts of the trail by our support vehicle and change route to an easier one at some places.

Even though the mileage of the designed route from Prague to Vienna is over 600 km (375 miles), the length of the program ensures that the daily planned distances do not require extensive fitness. The tour and its itinerary are designed as a gentle ride with a balance of cycling and sightseeing. The profile of all cycling days includes flat parts as well as moderate up-hills and down-hills.

The tour begins in Prague. You pass the first part of the trail between Prague and Hluboká in Jižní Cechy by the minibus or by car. You will be leaving Prague in the morning, so that you have enough time for sightseeing in Cesky Krumlov, the best preserved medieval town in the central Europe.

In the following days you will go through the land of Trebon ponds, and borderland forests on the borders with Austria called Ceska Kanada. You will visit the Renaissance towns of Trebon, Telc and many others. You will ride through the wine growing area of the Southern Moravia and you will lodge in Znojmo and Mikulov, the cultural centers of the area.

The ride through Lednice-Valtice area, recorded in the UNESCO list, offers a perfect symbiosis of cultural and sporting experience. It also the peak of the tour. The whole trip ends in Vienna. The program of the trip consists of the ride from Prague to Vienna and does not include accommodation in Prague and Vienna before and after the trip.

We strongly recommend you to buy two or three extra nights in Prague before the beginning of the tour and in Vienna after the tour. That way you will have enough time to get rid of jetlag and explore Prague before starting this bicycle tour, and to relax in Vienna after nine days of biking.

In order to make sure that you visit all the famous historical sites on the way and that you have a pleasant ride through the beautiful landscape of Southern Bohemia and Moravia, the tour from Prague to Vienna combines biking and bus transfers.

Guided Group Tours use support vehicle for parts of the way, which may be too long. It always depends on the weather, your physical condition, your preferences, the overall fitness of the group or other circumstances, and your decision to take the advantage of the support vehicle for the rest of daily ride.

You will receive a brochure with detailed information about all sights on your journey at the welcome briefing.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Individual arrival to Prague. Check-in at your Prague hotel. Free time for sightseeing of Prague. Welcome briefing in the evening with the guide, handing out of information materials, maps of Prague and towns you will stay in on the tour, and route book.

Day 2: After breakfast, pickup from the hotel at 9 am, transportation to the starting point, collect bikes before the Grand Bicycle Tour of Prague (32 km /20 miles on bikes). You will visit the most well-known sights of Prague. The tour takes about six hours and includes lunch. In the late afternoon we will transfer from Prague to Hluboka nad Vltavou (150 km = 94 miles by our minibus), check-in at the hotel in Hluboka, welcome briefing.

Day 3: Hluboka - Cesky Krumlov (42 km = 26 miles by bike). Optional excursion to Hluboka Chateau, a beautiful Windsor-style building on the top of the hill overlooking the town. Adaptation of bikes to match bikers' body dimensions, practical safety biking training, trial trip round the Hluboka lakes. Dinner and a briefing where all participants are acquainted with the tour programme (for guided group tours only). The route of the second cycling day follows the Vltava River to Cesky Krumlov. The main part of the route is easy to moderate. There are some moderate uphills and one steep downhill on the way, too. You will cycle through the South Bohemian capital, Ceske Budejovice, the home of Budweiser beer. Bike-tour of Ceske Budejovice. Arrival in Cesky Krumlov followed by a late lunch at a restaurant in Cesky Krumlov. Check-in at the hotel.

Day 4: A free day in Cesky Krumlov. You will have a lot of time to acquaint yourself with one of the most romantic and well-preserved medieval towns in the Czech Republic. An excursion to the second biggest chateau in the country is recommended. Optional rafting on Vltava River or a bike trip to the Cesky Krumlov surroundings.

Day 5: Cesky Krumlov – Trebon (61 km = 38 miles by bike – can be changed or shortened for Guided Tours). On tours with a support vehicle, we usually avoid the hilly parts surrounding Cesky Krumlov to Nové Hrady (70 km = 44 miles by van). After lunch at Nové Hrady, you will cycle through a picturesque and flat landscape to Trebon (54 km = 33 miles by bike). On other types of tours you have to cycle the full stretch to Trebon. Trebon is a well-known spa resort and centre of the fishpond area. There you can visit the Schwarzenberg Tomb, a famous neo-gothic building. Arrival in Trebon in the late afternoon. Relaxation procedures in a local spa centre can be ordered upon request. Check-in at the hotel and an evening walk around the Renaissance town of Trebon.

