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Escuela de Español K2 INTERNACIONAL

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Key Information:
Class Size: 3 - 8 people
Destination: Spain  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Spanish  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: All year round
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 175 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 250 Euro (EUR) per course

This is the place to come and study Spanish language and culture. Study Spanish in the real Spain: In a coastal city unaffected by mass tourism. It has a large student population and several universities.
The school is close to all amenities i.e. train and bus stations, the park (2 min. walk), the beach (5 min. walk) etc. There are many squares (plazas), coffee shops, bars and libraries nearby where one can sit and absorb the daily life of this wonderful city.
We are located in a three-storey, newly renovated historical building dating from the 19th century. It has seven comfortable, fully equipped classrooms with plenty of natural light. There is also a computer room and free Internet access (WIFI) and webcams, microphones and auriculars. There is a beautiful courtyard and at roof level there is a beautiful terrace offering great views of the city. We provide a meeting room, a free book, video and music library service to assist in your studies. All our facilities are there for you to enjoy during your stay with us.

Our language school is accredited by the INSTITUT CERVANTES

Affordable and accredited, high quality Spanish language study programs. - Flexible start date. Open all year long. - For all levels, from Total Beginner to Advanced. - A large number of courses (group and individual) and excellent academic standards thanks, above all, to our great team of professionals.

- General Spanish Courses ( all levels):
- Standard: 20 lessons per week;
- Intensive: 25 lessons per week;
- Superintensive: 25 lessons in group an 5 private lessons per week;
- Private Lessons (One To One): the student decides on the number of weekly lessons;
- Semiprivate Lessons (Two To One): The Students decide on the number of weekly lessons;
- Spanish For Holidays (Carnival And Holy Week): 30 Lessons per week;
- D.E.L.E Preparation Course: 25 Lessons + 1 Training Exam per week.
- Spanish for business; Spanish for tourism; ELE teacher

- We use up-to-date teaching methods and the latest training techniques for our teachers. Modern teaching methods allow participants at lower proficiency levels to acquire the Spanish language skills needed for effective communication in a short period of time, and at higher proficiency levels, expression proficiency at an abstract level.
- The school and its staff closely monitor every student's progress.
- Comprehensive and balanced curriculum integrating all aspects of the Spanish Language: reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.
- Personal attention. A limited number of students per class (max of 8) guarantee direct and personal contact between our students and teachers.
- We provide certificates and diplomas that access our students' progress. We also provide certificates of assistance that specify the length of the course and the level of competence.
- We collaborate with Fidescu, holding the exams for the International Diploma in Spanish (D.I.E) in its own center.
- Preparation courses for the D.E.L.E exams issued by the Ministry of Education.

Language Requirements
Our courses start every Monday. From total beginners to advance.

All accommodation is conveniently located near to the School which is situated in the center of Cadiz. Students will receive the address of the apartment or family where they will be staying the week before their arrival in addition to a welcome pack which includes a plan of the city to help them on their first day. In addition a member of the staff will meet them on their first day in order to inform about their flat, all the facilities in their areas, how to get to the school, bus schedule (if it is necessary), and more.

How we select our accommodations
We are continually researching and investigating the best accommodations that there are in Cadiz. As Cadiz is a small town, it can be very difficult to find accommodation that meets our standards, therefore the accommodation that we offer has been thoroughly researched and comes highly recommended by us. We strive to make our students’ homestay as comfortable as we would like for ourselves! We don’t accept any accommodation that has not being checked personally by our staff.

Shared Flats
All the apartments are close to the school, the majority have two or three bedrooms, and are shared between 3 or 4 people. They are fully equipped with modern appliances (Fridge, TV, washing machine, cooker etc). See our example below, which we hope will give you a better idea of the standard of accommodation that we offer here at us.

Although students are given a list with accommodation rules, they will be living with other people so they will have to set their own rules, such as cleaning schedule, food cooking, T.V. programs and general expenses…

Flats can be shared with students of the school or Spanish ones. Double rooms are only for those students who enroll together. Gas, electricity and water expenses are included on the price.

The accommodation starts on Sunday before the first day of the course at 19:00 h. and ends on Saturday at 12:00 h. after the last day of the course. A school’s representative will be waiting for you at your accommodation on your arrival day, in order to check that everything is O.K. and to give you information about everything that you can find around (coffee shops, supermarkets, bars, shops, post office). You will receive the telephone number of the person in charge of the accommodation before your arrival.

