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English Centres in Canada

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Key Information:
Class Size: 5 - 14 people
Destination: Alberta  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: English  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 12
Course Level: Beginner
Min Price: 36 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per day
Max Price: 107 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per day

When you study abroad and learn English at Global Village English Centers, you learn a new language while making new friends and discovering new cultures! Our professional, organized programs are presented in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All students receive a full-day orientation on the official starting date. Each student receives personal attention from our qualified staff throughout their course of study.

Our English language schools offer ESL/EFL courses for all levels, Cambridge examination preparation, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, High School and University preparations, work experience and teacher training courses in Canada, Hawaii and Australia. We also offer courses for children and teenagers, including residential summer camps and homestay/school-based teen activity programs. All schools are accredited by various governmental and private institutions.

The curriculum in all programs emphasizes the practical application of skills and concepts and is based on a student-centered approach to language instruction. We offer a wide variety of English language programs for international students, along with extra-curricular activities and accommodation services.

Classroom activities focus on developing all four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking with an emphasis on communication. Students often work in pairs or groups to increase their English comprehension through interactive activities.

Real-life topics (work, society) are explored each session providing opportunities for students to practice English in real-life situations both inside and outside the classroom. Homework varies from program to program. Students should expect to work within each level for one or two sessions depending on their test results and attendance.

Global Village programs are characterized by:
- a commitment to quality in all aspects of English language instruction;
- a low student-teacher ratio;
- an extensive resource collection of text books, tapes, videos and word games;
- a wide variety of audio-visual and computer-based teaching aids;
- a staff dedicated to professionalism and ethical conduct;
- use of the latest and best techniques for the teaching of English.

At the end of every session, students are tested and evaluated and Progress Reports are given to all students, who also receive a Certificate of completion and Student Awards.

* Adult programs:

- General English: This course improves your social and practical communication skills for everyday living. It is taught in 4-week self-contained units and we have 9 levels from Beginner to Advanced. We test you when you arrive, to find out which level is right for you.

Your promotion through the levels is based on your progress, class participation, homework and unit test result. Our monthly General English excursion program gives you the chance to socialize with lots of other students and enjoy some of Sydney's best attractions.

- Business English: These 12-week courses focus on the language of business and the development of business communication skills. If you are seeking a career in business, or you intend to study a business course, our Business English courses will provide a very useful foundation.

If you would like a formal business English qualification, our courses also prepare you for the Cambridge Business English Certificate examinations (Preliminary and Vantage). You need to be at Upper Elementary/Lower Intermediate to enter Business English 1 and Intermediate/Upper Intermediate to enter Business English 2.

- Work Experience: If your English level is at Upper Intermediate or above, we can provide you with the opportunity to gain unpaid full-time or part-time work experience, from 1 - 26 weeks, in a wide range of industries and occupations - computing, finance, marketing, retail, tourism, hospitality and many more. To be eligible, you must first enroll for a minimum of 4 weeks in our General English program. Contact us directly for details on how to apply, and the conditions relating to this service.

- Cambridge Preparation - We conduct preparation courses for the four following Cambridge examinations:

* PET - Cambridge Preliminary English Test (Calgary & Sydney);
* FCE - First Certificate in English (all GV locations);
* CAE - Certificate in Advanced English (Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Sydney, Brisbane & Hawaii);
* CPE - Certificate of Proficiency in English (Vancouver & Sydney).

Classes are rigorous and demanding. You will have intensive practice on sample test questions, and learn techniques to help you get the best test results. Most students enroll in General English to refresh their English before entering these courses.

- IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC Test Preparation: An IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) score is a requirement for entry into most Australian universities, colleges and schools. IELTS tests reading, writing, listening and speaking. A TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test measures the English skills of people working in an international environment.

TOEIC tests listening and reading. GV Sydney is an authorized TOEIC test Center, which means that GV Sydney students can sit their TOEIC test at the College. Both IELTS and TOEIC Preparation are 4-week courses of 10 hours a week (2 ½ hours a day, 4 days a week), provide intensive test practice, and help you to improve your test performance. Your need to be at Intermediate level to enroll.

- GV Options: GV Options have been introduced as part of the GV360° General English / ESL Program. GV Options allow full time students maximum flexibility in planning and undertaking their individual study program, while maintaining the highest levels of academic integrity. GV Options vary according to location, and are offered subject to availability as part of the General English program.

- English Conversation: This non-stop conversation course is designed to help Elementary level students speak more naturally in a range of social situations - shopping, traveling, at a party, etc. It focuses on vocabulary and pronunciation. You can enroll from 1-8 weeks, 2 ½ hours a day and 5 days a week.

- English for Academic Purpose: For students preparing further study at an Australian university, vocational college or other training institution.

* English + Surfing or English + Diving and other Combined Programs:

For students willing to combine English classes and surfing classes or diving PADI Open Water Certificate, or students willing to combine English classes and their favorite activity.

* Junior programs:

- High School Preparation: If you are 12-18 years old and intend to go to secondary school in Australia, this course will give you the English and academic preparation you need.

We concentrate on improving your general English level but also teach you the language you need for the subjects you study when you reach high school. You need to reach Intermediate level English to enter Years 7-10 and Upper Intermediate level English to enter Years 11 or 12 in a government school.

- School Holiday/Teen Activity: Offered in January March/April (Sydney) and July/August (Canada, Hawaii & Sydney) each year, this fun program combines morning English classes with a range of afternoon activities, sports and excursions for students 12-17 years old. A full-day excursion is also held each Saturday. Homestay, airport pick-up, tuition, activities and excursion costs are all included in the package price.

- Study Tours: Our Study Tours department in Sydney and Hawaii arrange tours for groups of students, combining English lessons with daily recreational activities. Group tour students normally stay in our homestay accommodation. Tours can be campus-based, or alternatively, we can arrange for groups to integrate with students in Australian or Hawaii high schools.

Faculty Information:
All our schools are accredited by various governmental and private institutions (Canadian Language Council, TESL Canada and TESOL) and teachers meet TESL Canada professional teaching qualifications.

Other Activities:
Fun and cultural activities are organized daily by the school's Activity Coordinator for free, or are available at very low rates. Activities include trips to major points of interest nearby as well as week end trips. Cultural events and sports events are also attended on a regular basis.

Facility Information:
Our modern and comfortable Campuses in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Victoria are located in the city centre and offer spacious classrooms, library, student lounge, computer labs & free high speed internet access.

Minimum 2 weeks, 15 lessons per week. Programs are offered at 8 levels, from beginner to advanced. 15 lessons, 20 lessons and 25 lessons per week available.

Price Includes:
- Airport Transfers – return available
- Executive full board – Internet, Private Bathroom, Private TV (subject to availability)
- Full board 3 meals per day (single and double rooms available)
- Half board 2 meals per day (single and double rooms available)
- Your GV Homestay experience:
* Airport pick-up optional
* Home-cooked meals with opportunities for dinner time conversation
* Your own private room with bed, desk and reading light
* Opportunities for weekend family interaction and excursions.

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