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Japanese and Culture School

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Key Information:
Class Size: 1 - 5 people
Destination: Japan  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Japanese  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 26
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 78000 Japanese Yen (JPY) per course
Max Price: 125000 Japanese Yen (JPY) per course

Our Japanese and Culture School is a small, private Japanese language school that offers students the opportunity to study Japanese language and culture in a relaxed and friendly learning environment.

Our school is not just your normal Japanese school. Here are some of the differences:

- Small class size - classes are limited to a maximum of 5 students, and usually have around 3, giving you plenty of chance to practice with the teacher;
- Classes at your level - we split students into more than 7 levels of class based on your Japanese ability, so you only work with students at the same level as you, unlike most other schools;
- Practical topics - all classroom work is based on increasing your practical ability, and reinforced with practical activities outside of the classroom wherever possible;
- Relevant materials - our teachers are constantly evaluating new study materials, and creating our own where existing materials do not satisfy us;
- Only licensed teachers - all of our school's teachers are fully qualified and licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Education to teach Japanese as a foreign language;
- Flexible schedules - courses start every Monday year-round, depending on the level of the students. We schedule classes to fit your needs, instead of forcing you to study when we want you to study!
- Low cost - we are in the education field because we love teaching and want to spread understanding of Japanese culture, so our courses are priced as low as we can make them.

* Our courses: All courses can be tailored to your individual needs and schedule. All courses have a shared conversation component. Full-time students will study ten 50-minute classes per week of conversational Japanese, and ten classes of the chosen intensive course. We are proud to offer the following courses.

- Conversational Japanese:

One-to-one or small group lessons. For people who need to be able to communicate in Japanese, this course offers a heavy emphasis on real-life skills. Learning Japanese just by reading textbooks and listening to tapes doesn't make you a Japanese language speaker. You will study common sentence patterns and vocabulary with your teacher, and then use them in practical situations both inside and outside of the classroom. Our course offers a full range of activities that you will find both useful and exciting.

- Japanese and Culture:

Practical activity classes! Are you interested in Japanese culture? This course offers you the opportunity to learn about the culture while learning the language, and the chance to participate in it with other Japanese people. You will study topics such as ceramics, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and flower arrangement at school, and then join real lessons run for Japanese people with a specialist teacher, as well as learning about Japanese customs, history, and art. We guarantee that you will have a great experience!

- Japanese through Pop Culture:

Yes, learning can be fun. Do you love Japanese manga, music, and movies? Do you wish you knew what they were really saying? This course uses all the latest trends in Japanese pop culture to teach you the Japanese language as it is really spoken today. You will study Japanese through movies and TV shows, practice with role plays, and write your own manga. The materials for study are decided based on your interests and Japanese level.

- Japanese for Exams:

You're almost guaranteed to pass! For people who want to pass any of the Japanese proficiency tests. You will study grammar, vocabulary (including kanji), reading skills and listening with your experienced teachers, aimed at achieving your exam goals with ease. You will have the chance to check your progress every week, using previous test papers.

- Foundation Course:

Get the basics in half the time. For people who have never studied Japanese before. If you are not sure about even the simplest of grammar, then this is the course for you. In just one week, you'll study the basics of Japanese grammar, such as the structure, basic pronunciation, and essential vocabulary, as well as hiragana. As this course includes a lot of grammar explanation, it is held mainly in English. This course is designed to prepare complete beginner students for entry to one of our other courses.

- Business Japanese:

You'll learn all the vital Japanese you need to do business, from basic vocabulary to the minutiae of negotiating, from teachers with real-world experience in the Japanese business environment.
Your program of study will include classes on Japanese business culture, the dos and don'ts of doing business in Japan, levels of formality in office relations, and much much more.

- Your Request:

A course designed with you in mind. We can create a course specifically for your needs. Tell us the textbook you'd like to use, the topics you'd like to study, the way you learn best. Custom-design your own education! For example, if you'd like to practice the Japanese you studied in the previous semester at university, we can arrange to use the same textbook.

