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Adventure Travelling Classroom
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Adventure Travelling Classroom

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Key Information:
Class Size: 4 - 10 people
Destination: Venezuela  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Spanish  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 6
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 280 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 6900 US Dollar (USD) per person

Adventure Travelling Classroom is a unique blend of learning Spanish and traveling adventure. Based in beautiful Venezuela, a country of huge diversity with golden palm fringed beaches, exotic jungles, spectacular and mysterious mountains, ancient indigenous cultures and the beat of exotic Latino!
From our bases at one of Venezuela’s best beaches Playa Colorada (the red beach!), and Merida (a vibrant, safe, student city) you take adventure travel expeditions while learning Spanish. You can have jeep safaris to the amazing Gran Sabana, walk to the top of Roriama (The lost world), leisurely sea kayak beautiful Caribbean islands and the exotic Orinoco Delta Jungle, and visit remote untouched areas. You can experience the culture of the Warao and Pemon Indians, and see incredible jungle and savannah wildlife. Your Spanish classes won’t be in stuffy classrooms but in the ‘open air’ of the real South America!

Faculty Information:
Jakera Posada, Merida
This is a ‘pseudo’ home stay. The students stay in a small (exclusively for Jakera) posada (similar to a small family run hotel) that is run my Venezuelan family that also live on the premises. The family only speak Spanish. Meals etc are taken with the family. This is a perfect mix of the freedom of having own place, and all the advantages of having a home stay environment. There are 6 student rooms, and students normally share with one or a two other students of their choice.
The Posada is located on one of the two main squares in Merida. Renovated in 2003, Jakera Posada provides bright and comfortable accommodation, classrooms and recreational space. There is cable TV, and a huge covered terrace. The posada is very quiet – but step outside and Plaza Las Heroínas is a central meeting place for many people, and also a centre for festivals and events. Jakera Posada is also only 30 metres from the Merida Teleferico – the longest and highest cable car in the world going to a height of 14,000 feet!

Jakera Lodge - Playa Colorada
Located alongside the beautiful beach of Playa Colorada in the heart of the Mochima National Park our palm fringed Caribbean base is amongst a procession of sandy beaches from where we explore the myriad of deserted offshore islands by kayak whilst interacting with dolphins. Snorkelling, fishing and diving opportunities are excellent. This is a stunning location and a stunning traditional styled lodge with many open areas, communal areas – all in traditional wood. It has a 12 metre high climbing wall and is a front line property to the beach. It is very quiet and private.
Students have a choice of sleeping in specially designed sleeping Hammocks (recommended as it is hot here!) or in beds.
Spanish classes are held daily and Jakera Lodge is our 'staging post' for expeditions to the Orinoco Delta, Gran Sabana and other exotic destinations around the country. The Lodge has been developed over a number of years and the main accommodation and recreational space comprises a magnificent 'Chawata' (in the style of a Warao Indian commune).

Other Activities:
Spanish lessons: Yes you learn Spanish! At our base and even while you are travelling. Being able to speak and understand local as an extremely important part of making the most of your time. Our lessons aren’t in stuffy classrooms! And what’s best, through travelling and meeting people you will eb able to practise what you learnt. Nothing beats reality!
Sea Kayaking to the some of the 30 Caribbean islands directly offshore from our Playa (beach) Colorada base. Its right in front of you! Also the opportunity for some independent exploring (once you get a few skills)
We visit the largest cave on Venezuela (one of the largest on South America), and become immersed in the Venezuelan culture in this special area of Venezuela. A great first up location to practise your new Spanish language skills!
The Orinoco Delta!
A highlight for many of the students. 12-16 days kayaking into the jungle, to encounter indigenous Warao Indians (people of the canoe). Paddling through small canoes, literally wiht howler monkeys overhead, you will be amazed by this experience. We make jungle camps, stay with Warao Indians, and a small village. A unique and life remembering experience
Jeep Safari to the Gran Sabana
Two weeks in the Gran Sabana, one of the most beautiful and rigged land anywhere in the world. Home of huge waterfall and Tepuy.
Hiking Rorima
This mystical place as the inspiration for Arthur Cohan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’ it does seem like a Jurassic park!
Angel Falls
Hike to stunning Canima and then bongo (local canoe) up to the base of Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world at almost 1000 feet!
For many, giving something back to this amazing country. Choose between volunteering helping of Street Kids, Warao Indian School and Wildlife Sanctuary

Facility Information:
This is a TRAVELLING classroom. We have two bases, one is our Lodge on the stunning Caribbean beach (Playa Colorada) and the other in the Andean city of Merida. We travel and explore for about 2 weeks, and then return to relax and recoup at one of our bases, before heading off for another travelling Adventure!

This is all inclusive costs. Includes all activities, travelling classroom, accommodation, two meals per day, and Spanish lessons

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