Spanish host family
The best way to get involved in the Spanish lifestyle is to live in a homestay with a local host family. Homestay accommodation is fun, convenient, practical, safe, and inexpensive. We have many host families representing a wide range of interests. All home stays are arranged carefully. Our staff will select a homestay that suits everyone personal needs.

Most Spanish people eat the following three meals each day:
- Breakfast “El Desayuno”
This meal is served between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. For many families, breakfast is quick and casual. Coffee, cereals, toast, churros.
- Lunch “El Almuerzo”
Most Spanish people have lunch between 14:00 and 15:00. This is usually the largest and most formal meal of the day. Many people have soup or salad before the main course. The main course can be chicken, pork, vegetables … In Andalusia, our Spanish cooking is really traditional and there is a wide range of meals and desserts often served after the main meal.
- Dinner “La Cena”
Most Spanish people have dinner between 21:30 – 22:30. Dinner might consist of soup, salad, sandwiches or a variety of other foods. If students are taking half board, we advise them to take the lunch, as is the main meal and also they will have the possibility to know most of the Spanish traditional dishes.

Spanish doesn’t have many different racial or religious origins. For these reason most of the Spanish families have the same customs. Your homestay family will have its roots in Spain and the majority are catholic although they are use to have students belonging to other religions. It is customary to give to kisses when being introduced or greeting friends.

Speaking with the hosts
Students might have trouble speaking with their homestay family at the beginning, but they don’t have to give up! It is normal to have a little difficulty at first. If they use every possible opportunity to speak with their hosts, conversation in Spanish will be easier each day.

How the families are screened and what quality control measures we have in place to ensure successful integration? Firstly, we are continually looking to increase our portfolio of family accommodation.

Secondly, once we find a family that looks interesting we then screen them thoroughly as to their eligibility to become a host family. Standard questions like…how many children they have, how many people live in the flat, if they have any past experience, if they can speak another language apart from Spanish, that at least one of the parents will be at home most of the time, what kind of food they like to prepare, any pets, whether any of the family members smokes or if they are all non smokers… are asked to as certain their suitability.

Thirdly, once we have a better idea of their eligibility we take a look at and make photographs of their house. Over a coffee we then meet other members of the family.

Finally, we periodically check up and review our host families ensuring that both they and our students are happy. Emphasis is placed on interaction, ensuring that the family plays an active role in the student’s time whilst staying with them. We include a code of conduct that a student can expect from a homestay. If we expect students to behave in a certain manner, then it is fair to assume that homestay must also behave a certain way.

We also give to the students a questionnaire that they have to fill in when they finish their stay. This helps us to make sure that we offer the best accommodation and the best families.

Other accommodations
If you would like to stay in a hotel, hostel, youth hostel or residence, please consult your counselor, he/she will supply you information and approximated fees.

If you prefer to have your own apartment, you should contact the school in order to tell us your particular preferences and budget. The school will advice you and look for something according to your needs. You will take the last decision about the apartment.

The price will depend on the size, location, season and your particular specifications.

We believe that our social activities programme is a great way of learning more about the Spanish language and culture. Students can practice their Spanish in a variety of different situations, meet locals and, of course, have fun!
We offer a wide range of extra activities:

- Excursions and trips: Arcos, Vejer, Tarifa, Seville, Cordoba, Ronda, Granada, Morocco…
- Flamenco dancing and guitar
- Cooking
- Barbecues
- Tapas tour
- International meals
- Sports: Surfing, Windsurf, golf, tennis, horse riding …

Faculty Information:
The school and its staff closely monitor every student’s progress. We use up-to-date teaching methods and the latest training techniques for our teachers.

Modern teaching methods allow participants at lower proficiency levels to acquire the Spanish language skills needed for effective communication in a short period of time, and at higher proficiency levels, expression proficiency at an abstract level.

Other Activities:
We believe that the Social activities are a great way to know more about the language and the culture; therefore we have a wide range of leisure and cultural extra activities.

- Spanish showing films: free
Every Monday we have a Spanish film screening. This is a good activity to improve student’s oral comprehension and help them to know more about the Spanish culture.

After the film, we have a round table discussion and students express their opinions about the film and talk about the new expressions and vocabulary that they have learned. We also look at the Spanish customs related to the film. The school has a large number of films at the disposal of the students. They can ask the school to watch films as many times as they want during the week.