* Accommodation: For students coming to Fukuoka from abroad, we offer the opportunity to stay with a Japanese host family, the perfect way to immerse yourself in the culture, and practice at "home" what you learned at school that day.

When arranging a host family for you, we try to take into account any needs or preferences you may have, such as smoker or non-smoker, allergies, English ability, and so on. Your host family can act as guides and mentors, friends and companions, and a wonderful resource in your adventure in Japan. They are likely to be the people you become closest to during your stay, which is why we perform a thorough screening of all host family applicants, to ensure that they can provide a suitable environment to assist your learning and to allow you to fully experience Japan.

Host families are chosen to be as close to the school, and the center of Fukuoka City, as possible. All host families are within one hour traveling time of the school by public transport. You are guaranteed to have your own private room, which may be either Japanese or Western style.

* Homestay costs (prices include breakfast):
- Homestay family finder fee - 10,000 yen;
- Per week, first 4 weeks - 14,000 yen;
- Per week, 5th week onwards - 18,000 yen.

Also, we can arrange a "weekly apartment" for you, where rent is paid by the week (which includes all bills). The cost of a weekly apartment varies depending on the season, so please contact us well in advance so that we can provide you with an estimate, if you are interested in this method. It is generally more expensive than staying with a host family, but does give you more privacy.

Alternatively, we can also arrange a standard hotel room for you, in a price range of your choice. This is likely to be the most expensive (but perhaps most luxurious) option. If you're ready to learn Japanese the right way, we're ready to teach you!

Faculty Information:
All of our teachers are certified by the Japanese Ministry of Education to teach Japanese to foreigners, as well as being bilingual in English and Japanese. Our head teacher, Rie Kirby, is a co-author of Gakken Publishing's Super Anchor Japanese-English dictionary.

Other Activities:
- Movie Night: One evening a fortnight, we show a Japanese film for discussion;
- Outings: On weekends, we run outings to local festivals, shows, and famous places, depending on the interest of our students. For example, recently we have visited Mt. Aso (the largest active volcano in Japan), a pottery workshop for hands-on practice, an anime school, and a soba noodle workshop;
- Game night: As part of our quest to spread Japanese culture around the world, we teach Japanese games such as hanafuda to our students in the evenings. These events can go on until late at night, as no-one wants to lose the last game!
- Dinner: Every two weeks, we take students to a different local restaurant to experience Japanese cuisine at its finest, whether its eating live fish, or a restaurant with a two-story waterfall inside!
- Special classes: Whenever we can, we run special "one-off" additional classes, taught by visiting lecturers on Japanese cultural topics, that any students can attend. Recently, we have offered special classes on Japanese flower arranging, tea ceremony, and calligraphy.

Facility Information:
Our school is centrally located in Tenjin, the heart of Fukuoka City. We have three classrooms, of which one functions as a traditional Japanese room, plus a communal space for students to relax. Coffee, tea and chai are provided free of charge, and there is a small kitchen for student use. We are continuously expanding our facilities to meet the changing needs of our students.

Our classrooms are designed to facilitate learning in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and contain state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment including:
- Big-screen video projector;
- DVD/video;
- Wireless Internet access;
- Laptop computers.

Tape/CD players and computers are available for independent study and homework assignments, and students are welcome to bring their own laptops for free Internet access.

Member discount:
10% discount for InfoHub customer.  Request a free gift certificate.

* School fees:
- 2 weeks of study - 78,000 yen;
- 3 weeks of study - 110,000 yen;
- 4 weeks of study - 125,000 yen;
- Each additional week thereafter - 22,000 yen.

These costs include all costs required to study at our school.

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M05271 is an acclaimed, award-winning Japanese language school in Southern Japan. Our field of expertise is in Japanese language and culture teaching. We offer the following services: Japanese language classes, culture classes, accommodation including homestays, and cultural activities. We are one of only two Japanese...

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