Day 6: Trebon – Nova Bystrice (35 km = 22 miles by bike) Optional visit of Trebon Castle and gardens in the morning. During this day you will travel from Trebon National Park area to the heart of the Czech Canada National Park. We will follow the Czech-Austrian border and visit Perslak, the most northern point of Austria. The flat landscape of the Trebon area changes to a gently hilly one. The end of the day’s trail is in a small town close to the Austrian border, Nova Bystrice. We will stop for lunch along the way. Accommodation in Nova Bystrice.

Day 7: Nova Bystrice – Slavonice (25 km = 15 miles by bike) The Czech Canada National Park remains on the itinerary for the whole day. You will pass by one of the best-preserved castle ruins, Landstein. From the castle tower, there is a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. In the afternoon, you will reach Slavonice, a town which has preserved its unique combination of Late Gothic and Renaissance urban architecture. You can visit a textile and ceramic workshop and design you own mug or t-shirt there. Lunch on the way. Check-in at the hotel in Slavonice.

Day 8: Slavonice – Vranov nad Dyjí (46 km = 28 miles by bike) This is the second longest and probably the most difficult part of the whole trip. The route mainly follows the Czech-Austrian border, flat sections alternate with hilly passages. At the end of the day you arrive in Vranov, a gateway to the Podyjí –Thayatal National Park. Arrival in the town in the late afternoon, with lunch on the way. Check-in at the hotel in Vranov.

Day 9: Vranov – Znojmo (38 km = 22 miles by bike) You will follow the Greenways trail to Znojmo from Vranov on bikes. You can decide whether to visit the chateau in Vranov. You can also decide which way you want to ride to Znojmo. There are two recommended (easier or harder) tracks. The easier option consists of tarmac roads through several villages on the edge of the National Park. The harder track has more hills and some off-road sections. The more challenging track leads directly through the National Park and reveals beautiful natural scenery and views. Lunch on the way. Check-in at the hotel in Znojmo, sightseeing in Znojmo in the evening.

Day 10: Znojmo – free day for sightseeing and rest. Znojmo is one of the oldest Czech towns. At present we can say it is also the natural social and commercial centre of South Moravia. The population of Znojmo is about 36, 000.

Day 11: Znojmo – Mikulov (70 km = 43 miles by bike) Cycling on the Greenways track to Mikulov. The trail follows the river Dyje and the border with Austria. Since the route for this day is very easy with just one steep uphill on the route, we are able to ride a longer distance. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Mikulov, a town with a rich history and a beautiful castle. Check-in at the hotel in Mikulov for a two-night stay. Optional visit of the castle, leisure time in the evening.

Day 12: Mikulov – Lednice – Mikulov Loop(38 km = 24 miles) This day can be taken as a leisure day and you can decide if you want to cycle or relax. Those who prefer to cycle can ride a circular trip through the famous Lednice Area. This area is registered on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List and is full of historical monuments from the period of the noble Lichtenstein family. You should not miss the opportunity to see the large chateau garden at Lednice. Those who prefer to relax can enjoy a free day in Mikulov discovering the beauty of the town. In the evening you can enjoy your dinner in a wine-cellar with a wine tasting of the different kinds of Moravian wine.

Day 13: Mikulov – Valtice – Mikulov Loop(43 km = 27 miles) This day can also be taken as a leisure day and you can decide if you want to cycle or relax. We will visit the Valtice Area today and you will have the opportunity to visit another chateau registered on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. Those who prefer to relax can enjoy a free day in Mikulov discovering the beauty of the town.

Day 14: Mikulov – Poysdorf or Mistelbach (25 km / 16 miles or 49 km / 30 miles by bike) You cross the border at the Mikulov border checkpoint, and the rest of the day is spent in Austria. The ride in Austria is at the beginning very similar to the Czech section. There are vineyards, fields and small villages along the trail. Experienced bikers can reach the Vienna hotel by bike. We recommend finishing the cycling part in Poysdorf (25 km) or in Mistelbach (49 km) and travel by car or minibus to Vienna. Transfer from Poysdorf to Vienna (75 km/47 miles) or from Miestelbach to Vienna (55 km/34 miles). Check-in to the Vienna hotel.

Important notice: For guided group tours the support vehicle with bikes and the tour leader leave Vienna on Day 14, in the afternoon. All participants with flight tickets from Prague can travel by supporting vehicle to Prague for free. These bikers spend their last night in Prague. They may also decide on a self-guided trip in Moravia instead of going to Vienna and back to Moravia on the last biking day. These participants can either catch their flight from Prague or we will happily offer them other additional services in Prague, such as additional accommodation, a guided tour of Prague and others. However, these are not included in the price of the cycling tour.

Day 15: The tour ends with breakfast either in Vienna or in Prague.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.