- Guided tour through the historic quarters of the city and “Torre Tavira”: free
Every two weeks the students will be able to discover the most amazing sites and the most important monuments of the city. They will go on a guided tour with one of the teachers who will introduce them the city. The Tavira Tower is a watching tower with a wonderful view of the old part of the city. This is very popular with students as they enjoy viewing the streets they normally walk along, from the vantage point of one of the ‘towers of Cadiz’.

- Tapas tour and International meals
Going for tapas is a very typical custom of the Spanish culture. People meet in a bar to have tapas, drink a glass of wine or a beer. We also like students to know the authentic bars and dishes, not just those for foreigners. International meals are organized at the school. Students and teachers prepare a dish to share, and all of us enjoy tasting new flavors and talking about the traditions of other countries.

- Parties
Every 2 weeks we have welcome or farewell parties. Teachers and students meet at one bar to talk, have a drink and dance.
We also provide students with information of the events that are held at the city or other cities of the province and we organize excursions.
The most popular parties are known as FERIAS:
• In Cádiz: The Carnival (around the end of February) and Carranza’s Barbacue (August).
• In the province or other cities of Andalusia:
- Toro de Vejer and Arcos (Holly Week)
- Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Fra. (May)
- Feria del Vino Fino in Puerto de Sta. María (May)
- Feria de Abril in Seville (end of April)
- Feria de Cordoba (end of May)
- Patios de Cordoba (May)
- Cruces de Cordoba and Granada (May)
- Feria de Granada (June)
- Every Wednesday, International students meeting at a bar in the town center: You will meet students from other countries and also Spaniards who are interested in practice another language, know about other cultures.

Excursion to Jerez de la Frontera
Firstly we will enjoy a panoramic view of the city visiting the Camara Obscure and we will visit the most typical monuments and streets of the town.

Plaza del Arenal, Cathedral, Alcázar...
Afterward we will visit one of the most popular Wine Cellars, where we will visit the gardens vine yards and cellar of the brandy, sherry cellars and Tio Pepe shop. Besides, we will assist to an audiovisual session and to a wine tasting.

Excursion to Seville
Excursion’s description:
Firstly we will do a panoramic view of the city by bus: María Luisa Park, stopping in Plaza de España, Macarena, Torre del Oro, Puente del Quinto Centenario.

After this panoramic view we will visit one of the most typical quarter and we will walk by its streets (Barrio de Sta. Cruz). This tour includes the visit to two of the most important monuments of the capital of Andalusia: The Cathedral, Los Reales Alcázares.

Once we finish our tour, we will have lunch and after we will have the afternoon free to visit the commercial area of the city.

- Excursions and trips: White villages, Tarifa, Serville, Cordoba, Granada, Morrocco...
- Flamenco dancing and guitar courses
- Cooking course
- Barbecues
- Tapas tour
- International and national meals
- Sports: Windsurf, golf, tennis, horse riding...
- Multi adventure day
- Showing of Spanish films.

Facility Information:
All the didactic and linguistic material you need will be handed to you throughout the course. It is included in the final price. Free access to the school library, the video library, DVD, WIFI, Internet and reading room. All written and audiovisual material can be borrowed by our students. Free Interchange with Spaniards.

Classes are 45 minutes long, except the last lesson of the Intensive Course, one to one and semi private lessons which are 50 minutes long. All the courses have been programmed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. There are 6 different levels for all the general language courses:

- Comprehensive and balanced curriculum integrating all aspects of the Spanish Language: reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.
- Accommodation Service: a safe environment to study, socialize and make new friends.
- Transfer Service.
- Leisure & Cultural activities.
- Free Internet access.
- Book, video, and music library.
- Interchange with Spaniards.
- Personal attention: our classrooms are large, bright, and fully equipped; A limited number of students per class (7) guarantee direct and personal contact between them and our teachers.

Member discount:
10% discount for InfoHub customer.  Request a free gift certificate.

Prices Includes:

- Brochure containing arrival information
- Registration fee
- Tuition
- Welcome and farewell parties (every 2 weeks)
- Accommodation management
- Initial test of linguistic competence
- Text books and additional material
- Certificate of attendance and level of competence achieved
- Guided visit through the historic quarters of the city
- Fax, post and e-mail reception service
- Interchange with Spaniards
- Book and video library (book’s loan)
- Film viewing... and more.

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