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Fly and Hike, Austrian Tyrol, Oëtztal Glacier Tour

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 day(s)
Group Size: 6 - 8 people
Destination(s): Austria  
Specialty Categories: Glacier Tours   Hiking & Trekking  
Season: June - September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 910 Euro (EUR)
Maximum Per Person Price: 910 Euro (EUR)

In the heart of the Tyrol, the group of Oëtztal reflects the tradition of warm reception of the Austrian mountaineers: each hut has been designed by brilliant decorators, and each hut-keeper will make you taste the tasty and tonic tyrolese meals. In this country of the "art de vivre", the summits will offer you great emotions: nearly two hundred peaks higher than 10000 feet can be climbed in Oëtztal, and our tour will bring you on the top of four of them, of which is Wildspitze (12369 feet), highest peak of Tyrol and second highest summit of Austria.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Meeting Place - Vent, Post-Office, at 02:00 p.m. From this typical Tyrolean village, height 6220 feet, we follow Niedertaler small valley till Martin Busch hut, a beautiful hut built with granite stones, height 8205 feet, our first stopping place. From the hut, nice view on Similaun peak, to be climbed in two days. Night by the hut. Duration of the stage is 3 hours. Difference of level is 1980 feet up, 0 feet down.

Day 2: At dawn, going up through the slopes above the hut, the footpath leads us to Samoar's lake (9580 feet). We will lighten there our backpacks, to climb Kreuz Spitze peak (11342 feet) a super viewpoint on all our glacier trek route, on Tyrol Alps, and on the nearby Italian group of Ortler. Back to Samoar's lake, we have picnic, before to reach the Niederjochferner's glacier, a perfect field to study the way to walk safely, roped with other participants, on a glacier. We reach Similaun hut (9905 feet) a gastronomic place (taste Apfelstrübel or Kaiserschmarren!), built on the Italian border, where we will spend two nights. Night by the hut. Duration of the stage is 6 hours and a half. Difference of level is 4449 feet up (including 1762 feet with light backpacks), 2750 feet down.

Day 3: This third stage is quite short, allowing us to leave the warm duvets of the hut only by 7:00 a.m. for breakfast. We will climb Similaun peak (11831 feet) with light backpacks. A easy ascent on Similaun glacier brings us to the height 11500 feet, the point where begins the final ridge leading to the summit's cross. If the final ridge is not in perfect conditions, the guide will first guide up and down on the final ridge a roped party of four participants, and then pick up the four other participants for his second ascent on the ridge. Way down back to the hut for a relaxing afternoon. Night by the hut. Duration of the stage is 4 hours. Difference of level is 1926 feet up, 1926 feet down (with light backpacks).

Day 4: On the way up to the Hauslabjoch pass (10758 feet) we will make a short detour to visit the peat bogs site where was found Oëtzi, the famous mummy. From Hauslabjoch pass, we will go down more than 3000 vertical feet till the Hintereis glacier and the tiny Rofen Ache bridge, through nice slopes on the North side. A short ascent of 15 minutes will bring us to the beautiful Hochjoch Hospitz (7913 feet). Night by the hut. Duration of the stage is 4 hours and a half. Difference of level is 1247 feet up, 3238 feet down.

Day 5: Maybe the most beautiful stage of this tour, with the ascent, in the cool air of dawn, on Kesselwandferner glacier, through huge glacial domes. We will leave our backpacks near the Oben Guslar Joch, to climb up the last snow slope leading to Fluchtkogel (11483 feet) nice view point on Gepätsch valley. Easy way down on Guslar glacier till Vernagt hut, 9039 feet. Night by the hut. Duration of the stage is 6 hours. Difference of level is 3602 feet up, 2477 feet down.

Day 6: We will climb today the second highest peak of Austria, Wildspitze (12369 feet) with light backpacks. Way up on Klein Vernagt Ferner glacier, till Brochkogel Joch pass (11230 feet). From the pass, a flat traverse of nearly one mile will lead us to the final slopes of Wildspitze. The last ridge will be climbed roped with the guide, till the summit's cross. Fantastic view on the summits we have soon climbed: Kreuzspitze, Similaun, Fluchtkogel. We come back to Vernagt hut, where beer is so tasty! Duration of the stage is 7 hours and a half. Difference of level is 3461 feet up, 3461 feet down (with light backpacks).

Day 7: We end this tour with the descent to Rofenhofe (6726 feet), and then to Vent. Separation in Vent by 10:00 a.m. Duration of the stage is 2 hours and a half. Difference of level is 100 feet up, 2674 feet down. End of the tour by 10:00 a.m. in Vent.

- During our Oëtztal Glacier Trek, we will visit the spot where was found "Oëtzti", the Man of the Glaciers, the ancestor of all mountaineers. A superb program, with 2 stages with light bag packs (ascent and descent from the same hut). With fifteen years of experience of Tyrol, in summer, winter and spring, we offer you the best services in the comfortable Austrian mountain huts: nights in private bed-rooms, with of 2, 4 or 6 beds (no nights in dormitories), one liter of tea for your thermos bottle offered each morning by the hut keeper.
- Access to Austrian Tyrol: Free round trip shuttle from Geneva Airport for the four first participants registered, contact us for further information. Your flights: the free round trip shuttle from Geneva airport will leave the airport very early on Day 1 (at 6:30 a.m.). So, choose a flight landing in Geneva on the evening of the preceding day, and taking off after 6:30 p.m. on Day 7.
- If you arrive in Geneva airport on the preceding day of the tour, we propose you a night in a motel close to Geneva airport, for 60 EUR extra charge, with free welcome in Geneva airport, and free transfer to your motel.
- Access to Vent, starting point of the tour, by direct flights Paris - Innsbrück and Amsterdam - Innsbrück plus direct train Innsbrück - Oëtztalbahnhof (40 km) plus direct bus Oëtztalbahnhof - Vent (40 km).
- Your company's mountain guide will do everything possible to make this tour being a success. But, in high altitude, exceptional risks may exist: storms, avalanches, and your guide, responsible for your life, may change the program of this glacier trek for your safety.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Guiding by a company`s mountain Guide, and all his expenses
- The following group equipment:
* Radio linked to the relief organization
* Pharmacy
* Survival blanket
* Ropes
* Maps
* Compass
* Altimeter
- The loan of a mountaineering harness
- Free round-trip shuttle from Geneva airport for the four first participants registered
- Lodging and half-board in the mountain huts
- One liter of tea for your thermos bottle offered each morning by the hut keeper.

Price Excludes:
- Optional insurances Generali/Europe Assistance
- Lunches
- Drinks in the huts (in Similaun hut, where water is not pure, you can buy mineral water, tea or beer)
- Personal expenses
- The personal equipment and the technical equipment required
- Transfer from your residence to Vent, and from Vent to your residence.

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